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  1. I'll be taking notes on this, since I also plan to build all 5 orbiters this way!!! Keep it up sir!!!
  2. Definitely looking better & better!!! :blink:
  3. Oh I see!!! :D This model should be in FSM!!! Its time that (hopefully) model manufacturers give a second look for this airplane, and make a decent kit for it!!! ;) And as for model contest, I'm betting for this as a show stealer!!! :huh:
  4. Great work on the wings sir!!! BTW, will the wingtips be vacu-formed or cast?
  5. Sadly, that's all there is... You may want to get sir Neil's (the Paragon Designs) OV-10A Upgrade set or the OV-10D Conversion set, with those, the kit turns to a gem :blink:
  6. For a 1/24 fuselage, it sure is light... More!!!
  7. Mind if I post my dad's OV-10? he's on the slot position BTW
  8. Um... the thread flased a 404... :cry:
  9. Hmmm... I wonder now if aircraft gray mixed with another gray shade will work... Tamiya's sky gray looks fine for the second color for me...
  10. Well, what I'm really after are the colors that closely match the requirements, not the exact color... Because our hobby shops here doesn't really carry different paint brands... The only paint brand common here is from tamiya, and is also the cheapest. Anything from testors (model master), humbrol, gunze etc. is a rarity, and even if they have them, they don't have the colors I needed and are very expensive... <_<
  11. BTW, I must ask this... What tamiya gray paints are the closest to the shades on the Top Gun Cats? I've now started building academy's kit for this... :D
  12. BTW sir Neil... Do you plan to revise the exhaust stacks for the D set? 'cause the stacks are of the wrong shape (but just on the trailing side...)...
  13. It looks like its going to be a heavy model... Sir, do you have an estimate of how much your model weighs when finished? (or at least the fuselage?)
  14. Speaking of the squadrons on the Big E during the filming... Does the tamiya kit include the decals for these squadrons? I'm saving my allowance for this kit (which is about to be done :blink: )
  15. Wow!!! Pls count me in too!!! I have the academy 1/72 scale cat here, and I've been looking for decals for the 114!!! Thanks alot!!! keep us updated!!
  16. Thanks sir!!! The 1/32 card SS1 was just the resized version of the 1/48 kit (courtesy from the designer himself), so the assembly process was just the same, only the cockpit received some minor adjustments. I would really love to see the Unicraft Tier One being build up! But after looking at the images of the parts from the Unicraft site, I would guess the WK has 2 incorrectly shaped parts; the tail fins. They were somewhat "stretched" up & down... the original have a shorter tail, but the side-to-side width looks fine, & the other parts were correct in shape though, its just the
  17. Left Perspective View Right Perspective View SS1 Right Perspective View SS1 Left Perspective View Zenith-Aft View Another Whole view Left Nose view Right Nose view Zenith View (with a foot ruler for reference) Together with sir Jan Mueller's 1/48 WK & Ralph's SS1 (which by now, is about 1 year & 7 moons old! ) Whew!!! That's 4 months of waiting, planning & working! And to my relief, despite some pretty catastrophic errors, it turned out nicely! Well, if I'm gonna rate Dr. Z's White Knight, I'll give it 8 out of 10, because his WK is (by far) the mos
  18. the 2 in the box that my sister made, along with some display write-ups plus the official Scaled lithographs Unfortunately, again, I wasn't able to take pics of the actual display because I simply carry too much study materials everytime I go to school, so I can't carry our camera along (I'm using Sony's TRV 33 Camcorder BTW) So after spending 10 days at school, here's the tandem, finally together :D Whole view Port View Starboard View Aft View Forward View Forward View (close-up) (Much) closer view
  19. Hehehe!!! Um, I should be the one sending this ---- :blink: --- to you guys, cause you rock!!!
  20. I just used the ones with 160 grm/m thickness. For building techniques, it varies for each part, but to make it simple, the entire model is just a combination of basic shapes that can be done on a 2-dimensional sheet; cones, cylinders & boxes :(
  21. Thanks a lot sir!!! <_< It was really intimidating to build at first, but fortunately it turned out great, despite some pretty nasty mistakes, which (fortunately) was easy to reverse or correct BTW, Do any of you guys think that making an article about this model at our site is a good idea? :D
  22. The tandem :D Well, By the time I took these pictures, I still didn't glued the two together, because I packed it up, brought it to school & displayed it as a part of our Science & Technology week exhibit at our school, where I finally joined them together, and hung the entire thing to the ceiling. I'll take pics of them later, so watch out! <_<
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