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  1. OMG! this is too good!!!! is there any place where we can come and worship you richy?
  2. here is the same question being answered, the lighter tanks are "nestibles" CLICK ME CLICK ME CLICK ME
  3. been a while so here a few more crappy pics i took
  4. "i swear man, just keep going streight and were gonna find it" Looking good mate keep up the good work
  5. very very nice mate love the loadout on that bird giving me ideas stav
  6. wow, thats amazing, puts my raam to shame awesome work mate
  7. its not what i baught, its what i ordered 2 f 18e's 1 f 15e 1 f 4 fgr2 1 f 22 all revell of germany 1/48
  8. too slow please delted this reply
  9. hasegawa f 15c 2bobs decals, alaskan gamecocks and a hasegawa weopons set all from simon l stav
  10. thankis sy you were also brilliant with your end of the deal stavros ;)
  11. what a great guy to deal with everything came through great wouldnt hesitate to deal with again. stavros ;)
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