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  1. Amazing answers you said the things i was wondering and having thoughts about and the plug in the mold is smart so that the silicone can be pulled out and collapse inwards when removing the cast. Also the cut and white glue in the cast form is very smart since the "flash". So far i had very few successful casts but those attempts have been without vaccum for removing bubbles from resin before pouring and without pressure chamber for curing to reduce and get rid of any bubbles. I will look into the pressure and vaccum chamber now.
  2. Any idea how one can cast such details like this exhaust where the exhaust is like a girth that narrows around the inside mold part when removing the resin from the silicone mold? Is the solution to devide cut the inside part slightly offset so one side will alide out first before the other side? Also how to make molds where the small details like oxygen hoses hanging free can be pulled out from the mold when casting? I have seen such made i 1/72 and is beyond me how the cast is pulled from mold without breaking. Good example is thes Draken exhaust where inside is wider than the ejector cone. Or this pilot oxygen mask hose. I guess how the mold is planned and whre the seam is put is critical. Any expertise here who know how to plan such shapes to be cast. /Sincerely Fredrik.
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