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  1. afterburner

    1/18th F-14B Tomcat conversion

    I love watching this beast become a super sexy turkey. I think you are absolutely accomplishing what many of us would love to do but can't. Kudos to you on digging in and making it happen. Every update you post is nothing short of watching perfection come together. Also, I hate riveting. After I did my 3rd 1/48th Revell Tomcat I told myself I would only buy models with proper riveting detail. That said, you've made it look so much more realistic than many of those Trumpeter and Hobby Boss kits. Well done!
  2. afterburner

    1/48 Tamiya F-14A Tomcat - VF-41 Black Aces, 1976

    Thank you sir! I've taken a few pics of progress along the way- cockpit and intakes. I've closed my gear wells and am currently sorting out how to mount the fuselage to a length of acrylic. Then I will mount it over a picture frame base decorated with gel acrylics and sand to resemble waves crashing onto a beach, ie: Tomcat flying low and fast over a beach. That's the plan. The kit goes together so well that it's the easiest part of the scene, which is a first. Usually I struggle with the kits and nail the base. Anyways, pictures will follow when I get it finished and tidied up. Thanks for the tip on Rubber Black- perfect!
  3. afterburner

    1/48 Tamiya F-14A Tomcat - VF-41 Black Aces, 1976

    Hot diggity dog- that looks fantastic. I'm building mine now and I will be using the same markings. Question- your black area around the canopy and nose cone looks very scale accurate. How did you get it that way? Did you use some lighter powders to tone down the black? I want exactly the same effect on mine. The last build I did was an F-4J and that was the only part I wasn't pleased about at the end of the build. Absolutely stunner of a job sir.
  4. afterburner

    1/48 Tamiya F-14B Tomcat

    Well done Darren. I plan on going back and pulling that FSM article/issue when I get home. About 30% through my first Tamiya Tomcat and I am still kicking around paint/markings. Such a hard decision to make for me. Again, great job sir!
  5. afterburner

    ICM 1/48 MiG-25RBT "Red 46" 47th GRAP, 2001

    Yufei- so glad to have you back sir! Excellent job on the nose and the bulge looks kit-molded. As always, your attention to detail is incredible. Welcome back!
  6. afterburner

    Soo... what did everyone get?

    Another newfangled and lovely Tamiya Tomcat, 1/35 Dragon M1A2, and some peace and quiet.
  7. afterburner

    F-14A 1/32 Tamiya

    I agree with @A-10 LOADER, it's certainly quite the undertaking. I started one 9 years ago and got halfway into painting and prepping the Teknic's F-14D cockpit conversion and had to stop. I was taking a night course in software development that ate my brain and then pooped it out as lifeless paste. I remember sitting at my workbench, picking up an ejection seat and saying "Nope." Still in the box on the shelf. One day... That said, I will most certainly be following this and made sure that it'll notify me of updates. Those newly scribed lines look good, sir!
  8. afterburner

    1/18th F-14B Tomcat conversion

    This whole package is like my dream package. Superb display design and excellent engineering on that huge beast to make it work. Fantastic job.
  9. afterburner

    Tamiya 1/350 U.S.S. New Jersey

    Hehe- actually it's Hasegawa's Nagato. I managed to pick one up at the Nationals for a really good deal. Now I have to convince someone that I need that FlyHawk super PE kit available for it. Hopefully it'll be around May or June when I can get started.
  10. afterburner

    Hobbyboss F-14a issues

    It was a somewhat trying build, though naturally I caused a little chaos. I couldn't get a good fit where the Sparrow panel goes just under the forward fuselage and ended up using lots of filler and re-scribing lost detail, which included the myriad of rivets. If I have any real beef with the kit, it seems like there were entirely too many rivets and parts. I put a lot in the spares box. Aside from that I think Hasegawa is still easier, mainly because I have done 4 of them. I will not be building anymore HB, from this point forward I am going with the Tamiya kit and use the 2 Hasegawa kits left in the stash. In fact, the SWMBO wants me to build them before I invest in any more kits. I have only just started to assemble some bits and pieces, but merely test fitting shows the incredible advantage. Considering I pay close to $80 for the HB kit from Spruebrothers and around $90 for the Tamiya kit, it's an easy decision.
  11. afterburner

    Tamiya 1/350 U.S.S. New Jersey

    Excellent Brett- thanks for the tips! I'm going to brush off a Japanese Battleship from the stash once I finish the current build. Thank you for sharing!
  12. afterburner

    M1A2 Abrams TUSK I - Meng 1/35

    So very inspired with your build. It's one thing to simply cut the parts from the sprues, clean them up, paint, and assemble. It's another to see the incredible attention to detail you have given to every piece of plastic on this kit. If anything, you've shown beautiful restraint compared to others I have seen lately. A builder from our local group did the same kit, minus some of the details and he really did a great job...except for one thing- he completely over did the weathering. Luckily he acknowledged it! You have really knocked it out of the park. I look forward to seeing it with the figs. Stunning job and thank you for sharing.
  13. afterburner

    Tamiya 1/350 U.S.S. New Jersey

    Wow, just wow. It's so nice to come back to a fixed forum and see a bunch of phenomenal updates. Brett- really great work and I envy your straight bends in the PE railing. I think the first 3 or 4 times I used it I could never pull off good 90 degree bends as well as I had problems getting it to stay attached to the deck. Question if I might- what do you use to bend the rails and what's your process for attaching? I've used a needle with small drops of glue followed by spraying hardener so that it stays and stays fast, but I always seem to use just a tad too much glue that paint can't hide. Great job sir!
  14. afterburner

    Hobby Boss 1/350 Russian Navy Yassen Class SSN

    Well done Ernie! I've heard of the kit, but had not seen one assembled yet and I am interested in the Yassen. Thank you for sharing!
  15. afterburner

    Tamiya 1/48 F-14A Tomcat

    That's some hot and sexy there sir. I've always loved your Tomcat work since I first saw it in FSM. Always a pleasure to see a Master of Tomcats at work!