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  1. All Finished! (Apologies, first, I forgot to take pictures for the tail boom assembly, and for the dark pic, again no adequate lighting... ) Another one Next to the original 1/48 scale SS1 (this model is just an enlarged version of the 1/48 kit) Also, I want to tell that after I finished this one, I kinda felt that the 1/48 kit just "shrunked", because it felt somewhat "smaller" everytime I hold it... WK Attachment Points Right Tail Boom camera pod (sorry again for the inadequate lighting & blurry pic... :lol: ) Another Shot And Another And Another! :D <_<
  2. Wing Spars installed Another Dorsal View Wings now finished
  3. Next in line is of course, SpaceShipOne! <_< Cockpit/Nose pieces Ballast Cabinets (Scratchbuilt) During the X-Prize qualifying flights, the FAA was in the process of approving the law in which people will be permitted to fly in space (at their own risk), but it didn't make it on time for the flights, so, Scaled resorted to the alternative, put ballasts that have an equivalent weight of 2 adult persons (this altenative is also stated in the X-Prize Rules), but instead of putting sand bags, dummies or any heavy object, Burt Rutan decided that each and every employee of Scaled shou
  4. Individual details SS1-WK mating pylon (the 2 anti-sway braces glued in each wing are scratchbuild, since the card kit didn't provide it... :D ) Right Main Landing Gear, similar to the left (the original card kit landing gear struts are just plain wrong, so i replaced it with an enlarged version of the mains that came from my e-copy of the 1/48 scale WK model (available from its designer, Physicist Jan Mueller, at www.cardmodels.de), which is correct, the wheels came from the 1/32 card kit though, but reduced in diameter slightly because its too large <_< ) Right Vertical Stabi
  5. Whew! After 4 months since this build started (because of many delays), finally, its finished!!! :lol: So here it is!!! Scaled Composites' Tier One finally done! First stop, White Knight Starboard Side Port Side Port side, close-up to cockpit/nose BTW, the (bond paper) decal you see just behind the Official White Knight Logo is (obviously) the symbols for the 17 successful test flights (with some minor incidents) of SpaceShipOne, from the first glide test to the final, X-Prize winning flight. I manually drew this from MS Paint. Here's the actual, I didn't include the 2 othe
  6. Hey guys... I've finally finished the tandem, but I'm gonna post the pics later, because my sister brought our camera...
  7. Great work on the nose sir!!! Really coming together nicely!
  8. Hans

    Bronco Fans

    That's just an uprated OV-10D+ Marsh Aviation made a program to upgrade existing OV-10s of all variants, from As to D+s Philippine Air Force OV-10As & OV-10Cs are receiving this same upgrade under the Service Life Extension Program (SLEP), and plans to bring back mothballed airframes to flight ready status. I've never heard of South Korea being interested in the OV-10 at all, nor that I've heard of them having (or planning to buy) one... Those armor plates & sensors on the nose are already installed on the State Dept. birds before receiving these upgrades Apparently, one o
  9. My God, and its still not a show model? I wonder what your'e model looks like when it is intended for a show... This is great stuff sir!
  10. Hans

    AC-130H Question

    BTW, do they plan on installing these CMs to other transports, say the C-17 and/or the C-5?
  11. Hi sir!!! Yup, we're really wondering what happened to your OV-10D+!!! As for the EA-6B, what scale is it, and what brand?
  12. Maybe in a few years, anybody can...
  13. Its been 2 years since that moment...
  14. The White Knight isn't that large in 1/48, the wingspan is just about 1-1.5 ft. The unicraft 1/72 resin kit is (from me) not that good...
  15. Yes sir, I intend to paint it, so that I can erase those painfully visible seams, and to apply better decals
  16. Its pretty intimidating at first, but during assembly, it goes together like a well fitting plastic model, only the build takes a bit longer than a plastic kit, because I have to shape each and every part before gluing it... I'll post more later, And I hope to finish the entire model (including the 1/32 scale SS1, still in the sheets) before the end of july, because a friend of mine who's an officer in our student organization requested to have the model presented in their science week exhibit Many thanks to all of the comments!!! :D
  17. I've got to admit, this is my first time to build a card model in this size, but I'm really glad you guys like it!!! :D
  18. Yeah, me too sir... But if you'll buy the card kit (for $18-19) at www.card-models.com (the kit is downloadable, the designer will send you an e-mail containing the secret URL on which you can get it, after the payment is received [thru PayPal]), you can actually use it as a template to build it in styrene :D
  19. The 1/48 scale SS1 came from a friend of mine by the name of Ralph Currell, where in his site, he continues to churn out excellent card models for free. In fact, the SS1 that flew with Brian Binnie on flight X2 was his design! :D His site is: www.currell.net And for the 1/48 scale White Knight, that came from another friend, the German Physicist Jan Mueller's URL; www.cardmodels.de As for the Revell kit, I've only heard of it at the FSM forums when I posted this in-progress there, but still, Revell haven't revealed any details for their 1/48 kit, AFAIK... Well, my first card model was a g
  20. the major pieces Now all joined together (Very sorry for the dark pic, no adequate lighting available for this one... :) ) Left Engine (This is only the exterior, the interior details [exhaust nozzle, intake turbine, are yet to be assembled) What I've finished so far in the past 3 weeks, next to the 1/48 scale WK/SS1 combo I built more than a year ago, & a foot ruler placed on the left wing for size reference Comments very welcome :)
  21. For the tail boom assembly The Tail Boom's internal framework was actually a single piece with glued formers at each section, but it was ineffective because the skin didn't fit properly when applied (learned it after a costly mistake involving the left tail boom, & have to print another set of parts for it) So my solution is to cut it in pieces where the elliptical formers were glued, and to my relief, it went better than expected. The finished tail booms Wing Assembly The wing's internal framework is a major chore. Invloving many strips & boxes of cardboard, but the end r
  22. Completed Front Fuselage And continuing to the rest of the fuselage sections (again w/ a 1/48 scale SS1)
  23. Hi guys... This will be my first in-progress roport of my build that I've ever posted on ARC, and the topic is (well you already know :D ) about Burt Rutan's successful manned space program. But in 1/32? Yes. But there's no plastic or resin kit for this subject in this huge scale, yet (Unicraft has the 1/72 resin kit [which in my opinion, is not good], & Revell is planning to issue a 1/48 scale kit for SS1). But there's a cardboard model for that. Dr. Emil Zarkov of ModelArt card models (He's the owner & sole card model designer) issued a downloadable kit of the tandem in 1/32 scal
  24. Hans

    OV-10 bronco

    Hi there kuya Mike!!! The 4 semi circles popping out of the top of the wings are spoilers, which are designed, obvoiusly to kill lift, but the thing that's unique about these sets of spoilers is that they are designed to increase the roll rate of the aircraft by by "killing" the lift on the side from which it will roll (i.e. left spoilers if the Bronco will roll to the left), this is one of the secrets to the OV-10's agility. P.S. I'll send the images ASAP to you! :D
  25. Maybe this will help sir... :D
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