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  1. thanks sir!!! :D really great progress so far!!! can't wait to see the whole gear done!!!
  2. Um sir, do you have a better pic, or diagram etc. for this? I can't seem to get mine right... :)
  3. Wow!!! Great images there sir!!! thanks a lot!!! so they haven't installed those new guns on all gunships after all...
  4. Sir, do you have more pics for the AC-130U?
  5. So that's what those IR supression kit equipped exhaust stacks look like... yup, the academy ones are wrong... maybe I'll try that weld seam how-to in FSM when I get into mine...
  6. So I guess its ok for me to use the ones from academy's A-37 kit...
  7. Um, sir, about those outboard fuel tanks... it looks like its okay to use any of the 2 nose types
  8. Well, I'm a very long ways from starting, unfortunately, have lots of models to finish first (all would be given to friends), plus, more models to repair... But, I'll post my In-progress images as soon as I get down to business!!!
  9. Yeah, really looks convincing for the Ball turret...
  10. Wow!!! That wold help a LOT!!! Many Many thanks sir!!!
  11. Yup I've seen those sir, but there are some items there that I can't make up to... your build of the seats are also helping me a lot, because you've shown how the seats are broken up into... but drawings are a big boost for the build I'm doing... Thanks a bunch again sir!!!
  12. Um, sir, another request... could you post some diagrams for the LW-3B ejection seats? I'm starting my 1/32 card model build to test the details That I'll scratchbuild for academy's kits... thanks!!!
  13. So that's how the APR 39 should be placed... Thanks sir!!! Those pics will surely help!!!
  14. Sir!!! Nice work!!!! Um, can I ask what Kind of motors did you used on your J? Can I use those types that Tamiya uses on their Mini 4wD electric racers?
  15. never fails to amaze us!!!
  16. Keep us tuned in!!! Very good progress sir!!! P.S. I hope when this is finished, it will be featured in the OBA website
  17. I have also a bad experience with them, but after some practice, I finally got the hang of it!!! been building with card for 4 years now, alongside plastic ones for 12 years... and building on both media really is fun
  18. http://www.marian-aldenhoevel.de/modelle/BeechStarship.html At last, there's now a model of Beechcraft/Scale Composites' innovative business turboprop!!! Its a card model, but styrene guys will have no trouble making it in plastic Build it with or without a cabin and a cockpit, all raised or all dropped (flaps, gear, ladder), striaght or swept canards finished model, built by the model's author/designer, sir Marian Aldenhoevel, of cardmodels.net and kartonbau.de the model represents one of the last 10 airworthy Starships, with aircraft register N514RS - the Starship used as a chase pla
  19. I'd say is great!!! Nicely done sir!!! :)
  20. wow!!! looking great sir!!! Like sir Erin, I love OV-10s!!!
  21. Wow... I didn't noticed that... Yup, they sure are different...
  22. Oh I see!!! Um, just wanna ask... I have the academy D+ kit here, and, along with those mods that I'm planning on the insides & out, I'll use the drop tanks from the A-37 kit of the same scale and brand... Is it just ok? Or should I make one from scratch?
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