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  1. That marbling looks pretty amazing on its own but I agree with the one hassle- the dry time. I thought about getting some kind of electric dryer- maybe even a hairdryer and doing it that way but once I saw the stencils I kind of just gravitated there thinking about ease of use. I picked up an Academy 72nd F-4 and I think I'll let that be my test bed. It'll likely be a light effort since from what I have in images, the F-4's just didn't get quite as blotchy as a really dirty F-14. I could be wrong in saying that! Anyways, your efforts look amazing and thanks for sharing!
  2. I bought them last week with the intention of using it on my Tamiya F-14. I am thinking of black basing the whole fuselage and then shooting light gray paint through the stencils to create that base layer of blotchy color. Over that I will alternate the grays, some layers thinner than others and maybe some very light post shading of browns around areas that are typically pretty stained, and a final blend coat. I think I saw a builder on YouTube use the stencils thought I can't remember the user and the Model Geeks podcast mentioned black basing, though it's probably best suited to dirty aircra
  3. This kit just arrived a week ago. Looking forward to working on it and following along with this one.
  4. I will watch this thread! Looking forward to a future boxing. Great start!
  5. Indeed. The exact total was $14.40!
  6. I buggered up and left the door open to my office/model room last week. My dog- a half-baked Aussie-got in and chewed on my 1/48 Tamiya F-14A cockpit I foolishly left within reach on the work table. I reached out to Tamiya support and was able to get spruce tree’s H and K both for about $15 including shipping. They respond within hours via email and I should have those trees this week. I thought the cost was very reasonable, Dai.
  7. I've been vaccinated since March. I got the J&J and didn't feel any different 24-48 hours afterwords. Funny thing is that all of my employees decided to get vaccinated with the J&J shot since here in Charlotte NC it's quite hot and quite a nuisance to wear a mask in a 90 degree warehouse. I helped make 18 appointments in one day!
  8. Thanks for sharing Dai. I’ll wait to work on mine until it’s released as well.
  9. I can paint a decent console but damn, that’s just awesome.
  10. I will make sure to do so @niart17! It's definitely a confidence booster for him.
  11. Not to get off topic but I had one of those in my stash that I bought on eBay several years ago. Last week I had to go out of town for work for the week. Come back and my son (10yrs old) built it and painted it...using my airbrush. He did really good! Took a little bit of time to clean it up and (a good discussion on how to care for it). I'm headed out tomorrow and he's going to gloss coat and decal it and possibly weather it. I'll post pics for him when it's done. He's come a loooong way and picked a real doozy to work on
  12. Now that's taking it waaaaay back.
  13. Indeed Terry. The reflections are playing with the line. Thanks for continuing to update the forum. Just ordered some masks from Dave. I'm ready for these kits to land.
  14. Will be buying one. (Correction) Ordered. Thank you for doing that as I suck at masking canopies. Bought one for the Tamiya as well.
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