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    1/48 OV-10A Bronco

    deyum! those legs are looking really nice!
  2. Hans

    1/48 OV-10A Bronco

    this is gonna be GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD
  3. Hans

    1/48 OV-10A Bronco

    got it! much thanks! BTW, from the updated 3d renderings, I'd say, the shape is looking pretty much spot on at this time, the fuselage tail cone is right on the money too
  4. Hans

    1/48 OV-10A Bronco

    finally!!!!!!!! wooohoooo!!! just a quick note... I've observed that the cargo bay door cone shape has not really been made correctly by any manufacturer to date... it resembles more of the shape on the clear plexiglass unit of the OV-10B... the original solid unit's shape differs slightly (it is pointier), but noticeably... here's a photo I'll be watching this with interest... I'd also like to see how you guys will do the cockpit... the 1/32 KH kit, while it is the most detailed so far, suffers from inaccuracy issues, in particular with the ejection seat construction, cockpit floo
  5. to anyone who is wondering, sir Alfonso's ISS is available in both 1/144 and 1/100 scales... but both are scaleable to any size one wants to build (provided you have a big enough printer to produce the components at a scale greater than 1/100 (I have a friend who is building it in 1/32 scale (yes, you read it right))... and as for detailing, the model that sir Manfred's friend IS the stock AXM ISS model... when you get* the whole station from sir Alfonso's site, it includes all the details to build the station exactly like in the picture... *some components are available for a small fee, but
  6. I have to say, my reasons are a little bit of what everyone here have said... for the many years I wasn't able to build a decent-sized kit (those life-keeps-getting-in-the-way kind of stuff) I managed to pile up my stash, with almost all kits having multiples of at least 2 (my OV-10s however have increased to almost 40+ (excluding the already piling up 1/48 scale) ) but do I regret it? so far, it's a no... I came from a place where, when I was a kid, I can only drool over the kits I saw, but couldn't afford it... now that I have a job, there's some sort of "I have to redeem myself" kind of fe
  7. yes I know, I grew up with them, my dad flew them for 7 years with the PAF, that's why I have a very soft spot for this airplane :) if they won't include PAF schemes for their release (which I understand if they don't, since reference materials are so hard to obtain, even for us here locally... good thing I still remember my dad's personal mount's scheme and markings accurately), I guess I'll just have to make my own...
  8. by the way, will the OV-10A release cover the Philippine Air Force? much thanks! planning to buy boatloads of your OV-10 line, that's for sure
  9. no they don't go to feather, they retain normal pitch... the OV-10's props are equipped with ground pitch stop locks to prevent feathering when oil pressure is removed from the prop hub dome when the engine is not running (similar to what piston engines with variable pitch/constant speed props have)... this is a feature commonly seen on single-shaft type turboprops like the Garrett T76 series to: allow windmilling re-starts in flight and, (from the configuration of the condition levers) to prevent feathering when the engine is running (which, if it happens, will choke and/or overheat the engin
  10. Hi there! I'm interested! just the Philippine Air Force portion will do... much thanks!
  11. Hi there! um, is the sheet still up for grabs? Just the Philippine air force portion will do, much thanks!
  12. yup saw it already, thanks much!
  13. Hi to all first and foremost, a BIG THANK YOU for finally making a new tool OV-10 model, and in a big scale to boot! and I'm happy that the guys here are actively posting suggestions to make the model the best there is... I just have one query which I think was overlooked (though I assume this will be corrected in the final mold making) one of the OV-10's signature characteristics is its counter-rotating propellers, which, when viewed from the aft side of the airplane looking forward, the left prop rotates clockwise, and the right rotating counter-clockwise... and from the CAD renderings
  14. for card models, compound curves really is a challenge... I've seen people eliminate those with putty and a lot of sanding, but that will make it a "multimedia" model of sorts... I work on both mediums (paper and plastic), and it helps me a lot when I build either one... (try looking for my SpaceShipOne/White Knight build thread on the in-prog section)
  15. care... I mean, DARE to build one? these guys are card models, if you may ask Bumblebee: by Claudio Dias disguise mode: Starscream: by someone named "Valkyriewars" and finished just recently by my fellow papermodelers.com colleague Julius Perdana Optimus Prime disguise mode: Gallery - http://www.paper-replika.com/index.php?opt...&Itemid=158 (oh BTW, this big boy stands 1 1/2 meters tall when done) get them here Bumblebee - http://paperinside.com/bumblebee/ Optimus Prime - http://www.paper-replika.com/index.php?opt...4&showall=1 Starscream - http://www.thevalky
  16. Hi there sir! Haven't gone here for a while... just click for page 9 & 10 http://www.swannysmodels.com/Instructions/OV10A.html
  17. Wow thanks a bunch! :lol: I want to ask as well what was the overall color that you used in yours... thanks again! this is great help!
  18. Hi to all! been a while already since I last posted... To anyone who have Dragon's 1/200 B-2/F-117 kit lying around... I want to request some scans of the decal placement map... (post or PM will be just fine) I can't find mine here... I seem to lost it after much moving of my stuff from one room to another... and I reall want to get this tiny kit done... many thanks guys
  19. Hi there sir!!! I'm doing the same here!!! I'm making my old man's airplane, and a VMO-2 -D+ steed as well... will watch this!!! keep it up!!!
  20. STS-119 finally flew, and for that, sir Alfonso Moreno released his replica for the mission! you can get it from the website on the first post (just like everything else in his models and references)
  21. aside from the ISS, he will also release the ff in the future: Mir Space Station (1/144 and 1/100 scales) STS Pegasus barge SLC-6 launch site the test orbiter Explorer Soyuz Launch Pad Buran-Energia-Transporter Shuttle Carrier Aircraft He had made extensive research for every single component, and he needs all the help he can get. Please let us support this outstanding project!!!
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