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  1. Hi everybody, So finally after nine years of drying time for the alclad :-) (intakes) I decided to continue the su27 build. I was working on the canopy and i discovered that the one I've cut, looks to wide compared the the inner framing. I compared it to another canopy i bought (better be save than sorry) and this looks more 'defined' so to speak. Was this a common problem with the first batch? Really looking forward to finish the build. Also found the decals again. Now wondering if I should buy the pylons and stores :-) Cheers! Laurens
  2. LST01

    Two books

    Kind regards Laurens http://r.ebay.com/6fqDTl http://r.ebay.com/O19BQg
  3. Thank you Bob! I'll think I'll try this out on another clear part of this kit just to be sure I won't damage it. Cheers! Laurens
  4. Hi everybody, I'mhttp:// facing the following problem with the front windscreen of the academy 1/32 hornet. Any advice how to solve this? Please keep in mind that I like to use the Eduard PE for the frame so fixing it on one side and then press it on the other side, isn't really an option I'm afraid. Hope you can help! Cheers! Laurens https://www.dropbox.com/s/3v2wrmtq94tuo8n/IMAG0369.jpg
  5. Hi ther, I have for sale the me 109 in italian service by monogram. Have a look al ebay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/The-Messerschmitt-109-in-Italian-Service-1943-1945-by-Gabriele-Valentini-and-/161095895805?pt=NL_Fictie_non_fictie&hash=item2582104afd Cheers! Laurens
  6. Hi everybody, I'm looking for some good reference pictures of the wingpylons with the droptanks. I do have all the reference books but I can't find a good picture of the attachment between the rear end of the droptank and the pylon. Hope you can help! Laurens
  7. <_< hmmm, they look good but are also expensive. Any alternatives? I'm planning to put it on a base including a centerline tank. Because the tank is just a few mm above the deck, maybe I can use some kind of pin which will hardly be noticed because it goes through the tank into the plane itself. It would take the tension of the main gears I think. LS
  8. Hi everybody, I'm aware of the rumour that the F/A18C will be victim to the gravity. Do you have any experience with the replacement gears on the markte? I know about SAC but how about this one for example? Maybe some other ideas to prevent the problems? Hope you can help! Cheers! Laurens
  9. Thanx! (Was looking for the term telford initialy).
  10. Hi everybody! Any links to some photo collections of telford this year? Couldn't make it :-( Kind regards, Laurens
  11. Hi everybody, I'm selling my collection of books. I'd like to try a different way of presenting it so please have a look at these sites and let me know if you are interested. Not sure if the method will work but you never know ;-) Books are mainly Italian Airforce related but you can also find other subjects. I'll ship worldwide and prefer registered shipping. Kind regards Laurens https://picasaweb.google.com/114110676744018191294/Books7Euros https://picasaweb.google.com/114110676744018191294/Books10Euros https://picasaweb.google.com/114110676744018191294/Books20Euros https://picasaweb.google.com/114110676744018191294/Books15Euros This last link contains specials. Could be that I'll put those on ebay. Not sure yet. https://picasaweb.google.com/114110676744018191294/BooksPriceOthers
  12. Hi everybody, The following decals are for sale. Buyers pays for handling and shipping. Please sent me a PM if you are interested. Kind regards Laurens Brand Scale Number Description Price Euro Aeromaster 48 48-607 Kennedy Hornets pt1 ____ 7 Aeromaster 48 48-531 F-14 Tomcats ____ 6 Aeromaster 48 48-526 F-14 Tomcats part 6 ____ 6 Aeromaster 48 48-421 Cr32 collection ____ 7 Cam 48 P48-016 F/A18E Super Hornet ____ 7 Cam 48 48-066 F-14A Stencelling Low Vis ____ 7 Carpena 48 4828 Mirage 2000 ____ 4 Carpena 48 4804 Insignes Armee de l'air Francaise ____ 4 Chris Busbridge Decals 48 4801 Fiat CR32 ____ 7 Cutting Edge 48 CED48042 Starfighter Special #1 ____ 7 Eagle Strike 32 32050 Freedom hornets part 2 ____ 7 Eagle Strike 32 32051 Freedom Hornets part 3 ____ 7 Eagle Strike 48 48036 Flashy Sabres Part 1 ____ 5 Eagle Strike 48 48127 Freedom hornets part 1 ____ 7 EagleCals 32 EC14 Doras of the Galland Circus ____ 7 HDL 72 72-033 Su-17/22 Fitter ____ 5 Italian Kits 48 48001 F-16A/B, Tornado ADV, C-130J ____ 7 Leading Edge 48 48-20 CF-104 ____ 7 Linden Hill 48 LHD48006 Bush War Hinds ____ 10 Linden Hill 72 LHD72005 Flankers on Patrol ____ 10 Model Alliance 48 489030 Tiger - Nato tiger meet 06 ____ 7 Model Friends 48 4801 Av-8B ____ 5 Sky Models 48 48-017 Caccia Reggiane ____ 7 Sky Models 72 72003 Sm-79 ____ 5 Super Scale 48 48-1100 F/A-18E & C Hornets ____ 7 Super Scale 71 72-564 F-18As Lo Viz ____ 5 Tauro x x 18 complete sheets of multiple subjects in all scales and 7 incomplete sheets (some just 1 decal missing). ____ 50 Three Guys Replicas 48 48014 P-39Q Airacobra ____ 5 TwoBobs 48 48-189 Swordfish Drakens ____ 7 TwoBobs 48 48-036 F/A-18C All American Bug ____ 6 TwoBobs 48 48-005 Ah-1S Cobras ____ 5 TwoBobs 48 48-005 Ah-1S Cobras ____ 5 Zotz 48 48/010 Tornado Black Panther ____ 6 Zotz 48 48/011 Tornado White Tiger ____ 6
  13. Hi everybody, I have about 18 complete sheets of multiple subjects in all scales and 7 incomplete sheets (some just 1 decal missing). Price would be 50 euros excluding handling and shipping. Kind regards Laurens
  14. Sorry guys. Apple just shocked the world with Ibooks2. I think that this officially ends the use for paper magazines. Just created my first Ibook. The possibilities are unlimited!
  15. Hello Kei and Jason, changed the poll to one option. Thank you for the remarks. I'm currently doing the research if there is an interest in an app which provides the users with free articles once in a while and payed articles once in a while. I usually buy the magazines from Pocketmags and I have to say that I like them, but most of the time I only focus on some extensive (different) articles and not on the reviews/previews etc. The internet is a better source for that. Cheers and thank you for your replay. Laurens
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