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  1. I'm selling these books (from smoke-free environment) I take PayPal (g&s) and ship to registered addresses; OBRO, shipping is extra.. I want to keep sales within conUSA at this point. e-mail if interested: cakovalevd @ pm.me remove spaces The Focke-Wulf Fw 190 Dora by Jerry Crandall - $160 for the set. Luftwaffe Colors 3 volume set - $100 Battleship and Cruiser Aircraft of the United State Navy 1910-1949 - $30 North American B 25 Mitchell the Ultimate Look - $40 Queen of the Midnight Skies,The story of America's AF Night Fighters(Schiffer) - $20 US Aircraft in the Soviet Union and Russia - $30 German fighters in WWII; The night fighters - $20 Condor Legion book (German text) - $5 DaCo Publications - $35/each JG301 Kagero book - SOLD The Focke-Wulf Ta 152 By Thomas H. Hitchcock - $50 Aviator uniforms and equipment of the IJN - $50; Japanese text japanese naval in action - $10 photobook; Japanese text Imperial Japanese NAvy Warplane - $20; Japanese text Hs-123 (German text) - $5 Les Ailes de Gloire Dewoitine D.500-510 (in French) - $25 Mitsubishi Ki-51 "Sonia" / Tachikawa Ki-36 "Ida" - Eagle Eye Series #1 - $35 Mitsubishi G4M Betty - Martin Ferkl - Revi Publications- $30 Kagero books - $15/each He111 - SOLD Naval Fighters - $25/each
  2. kits for sale are in 1/48; no trades, I take PayPal (g&s) and ship to registered addresses. I want to keep sales within conUSA at this point. e-mail if interested: cakovalevd @ pm.me remove spaces prices are in USD obro, shipping is extra. Vintage Models SM.79 with Sky decal, AlphaFlight torpedo and Montex masks - $50 Monogram Kingfisher large package, incl.: two (2) CE cockpits, one (1) CE cowl, one (1) LS cowl, one (1) CE float set, two (2) vac canopies, two (2) Vector engines, RedRoo RAAF decal sheet, aircraft pictorial - $160 HpH Models IL-28 - $140 Hasegawa CH9 MD Phantom FGR.2 - SOLD Grand Phoenix Lightning Mk.6 - SOLD Stransky Bucker Bu-181 - $15 Flying Machines FM48003 Fiat G.50 Seie I w/ corrected resin wing, flaps, Vector 48-009 Fiat A-74 resin engine, Montex mini-masks, Master 2pds. Safat 12.7mm barrels, resin tail group - $75 Eduard 8053 Messerschmitt Bf-108B Taifun, ProfiPACK, CMK 4121 resin/PE detail set, Eduard FE389 PE cockpit set, Aires resin control surfaces - $40 Eduard 8290 Westland Lysander Mk.III, ProfiPACK, CMK 4130 resin/PE detail set, Eduard 48367 PE set, Quickboost 48587 resin exhaust, Vector Mercury resin engine, vac canopy - $70 Hasegawa TF-104G - $32 Classic Airframes Bloch MB-155 - SOLD Classic Airframes He-51 - $15 Scale Bureau Yak-9U - $50 Airfix SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1A - $25 Airfix H.S. Buccaneer S2B - SOLD Tarangus SAAB 91 Safir B/C/D, incl.: Maestro PE, masks and decals, 3D printed additional aerials and headphones - $65 Tarangus SAAB A32A Lansen , incl.: Maestro PE interior, exterior, airbrakes, Maestro decal, Master pitot tubes - $130 Tammiya Bristol Beaufighter Mk.VI - SOLD Planet Models and Czech Model SO3C (land version and floatplane) two kits in one; incl. Naval Fighters monograph by S. Ginter - $60 Eduard Fairey Fulmar Mk.II - SOLD Eduard Mirage IIIC Profipack w/SBS resin wheel wells and Neomega cockpit, brass pitot tube - $60 Eduard Hellcat Mk.I / Mk.II Dual Combo w/Equpage wheels (2sets)- SOLD Planet Models FFVS J-22A - $70 Planet Models Koolhoven FK-58 - $70 Professional Model AVIA BH-3 and Ba-33, sold as a pair only - $80 Hi-Tech Vautour IIN - SOLD IsraCast Ouragan MD450 w/IsraDecal Publications photobook - $170 Icaerodesign IAR 81 C1 w/SAM Publications book - $80 Italian Classic Macchi C200 ser.VII RA , there is no decal with this kit - $50 PCM Macchi C.200 serie VII/ missing canopy - $10 Silver Wings Hawker Woodcock - $120 RSR Models Fiat G.55, no decal was included, comes with MonteX canopy/wheels mask - $30 Warrior Model Breda Ba-88, incld. 3 x Safat 12.7mm MG barrels by Master, decal has a slight crease - $60 AlphaFlight Fiat Br.20 w/Japanese, Italian and Spanish decals, incld.: Eduard 49466 PE and Montex mini-masks for Special Hobby kit - $120
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