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  1. Thank you for your kind words Andy, Gregg and Thadeus! Too bad that I didn't notice the Tomcat GB, I just keep going on here so not to double post, besides I am not sure I can make the deadline! Here is the current update: Think I have to post the following pic before closing the cockpit. The decals of both kits did not only work well with softener but also fit the details of the parts perfectly, gotta give both makes a lot of credit. Then I closed the fuselage halves. Academy provides 3 gun vents I use the one look the same as the Fujimi one. For the canvas
  2. Hi Guys, 30 years has gone by since the Gulf war,, how time flies by!! Being a Tomcat fan at first I wanted to build the NE-103 that shot down a Mi-8, however I couldn't any decal or kit. Later I bought the super scale desert storm F-14 decal. I am going to use the Academy kit for, as it has all the parts to build all versions of Tomcat, then I came across the Fujimi F-14 desert storm kit, so let's build them together! First, I masked the canopy inner frame and pained it with black. I always use a "lighter version" of black - a mix of Tamiya X-18 and XF-63,
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