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  1. Looks like the spot on the vertical stab is just water spots on the lens. You can see another one to the right on the blades, my guess is that there would be more, but they match the color of the grey sky background, so they are only visible on dark surfaces. I take a lot of pictures, and have had similar marks from mist/rain many times. As for the rotors, I know they use 6 on current models, but I can't remember which version the change was made. I believe it is the MH-6M, but someone much wiser than me can end the debate. Cheers, Anthony
  2. My bad, been a while since I was on the thread.....no biggie. Cheers, Anthony
  3. Yikes, that whole thing sounds horrible, but I must admit, it's the first one I have heard. Since I am still a beginner, I don't have the encyclopedic knowledge regarding accuracy that most of the people on these sites have, so I won't be worried about accuracy as much as I worry about fitment. I ordered both kits with figures. One will be build as a transport, the other as an attack craft. The figures are going to be mixed together with a set I plan to order for my MH-60L by Kitty Hawk. The model numbers are KH50002, KH50004, and KH50005 Blackhawk. I can't say that I h
  4. Hey guys, I finally ordered my two little birds by Kitty Hawk, but now I keep seeing a 2.0 version for sale on ebay and in some online stores. I don't have my kits yet, I am stuck in mandatory quarantine on the other side of the island from me home, so I won't be getting any of my online orders until I get back to my place, which might be a while. Anyway, I am having trouble finding out details, what makes the version 2 different. Does anyone have details as to what the new kit has that makes it different, and possibly better than the original kit? Thanks in advance,
  5. Thanks for adding the link, that is the correct one. I am quite shocked at the number of photos that are for the most part, showing the faces of those in the different SF groups, which is unusual. I would think they wouldn't want their faces shown for security reasons. I have been going thru some of the photos of the men, looking for a buddy of mine, but still have not seen him, yet. I will let him know if I find his photo there, it seems a bit reckless. But apparently there is an ongoing Fox TV show that follows recent/current Navy SeAL's in training operations. I live in the Philippines, so
  6. Hey guys, I stumbled upon a website dedicated to SF, including but not limited too SOAR. They have a few very nice photos that I can't remember seeing on this thread. I will post some, in the hopes they are new to the thread, they certainly are interesting. Anyway, if they turn out to be duplicates, just let me know, and I will delete the post in the name of space. Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜Š There are a few more pictures of the Little Birds, plus a bunch of Blackhawks and Chinook as well. Seems like a very nice site for
  7. I knew that this was the place to get the quickest answer. Thanks! Anthony PS. Haven't built the kits I bought from you yet, life got in the way, but I gave life the boot, so hopefully soon, I will be on the bench with one of the big kits.
  8. Hey guys, I have a quick question regarding the 160th SOAR that I am sure you all can answer. I was looking over a very nice build of a Kitty Hawk MH-60L, and the builder left the doors off. Is this something the pilots would do? I know the Little Bird often has no doors, but the Blackhawk, I have doubts. Also, would they remove the rear sliding doors as well? I only ask, because there is so much great detail inside, it would actually be nice to leave them off, but I want to be accurate as well. And since I plan to show my kits in flight, the pilots doors would have to be closed, u
  9. Speaking about the rotor heads being soft on detail, have you seen the rotor head upgrades for the CH-53 by res-kit? They make the 6 blade version, and the 7 blade E type. They look gorgeous! 7 blade version, made in 48 and 72nd scale. Plus, they make the rear rotor as well, in both scales. In fact, they have quite a lot of upgrades, wheels, wheel well, intakes and more. Then you have even more upgrades by Black Dog, full engines and electronics bays, great for the folded up build with maintenance bays open
  10. I concur 100%! Academy, are you reading this? You would be the obvious choice, since you already have what is considered the best CH/MH-53E in any scale, with a bit of tweeking, you could easily create a 35th scale. Sure there will be required work on details and cleaning up any mistakes that were made on the 48th scale kits, but you are still ahead of the game. In fact, this would be a great opportunity to create the first CH-53K! Maybe even make a single kit that builds up as either the C or M versions, builders choice. That would widen the net. Then a new K kit to go along side.
  11. The best way to do this, is order the filter and find the fittings once it's in hand. There is no better way to assuring a proper chain, than having the chain parts in hand. Bring the hose from the compressor, the new middle part (filter) and the hose that is going to connect to the filter and airbrush, if your current hose attachment doesn't match the filter out of the box. This way, there is no mistakes and you get exactly what you need for your configuration. That would be my advice, I am dealing with the same issues. Good luck, should be pretty simple actually, espe
  12. Just out of curiosity, why didn't you just fill the panel lines? As I am new to modeling again, I don't have a command of the techniques or reasons for using one over another. I am still struggling to find the Philippines equivalent to many of the materials used in other countries. After about a year, I finally found the local version of future floor polish. Needless to say, I bought 4 bottles, don't know when/if I will ever see it again. I have read about many techniques that are absolutely new and even alien to me. I don't expect perfection right out of the gate, but I do still h
  13. I don't know what kind of builder I am. My last build was during the Cold War๐Ÿ˜. Back then, there was no internet, no forums or blogs, no place to even get reviews. The choices were local only, and even then, it was based on what the shop decided to put in their inventory, so the choices were just a tiny keyhole view of what was out there at that time. Most kits had the names Revellogram on them, a few DML or Fujimi kits and if lucky, the owner would stock some Hasegawa or Tamiya, considered the "up scale" kits, their prices matched. The only supplies available, were little square bottles of te
  14. Just out of curiosity, which kits did you build from them? I already have a few in my stash, the details seems to be really good, but I haven't built one yet. Really, haven't build anything yet, just waiting on the last few bits of paint, supplies and fittings for my airbrush, before I can start a build in earnest. In my stash, I have their 48th UH-1Y, AH-1Z, F-35B and planned on getting their latest 35th scale kits, one of each. Are they really that bad? Others like them, but it's always hit and miss it seems. Thanks, the more feedback I have, the better off I will be
  15. If you think it's too complex, then I know I bit off more than I can chew๐Ÿ˜. Did I mention that the last time I built a model, the cold war was still a threat? I like to challenge myself, but I might have to skip the ceiling as well, maybe they will fit into the Kitty Hawk kits when I get my hands on one of those. I only have two Blackhawks right now, but three sheets, so I will have at least one to try out with the Kitty Hawk kit, when I find one that is. Thanks for the picture, already downloaded and in my Blackhawk file. Have you tried to install the ceiling in an Aca
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