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  1. When did the gray scheme come in? Kosovo and Bosnia loadouts might be options.
  2. Trying to research Bensen Tank dimensions. There are a couple of photos on this site, but the person posting them hasn't been around for a few years so I can't ask him directly. So if anyone who has an AGE set can give me the scale, and dimensions of the tires I'd appreciate it. TIA.
  3. 5 min flight, so no need to retract the gear.
  4. They also have a two engine E-2 set.
  5. I have the correct tail, will have to scratch build the bulges on the base.
  6. I'm going to try and build this as an 191 FIG F-16 ADF. IFF is available as an aftermarket item, and the searchlight should be relatively easy The bulges in the tail base might be a challenge. Guess I'm going to be brave building 2 models at once, we'll see how that goes. Shelf of doom loses another victim.
  7. Vietnam era could provide enough for a sheet. C/AC/EC-47's.
  8. I thought igloo white was a sensor system and not armament?
  9. I'm hoping to cast some extra parts using this as my model, I have a bunch of 130's in the Que, and would like to make the opened up.
  10. @Kirk Taylor was looking for the RC-135 kit. I have all the pieces I need (for now) to build this as a R-model.
  11. Well, I have everything I need except an instruction sheet. Is there an on-line source for Italeri instruction sheets?
  12. I'm waiting on mine to come in. How detailed is the interior?
  13. The book Strike Eagle says crew names were removed for the war.
  14. I think OzMods has NP2000 blades.
  15. Are they the same as the ones going on C-130's?
  16. Serial number looks off, is it 80-xxx? that would make it a post-VN order.
  17. 82nd was guarding the ports in Saudi Arabia when the Marines showed up. Sometimes boats are not in the right position, or your objective is inland, so you need someone who can get off the ground quickly. That's the 82nd primary job. Get in, and hold, similar to the Marines.
  18. I received my order from them last week.
  19. Da SWO

    F-16 ADF

    F-16.net is a good source of data.
  20. I think it's a good compromise. Beautiful work so far.
  21. Looking for the Caracal 1/72nd ANG decal set, specifically Wisconsin or Ohio ANG markings.
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