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  1. Ya-Gabor, could you please ask the team to include MRP paint codes in the instructions? Please! Thanks!
  2. I ordered a set of Photo etch and some masks and it took less than 2 weeks, I was surprised! However the set of decals I ordered from Russia are still sitting in a Moscow mail center ::-(
  3. The reason why Kitty Hawk is called Shitty hawk is because they CONSTANTLY make easily avoidable mistakes with their aircraft kits. Its really great that they are going to provide the other windshield if you write them, that is really commendable. But you shouldn't have to do that. Also how can a company in the 21st century make the errors on the intake tunnel? Very simple the people that do the molding and packaging have NO IDEA on what they are doing. KH needs to get some on in on the production end that knows a modicum of the subject that can oversee production and avoid these simple mistakes. I sincerely hope that KH see's the errors in their current business model and corrects it. KH has a great subject line up but until they can be consistent and not trip over them selves I won't buy anything from them.
  4. Nobody sad it was the wrong scale they just wanted one in 48th scale as well as the 72nd one.
  5. Just wish it was 48th scale!!😀😀
  6. One of the pluses I see is that the kit comes with both of the IRST housings one for the earlier Su-27P and the newer and/or reworked Su-27SM version. KItty Hawk Su-27 IRST Housing
  7. Do we know what markings are going to be included in the kit?
  8. Are we talking the MER with 6 bombs on it? Or the TER with 3 bombs ? One of the things I learned is never say never when it comes to what is and what should be, I will have to go over my T.O.s when I get home from work. Only think I could think of is the Bentwaters had a crapton of MERS from its F-4 days and maybe had an exemption for BDU-33's. Fun Fact, TERS on A-10's were just to be used for training and you were to leave them home when you went to war. Well as we know MB and EL used TERS during Desert Storm with Mk-82's and some CBU's. So out goes that "rule"
  9. MERS were never carried on operational A-10's just during the initial testing with the prototypes.
  10. Terry, I am so sorry to read this. Please accept my sincere condolences.
  11. I wonder if you check the MSDS for those if you could tell if they are the same?
  12. Any plans for a MK-82 and the BSU-49?? Retarder assy? I think its -49
  13. All it takes is that the bar code not to be read correctly and it could cause it to be mis routed. I know work in the airport industry and the automated tag readers have several readers and they are 99+% accurate but of the bag tag is just off a little the ATR will misread it and send it to a different place from which it was intended. As I said they are really accurate but if your the one bag out of two hundred its not accurate enough. I am not trying to be an apologist for USPS but since I now see a lot of stuff regarding shipping its pretty amazing we get the vast majority of stuff that were supposed to.
  14. The nose cap gets beat up all the time, we had to look for cracks in them and we would have sheet metal change them out in phase. I want to say it was stainless but its been almost 9 years since I retired (WOW!)
  15. Panel line widths varies from A/C to A/C and from S/N to S/N. I worked A-10's and some time the gap between panels was 1/8th of a inch, some time they were over a 1/4 wide.Heck on some we had to trim some panel material to get them to fit. Also we were supposed to fill the void with a sealant to prevent water intrusion, and then paint the sealant the camo color. Well some times the sealant didn't get applied and there was a very visible gap between panels and some time the sealant got applied but no paint so you would see a exaggerated panel out line as that sealant was pretty dark grey almost black. HTH
  16. Monogram, even with the raised panel lines its got the best shape.
  17. Probably a bit of a leaky gun hydraulic system, just enough to keep the bottom moist to catch gun blast and a base that is under water restrictions and will not allow a A/C wash.
  18. Time just keeps on slipping by....
  19. What are the boxes in the compartment aft of the cockpit of the F-104? I see it open a lot on photos and even the new Kinetic kit has it as a posable panel. I figure its some type of avionics but is it for the fire control system? Also would a F-104N have the same amount of boxes in that compartment? Thanks
  20. Think I figured out my problem, just ordered a Brassin FOD cover for the nose and exhaust!
  21. Sorry to bother everyone, but does anyone have a junked up 72nd scale MiG-21 and have a spare intake cone. Mine has disappeared.Thanks for looking
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