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  1. i finished mine, and went for the well worn/hard driven look... i also got a city corner to put it on in a vignette that i was going to give as a gift... but the scale of the bldg is wrong despite the 1:35 marking on the box... anyway, i finished it and tried my hand at some bent areas and wear/damage... no bullet marks, as i havent figured out a good way to do it... i'll ahve to figure out how to post pix on here since i dont use photobucket anymore now i am working on the 1:35 King tiger Porsche turret... looking good so far and very well made kit TB
  2. thanks CorsairMan... i'll try to get a couple with it out in the sun... of course it wont be on the 'proper' base, but i'll see what I can come up with
  3. I finished this a few weeks ago, and the prop IS installed... im just waiting to get some other things finished before I build some sort of 'coral dust' strip for it to sit on... there are some things I would do differently, but over-all I am pleased... I don't think I made the cut off, but that's ok... it IS a shelf queen thanks for looking!
  4. what did you use to chrome the prop? that looks GREAT!... that finish would be outstanding on a P-51 or any of the USAF chromies
  5. thanks!... its only for reference... the bottle cap... I did used to enjoy a big ol bourbon and coke while building... but been sober since jan 2014 anyway...the birds finished, less the last gluing of the canopy... I have some pix, but the weathers been lousy and its hard to shoot indoors without proper lighting... there are some pieces that are what I would call 'stock' blue... I used them to represent replaced pieces from a newer aircraft... i'll get the pix up as soon as I can get them shot and uploaded to P-Bucket
  6. thanks Don... I was thinking of going the aluminum can route... of course, I would experiment before applying the technique, but that seems to make the most sense to me... and maybe some tin foil for shredded metal/rips I have lots of heavy foil from wine and butter tubs... finding pictures takes the most time... time I would rather be spending producing plastic porn... all worth it in the end though thanks, again! tb
  7. yup... me too... the SdKfz 222 and the Tunisian villa will be good candidates... should be getting my sprue bros box today! thanks for the info guys! TB
  8. Title pretty much says it all... I am going to dip my toe into some armor modeling and would like to make a diorama of a SdKfz 222 in some African/middle eastern town... I have the verlinden bulding, some crew men and the hobby boss 1:35 kit, but want it to look well worn as it IS a recon car... what do you guys use for sheet metal damages... dents, dings, bent fenders, bullet holes etc... im also going to try to make a load-out kit with TP/elmers any suggestions are greatly appreciated! thanks in advance!!! TB
  9. what a cool idea... I just happened upon it... hope its still going round!
  10. where do you get the flory washes? only place I have been able to find them is in the UK
  11. did a dullcoat and pastel fade job on it and I like it... decals are a touch too stark, but over all im pleased with the outcome... i'll post the results in the next couple days... and thanks everyone for the kind words! TB
  12. i thought about the OOB cockpit when i was having so much trouble with the Aires... really started to turn me off to resin as i had never used it and couldnt find any real answers to how to work with the stuff... but i got it in and im glad i stuck with it... still... the dirx that came with it read like stereo instructions (as in NO TEXT) and being a virgin, i felt overwhelmed by it... i still may assemble it just to see how it looks... resin scares the crap out of me... beautiful detail for sure... but at times i find myself to be VERY ham-fisted... im always terrified im going to bone it
  13. since I gave up drinking in Jan of 2014, I drink a lot of Clear American Flavored water, tea, and lemonade... I'm using the money I saved by NOT drinking (this year) to purchase a plasma cutter...
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