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  1. I will make sure to do so @niart17! It's definitely a confidence booster for him.
  2. Not to get off topic but I had one of those in my stash that I bought on eBay several years ago. Last week I had to go out of town for work for the week. Come back and my son (10yrs old) built it and painted it...using my airbrush. He did really good! Took a little bit of time to clean it up and (a good discussion on how to care for it). I'm headed out tomorrow and he's going to gloss coat and decal it and possibly weather it. I'll post pics for him when it's done. He's come a loooong way and picked a real doozy to work on
  3. Now that's taking it waaaaay back.
  4. Indeed Terry. The reflections are playing with the line. Thanks for continuing to update the forum. Just ordered some masks from Dave. I'm ready for these kits to land.
  5. Will be buying one. (Correction) Ordered. Thank you for doing that as I suck at masking canopies. Bought one for the Tamiya as well.
  6. You’ve got airliners down to an art sir. Great attention to detail and superb finish work!
  7. I’ve looked pretty close and I don’t see the misalignment.
  8. Bingo! Congrats and I hope we all post progress as we move through the various builds.
  9. There's always that first time but I agree- you have to be cautious. My first go-to is SprueBrothers and I'm sure it will pop up there soon enough. I've had three orders with IH and so far, so good. I will likely stick with them.
  10. That looks fantastic. I don't think that mask job looks difficult, or at least not as bad as some I have done before. I trace the instructions onto vinyl sheet and go.
  11. I pre-ordered mine from Internet Hobbies (Internet Hobbies AMK 1/48 F-14D). Ordered two and have ordered from them in the past with great success.
  12. Nice Weasel! Great job on the paint and weathering. Just right, not too much.
  13. Ok. There are a few niggles here and there but I am still very excited about it. Looks like everything fits together very well, especially around the rear. The exhaust nozzles look great. Isn't there someone doing 3D Printed versions? Lots and lots of options.
  14. Excellent! I will eagerly wait for the review. Thanks for the update Sebastijan!
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