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    modelling mostly in 1/48<br />going out with mates<br />airplanes mostly just jets<br />favourite <br />F 15<br />f 18
  1. hi guys went to RIAT on saturday great airshow ill post some more pictures soon
  2. it did sound like it went up to afterburber it went loud THEN the flame
  3. ok, heres the pic, sorry for crappy pic, i forgot too shoot, too busy looking at what was happening
  4. didnt sounds too good! i got some pictures when it was burning, ill post some soon
  5. bet that it could fit in the c5 Lol
  6. Guys, found this not sure what the planes are called though, thought some might like HERE
  7. cant wait till theres some strong winds take the roof CLEAN off Lol
  8. Hope this hasnt been posted before A cool vid Click me CLICK ME click me
  9. WHO sings that song, its awesome! Must know Stav
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