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  1. make an offer on multiple kits. US sales only, Paypal, shipping is extra. No trades. HpH Models IL-28 - $120 SilverWings Hawker Woodcock - $120 RightStaff Ki-61, these are basically two kits, one was started with very minor work, done very well, no paint. - $80 for the combo. Planet Models SO3C, includes Naval Fighters monograph by S. Ginter and resin parts, decal from an IM kit, FAA and USN; very comprehensive package - $60 TC Berg A5M Claude - $55 TC Berg Ki-44 Tojo - $55 Planet Models Koo
  2. I've lost interest in the RA subject, but still have a whole bunch of kits. I would rather sell them to fund other hobbies. I will be putting more for sale in the coming days/weeks. US sales only, Paypal, shipping is extra. Flying Machines FM48003 Fiat G.50 Seie I w/ corrected resin wing, flaps, Vector 48-009 Fiat A-74 resin engine, Montex mini-masks, Master 2pcs. Safat 12.7mm barrels, resin tail group - $110 Warrior Model Breda Ba-88, incld. 3 x Safat 12.7mm MG barrels by Master, decal has a slight crease - $150 Warrior Model Breda Ba-65A80, incl, Master barr
  3. I'm asking $180 plus shipping, no trades. US sales only. Paypal is fine. / thanks
  4. added more titles. I don't necessarily know what the market values are, therefore if the prices seem to be high - make an offer. I want them gone; they take a lot of space.
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