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  1. EXCELLENT build Rob. Lotsa good ideas! jon
  2. I have this kit and want to do it as a Vietnam Misty FAC. I realize it needs the drop tanks lengthened to make them 335 gallons and I need to find a 7 shot LAU-59 rocket pod. What else is needed outside of decals? I read somewhere that the seats or cockpit tub was too low and remember seeing where someone lowered the slats but not too much as to show acutating mechanism. How was that done? I'd like to show them just a bit down as in pictures when they were parked static. Any other "cures" to this kits faults would be much appreciated. jon
  3. Good idea Dutch, the best part is not having to putty and sand windows! I will be watching this build. jon
  4. Ready to mask and paint gray underside. I have all 4 colors for the SEA scheme. jon
  5. Thanks, I'll definitely look into that as I plan to buy another REVELL kit to do an HH3F Pelican. jon
  6. Let the fun begin. Lotsa elbow grease required on these seams . I also want to touch up that ugly bottom seam a bit. jon
  7. The glass fit is excellent. The sponsons are another story. Lots of shimming and puttying will be required. jon
  8. Also be aware of the "shape" of that Aurora hoist. I have the instructions and if the plastic is the shape shown it is wrong, a teardrop shape not cylindrical like the real deal. Also do NOT put the antenna on the cabin roof as shown by Aurora, they will be backwards. It's nice but old like Revell. jon
  9. More parts and more sanding. I also started filling some gaps. Looks like I will lose minimum rivets mainly on the top and bottom seams. jon
  10. Nice, from what I have read the new Italeri SH-3D is Fujimi plastic. It looks to have the small sponsons and one? large sponson??? So It should do me an SH-3D with no problems. jon
  11. Nice Sea Kings. I had one in the back of my mind for a while. Who does the best 1/72 kit for a Navy SH-3D used on Apollo recoveries in the late 60s. Thanks jon
  12. Gotta love those rivets!!!!! jon
  13. They are both good. The only reason I chose Revell over Aurora was Revell had some attempt at panel lines and rivets, granted overdone but at least there. I really liked the looks of the Aurora and it seemed to have more detail but the lack of lines and rivets totally turned me off to it. I am not into scribing but if you are grab the Aurora kit. jon
  14. I broke another one. Anyone got a junked kit or build and old mold Airfix 8000 series Lancaster wheels up?---John
  15. The cockpit is done and painted. I am not detailing any more and seeing that there is no interior I will paint the fuselage walls gray and close it up.---John
  16. Thanks, I have the basic shape for the winch and started the cockpit. I have to scratch a few more levers for the cockpit and paint it gray then detail paint the dials and switches on the IP and the cushions and belts on the seats. That should be enough, I don't think much can be seen in that tiny area anyways. jon
  17. Thanks for the hints. I started scratch building the winch from some bomb parts from I think an old A1 Skyraider kit, Hobbycraft maybe. jon
  18. I just purchased this sealed kit and will do it as a CSAR from Vietnam era. I might scratch a few things in the cabin but am really looking at finding a winch for the right side door. Does any after market companies make them in resin maybe? I could always buy the Revell Sea King and steal that one I suppose, I passed on the Aurora, no rivets or panel lines to speak of. jon
  19. Nice but is has a 320 wing and my kit has a 120 wing. jon
  20. I have an old mold Airfix Avro Lancaster and one of the main landing gear legs broke. I know I have seen metal ones for the new mold kit but are there replacements for the old mold-8000 series kit? Anyone got a wheels up Lancaster with legs not used. This has happened to me before, the old black Airfix plastic is very brittle. I seriously doubt my repair will hold. jon
  21. Thanks Dutch. From what I see the kit I have, Revell E3A 4422, is a short tail 707-123 with 120 style wings, no ventral fin and JT3D engines, modified but still old original 707-123 fuselage. I can lengthen the tail and scratch a ventral fin as I have the second boxing from 1964 Astrojet with tall tail and small ventral fin using JT3D engines. I believe my older brother back in the day built the original kit with JT3C engines....circa 1959-60? jon
  22. Kinda looks like a Joint STARS. The wings look to be 707-320B maybe? jon
  23. Thanks Paul, you hit the nail right on the head. Original Air Force One in '59 was 707-153 AKA 707-120. I have a picture of it with 707-120 wings!!! All I need is to locate AF1 decals, 1/139 or not I can make them work, engines no problem. Thanks again. jon
  24. Yes it is 1/139, but that's not what I am worried about.....what does it represent. jon
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