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  1. more p*ssed of about the fingerprint on this, didnt see it before
  2. more p*ssed of about the fingerprint on this, didnt see it before
  3. The BEST plane in the world! some details missing but hey ...
  4. got an f 15e with 2Bobs decals and aires cockpit set!
  5. ok, i hope these work only 3 tonight, rest tommorow boys and gals
  6. this is marvolous neil great work mate stav (jaw on floor)
  7. these little clamp things much better than using clothes pegs they look realy usefull, and the only cost 20p each!
  8. ouch, looks like the helicopter landed on that guy that was holding on to the side of it
  9. what bout MIG pigments? would they work?
  10. i picked up an AN 124, then put her back down B) ended up just buying matt white
  11. i think they are i found these, not sure if these are b's though
  12. was at the hobby shop on monday im in the england :lol:
  13. yesterday revell 1/48 f 15e today revell 1/48 f 15e i like the revell 1/48 f 15e stavros
  14. wow wish i could paint like that, its amazing great job gary! stav
  15. amazing job dave shes a stunner!!!! stav
  16. looking amazing dave keep up the good work stav
  17. looking good there mate keep up the good work onto the painting
  18. amazing work pete the weathering looks JUST right stavros
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