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  1. Hi guys, It's Jan 17 agaon! I took a detour yesterday to finish the Juguar "Sandman". It is a Hasegawa kit I built in the 90s I think, In '21 I decided to rrbuild it as a Gulf War plane, using the Tamiya decals. I actually got most things done in '21, except gluing all the parts together, which I did yesterday. Thanks for watching, Chris
  2. Wow, always learn a new thing everyday! I think when FM made the bump they didn't know what it was either, as the instruction never mentioned it when center pylon and tank added. Sadly it has to go as I am doing a 3 tank configeration, Thanks Murph, you are always the man! Two more questions about the dispensers: 1, this may seem stupid but I assume the dispeners should be flush with the fuselage but not like gluing a part onto the kit - standing out of the fuselage? 2. I read one of your previous post, you posted the picture of the dispenser: chaff in white, flare in
  3. Hi guys, I've come back for the DS eagles build after months of pause, ths time using the new Finemodls F-15J to build the Gulf Spirit. Of course questions rised when looking at the details Thiw time they are regarding the Cs: 1. There is a bump/antenna (red arrow) betweem the MLG doors which I have never seen on other kits, I did see it on the USAF eagles but they are obviously in later yearsl, Hence the question is whether the antenna was there during DS? 2. I think this is a topic discussed frequetly, was the exhause louver for the JFS removed, more specificly,
  4. Hi guys, Here is some updates on the FM model. The front wheel well is made up of four parts, easy to paint and weather. The back of the whell well also the back of Bay 5, I might have overdone the weathering, but it was war time any way... The insturment panel and side consoles are both provided with and without detail for decal. I used the part with detail and put the decal on, they fit perfectly. As you can see, the decal went into the gauge, easy and time saving, The kit has a control stick (left) for J bird sepe
  5. Hi guys, I spent most of the second half of the past year in hispital with my father, so this project was put on a hold. Besides, I am not satified with some of the features of the GWH kit. With the arrival of the new Finemolds F-15 is available, so I am going tobuild the Gulf Spirit again with this kit, and the GWH kit will be built as another a/c. In the box there is a lot of plastic! The kit is designed using the intake-exhause part as the core structure, parts for other variants are built around it, As you can see, I have painted difference parts,
  6. Thanks for your kind words. Also, by doing this project, I got the chance to relive our times together. Chris
  7. Hi guys, This is not really a update, we sent father to his final resting place yesterday. Today I tested rescribing the panel lines. I used the raised ones as templated, it worked OK as the plastic was soft. The piece on the right is the rescribed one, Bye, Chris
  8. Hi guys, Just a little bit update. The aires wheel well was a problem. When the wing was glued to the fuselage, the upper part of the wing didn't match the fuselage. I had to open the glued right wing, thinned the wheel well roof and the upper right wing part quite a lot, then glue them back together. It took me days to do the job. Some fixing and sanding is still needed. The recess area on the flapis wrong, so it was filled with plastic card and sand smooth. After checking with blace paint , the bare metal area was paimted aluminum.
  9. Hi guys, Over forty years ago, my father brought me the Monogram 1/48 P-51B as a gift. It was my third and first aircraft model. I think it kicked off my love for Mustang,(the following photo is from internet) He pionted out that "DingHao" on the plane meant very good in Chinese. I didn't believe him for sure, at the pre-internet time and in non-opened China, only to find out that he was right much later. My father passed away on Sept.14. I know I never throw that model away, but it took me several days to find it in one of the boxes in th
  10. I've never seen Veyron is used, but I think it is used bacause its pronauciation is silimar to that of J-20's Chinese name:威龙 (Wei Long, pronaunce like: Way Lone). Buggatti Veyron is sometimes translated into Chinese as 威龙, or maybe the guy did the translation find the word through web search, who knows.
  11. That makes sense. Considering 85-102 was rather new during Desert Storm, I can only guess the training must have been intensive.
  12. Thank you, Thadeus. Some updates: The antenna arrangement of the Hase strike eagle is , I think, for B/D model, but not for E. After condulting the jet forum, looking at photos, and my other E models, I find the Academy new tool E has the correct antennas layout. The GWH kit, sharing with a C model wheel well and front lower panel, should be corrected, a note to me when building the GWH kit. So I rescribed the panels using the Academy kit as reference. Sadly the two small square (radio altimeter) were not scribed the same size, I think painting them afterward
  13. Sounds like they are patches, just out of curiosity, are they custom made for each crack or standard pieces?
  14. Thanks Murph! In this case I think the ACA part will do the job. It's good to have you guys around! Chris
  15. Hi guys, I find that the more I dig into it, the more questions arise. First, I remember @Murphmentioned in other posts that the F-15C at the time was using the old control stick, so I looked through the spare box and found a stick in an old Academy F-15E, which looked different from the current one. So the question is: is it (the light grey one in the following pic) a better resemblance of the old stick, or just some bad molding? The dark grey one is from GWH. And I found 2 pics from dstorm.eu, from the first pic you can see clearly 2 reinforcement p
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