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  1. coming along nicely mate good luck with it
  2. ah ok im still waiting for my airbrush to come but i always use spraycans for now heres the f 15e im doing now, paint-job came out quite nice
  3. james, since the f 16 has such simple colours i would recomend using spraycans for this one cheap and will get an amazing finish! stav
  4. im 14! wow, like a young persons meeting remember, get it right! i built my 1/32 f 18c so crooked and now wish i could make it better! good luck stav
  5. Hi guys while im trying to fix the problems getting the resin cockpit that was supposed to be used in this build i have strted the body of my f 15e pics will be up shortly. ]stavros
  6. hi guys I will be using the aires cockpit in my f 15e and wondered if its good is there a lot of sanding? does it look good? how does the landing gear bay fit? stavros
  7. its amazing about half-way through
  8. nope, its only the nozlle thats missing, ill use on from one of my others
  9. 2 free spray paints !!!!!!!! the little thing you push down was missing so they just gave them to me :D stav
  10. started there got a lot more to go on this though
  11. trying to replicate oil stains, not very good yet though
  12. ok guys, a few more cockpit seal needs cleaning up
  13. more do they ever get this dirty?
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