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  1. Chuck, Be careful with Tamiya Semi Gloss, depending on the decal maker etc, I have seen Tamiya Lacquers melt decals after application. If you choose that path, very light coats 🙂 Y
  2. Chuck, Even though I agree your F-15 deserved a gold! I’d like to think nonetheless, my F-15 Ra’am was a worthy opponent. My Fw-190 placed silver next to your Spitfire, so I guess that makes us even. Watching your mastery in your posts has pushed me to be a better model builder, you encourage me and I’m sure all of us! See you next year!😉 Yuri
  3. Chuck, Lucky for you! Last time I was at Model Land they had the new Tamiya Laquers bottles in stock :). Cheers,
  4. Sounds like a typical SCM issues. In my opinion upcoming model companies such as Kinetic, Kitty Hawk, and Wingman would benefit from having their Supply Chain Properly managed. Issues described above could be easily resolved by implementing better quality control procedures during the development phases, and doing a better reaserch on deciding who they will outsource to. While many will say think of the additional cost associated with having a well managed Supply Chain, consider the savings availabe if one was to negotiate better purchasing agreements and value added services with their vendors. just my 2 cents... Yuri
  5. JUST AN FYI..... Best way to reduce the seam between wings and fuselage from previous experience is. 1) Do what you did, mask the edges around the seam and lay the putty down, sand it. 2) Upon sanding it, mask it again, spray tamiya primer a few thick layers, and sand it over the primer, and polish. From my experience on the F 15's that joint usually takes lots of putty, and as we know putty shrinks a little and absorbs some paint. There is no panel line in that area on the real F 15. The primer provides an additional layer of filling, which covers up the shrinking of the putty, and allows the paint not to be absorbed by the putty? I hope that made sence, just my 2 cents...... Yuti Hul
  6. add the top wings to the fuselage first, to avoid a major seam, and after carefully slide the bottom pieces of the wing....
  7. One of the best I have seen. I have to congratulate you, every new build you take it to a much better standard. Definitely Modelling with STYLE! Cheers, Yuri
  8. yurihul


    Try looking into AMT/ESCI kit, from what I know it is miles ahead of Italeri, and I'm not sure how it compares with academy. Cheers,
  9. Have the original GR 7, would really like to aquire the decals from this realease, will pay a reasonable price! Thanks! Yuri
  10. just to give you heads up, I just finished the HB A-7K and I doubt I will ever do one again, there is really alot of work on it, and I found that alot of small details were missing/ incorect etc, if intererested contact me and i can walk you through it
  11. Hello Gents, Looking for kit decals from Acurrate Miniatured B-25B kit, will pay 15$ as a reward since I'm quite desperate for these, Thanks! Yuri
  12. aeromaster made a sheet for 1/48 F 4Js with Jolly Roger decal, try searching around on ebay and stuff, its a hit or miss
  13. What can I say, Tamiya model OOB with addition of Squadron canopy, AM seat and Aclad metalizers, [/img] [/img] [/img] Thanks for comments/critiques, Yuri
  14. Hello collegues, Im in need of the decal sheet from 1/48 scale B25B kit from Accurate Miniatures in order to finish my model. Im willing to buy trade, Thanks! Yuri
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