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  1. As of now, not much pre-ISS mission payloads are being designed, because he is focused right now on, you guessed it, the ISS!!! His model of the space station is available at 2 scales, 1/144, and the much bigger 1/100. The Russian modules are still in-progress, because he's currently designing the ITS parts The ISS model will also be payware except for some that's already made as freeware, same cost as a non-ISS mission payload bay file, but unlike the non-ISS files, the payload bay parts include: - the payload bay configuration of the modules/components - the space station configuration
  2. Hey guys, its been years since sir Alfonso's site was established... but now, it has grown more than just an STS card model site!!! All 5 orbiters and some of the test orbiters have been modified to include better details, and the SRB connections were added to improve detail there will be a new, more detailed, and bigger version of the shuttle later... Besides the free orbiter models, ET and SRBs, new free models have been added The Crawler Transporter (both in Apollo and STS configurations) and the MLP (STS configuration, its still missing the SRB hole pipes, but will be added late
  3. Well, I guess all words of praise has been used for this one... But lemme say this sir... Many thanks for taking notice of this very much neglected airplane 4 (or is it 3, or 5?) years ago... Finally, someone did the OV-10 the justice it deserves... BTW, some OT... I've been hearing rumors from our IPMS fellows here that Trumpeter is interested in creating an injection-molded model kit for the airplane (in 1/32 scale BTW), and right now, our IPMS chapter may be involved with the design process and are gathering references for them to work on... I've given them a copy of my walkaround ima
  4. I've looked onto other threads here about the same deal about Bock's Car's nose art... And from the reliable infos here, it says that the nose art was not painted on the aircraft during its August 9 raid. It was only painted after the mission ended. Besides, the original mission target was Kokura, but poor visibility diverted the mission to the secondary target, which is Nagasaki. So if the nose art was present on the mission, then why would they place Nagasaki as the target as indicated on the nose art, when the original destination of Fat Man was Kokura?
  5. Hans

    OV-10 Bronco

    Your'e welcome sir!!! The sets were OOP in the past, but after sir Neil restarted his production, the sets were the ones that were put back... sir, you can check out Hannants, they have stocks of both sets currently, he's still working on another OV-10 set, this time its the YOV-10D set, and a complete metal replacement for the landing gear struts and new landing gear wheel wells... he's still not finished though, as the struts are a bit problematic to make... but sir Neil will surely pull this one off in the end
  6. Hans

    OV-10 Bronco

    Yes, the set got all of the necessary parts, including the distinctive fiberglass props... If you want pics of the finished model, take a look in here: http://www.scaleworkshop.com/workshop/ov10thenandnowda_1.htm (Testors OV-10A + Paragon Designs OV-10A set) http://www.scaleworkshop.com/workshop/ov10thenandnowda_2.htm (Testors OV-10A + Paragon Designs OV-10D set)
  7. Hans

    OV-10 Bronco

    Jaydar's right... the only thing in 1/48 scale is the testors kit plus sir Neil's Paragon Designs update/conversion set... I have both sets and 2 kits here, and are working on both... I'm using sir Timmy's in-progress shots as one of my main references
  8. Whew... great thing its not a serious damage... thank goodness... To all of the guys who took pics of the OV-10D+, can you post some of them in this thread? Please?! sir Erin, just a request, can you post a pic of the model with the award(s) you got beside it? a li'l bit O/T... meanwhile, back here in our country (or to be more specific, the southern provinces), the OV-10s that we have here (the real ones BTW) went into action once again, pummeling the rebel group who was, until last week, was in the final stages of the peace talks with our government... but from the latest intel' of our A
  9. Allright!!! We can already see lots of jaws on the floor on its debut!!! hahaha!!! Make sure you take some pics of those as well!!! (darn it I need to make my OV-10s impressive as well...)
  10. Allright!!! Its finally done!!! Superb job sir!!! BTW, what show would it be entered? Let me make the first bet of: - best aircraft - best model - and maybe people's choice etc. etc. etc. and maybe a cover shoot and a whole section in FSM... sir Erin, I sure hope our folks at OBA would attend its debut!!! P.S. I love that cola in can touch!!! another P.S. I'll be continuing my assembly of the 1/48 models, and I hope you may give some detail tips when I post it here in the forums... thanks!!!
  11. When it comes to your OV-10D+, there's no such thing as "too much praise"... This project of yours has been helping me in mine as well... thanks to your awesome attempt to make all of the details possible helped me see details that I could never have seen from any of my references, which have helped me in my own effort to scratchbuild details for my models as well... keep this up sir, we may never know how many people you are helping with this...
  12. I see... Maybe I'll just build the D+ with only one door panel on the clamshell... Since I do also notice that most (or all of them) D+s that I saw only have one door on the port side... Thanks for the tips sir!!! Looking forward to the final assembly!!!
  13. I have another question sir, about the cargo bay door clamshell... that silver plating on the left side of the clamshell, is it also present on the right side? Thanks!
  14. Ah I see... well given the magnitude of this work I guess its just right to take a well deserved break after... But still, this is one fine piece of work! Keep it up sir!!!
  15. Allright!!! Nearly there!!! Too bad I'm still stuck with the cockpit on mine... man I have a LLLOOONNNGGG way to go with my OV-10D+... That helmet sure looks just like the one my dad used to wear when he was flying OV-10s... (and I get to keep it for myself!!!) BTW, do you plan to include the figures of the Pilot and the Observer? And final question for now, since your'e nearly done with the D+, are you planning to accompany this one with the OV-10A?
  16. hey... I was actually looking for a pic of that view... Thanks there sir!!! BTW, sir, is it ok to use your in progress pics so that I can scratchbuilt a cockpit set for the 1/48 scale testors kit? I've just recently acquired sir Neil's OV-10A/D sets for my 2 testors kits, but I want to improve the detail on the cockpit and add the cargo bay, undercarriage and engines... That's a pretty simple prop jig there sir... hmmm... maybe I'll make something like that later...
  17. Hi there sir Neil!!! How's the NOGS project doing sir? BTW, I finally got both of your great update/conversion sets and 2 testors kits to match, hopefully I can start on them by next week!
  18. Now that's what I'm looking for... clear images of the engine camlink... thanks for that!!!
  19. I think 1/96 would be the prime choice since most of our card model spacecraft is in that scale, and if one wants a smaller one, they can just resize it... I'm also betting that when this is done, somebody who's insane enough in our forums (they are plenty of them) would build it either supersized (1/48-up) or microsized (1/400-down)
  20. We're planning this one at either 1/144, 1/100 or 1/96, since most of our card model collection of real spacecraft plays within these scales
  21. Sure hope this project works... it would be nice for us to have this thing in our display cabinets!
  22. The one commitment that I have right now that's holding me back from starting this is my thesis... But once that's done next week, I'll review the film again to get those extra screenshots and the concept drawings included in the special features videos of the DVD...
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