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  1. The usual canon is flares have red caps and Chaff has a off white caps. However, a lot of times the local ammo folks will spray paint the caps a different colors so they can track different lots.
  2. Is that Insignia red? Also what blue are they using?
  3. The sidewall air vents were changed during the INS upgrade. Not the LASTE mod.
  4. Great thread!! learn something new everyday!! Didn't know about the reinforcing plates on the demo team jets and there different shapes than the "normal ones we have seen on USAF and allied jets. Need some drawing for the TBird and BA plates.
  5. Does the Fine Molds Thunderbirds F-4E come with the Sparrow missile bodies?
  6. In the unit I was with the bombs that were overall blue, got dropped. The ones with the blue band were for load crew training.
  7. Looking for Microscale sheet 72-0048 only place i can find it is on the Microscale website itself and they have a $20 min order. I don't need that much stuff from them. Trying to find alternative markings for my FM F-4E.
  8. Most likely the ones on the older kit were a special run made for Kinetic by Eduard or another P/E manufacture. I would think they weren't included this time was for a cost savings move. I wish that they had included them, but I understand the economics.
  9. I'm looking forward to this kit, Nice video
  10. What I can remember is the rotating guard that covered the ejection handle between your legs and I think the canopy strut was the other, I remember the phrase more than I remember the actual devices. As once I left tech school I never worked on a F-4 again.
  11. Hehe one of the things I remember from tech school about the F-4 seat "7 pins, 2 devices"
  12. There were two types of 600gal ext tanks when I was in. There was the modified F-111 type tank which the majority of A-10 squadrons used. Then there were the Sargent Fletcher made 600 gal tank and they were used by a far fewer amount of aircraft. They also tended to stay in the same squadron. That appears to be a Sargent Fletcher tank on that 2nd A10 pic. I don't know anything about the F-15 tank conversion but I have been retired since 2011.
  13. Thanks but when I try and add them to the cart it changes to "Waiting for stock"
  14. Looking for a pair of 48th scale AGM-12 C Bullpup B. I know that Eduard used to make them but they are OOP now and they are available in one of the Hasegawa weapons sets. Also I found a company called MPM Hobbies which makes some. Has anyone used MPM Hobbies before, The online ads just show a 3d illustration and not the kit it self. Thanks
  15. On photo #7 it's approximately 28" from the two points you have illustrated. Idon't have access to the real jet anymore so I cant get you accurate measurements on the real ECS duct, but I do know the ECS duct on the new academy kit is too tall. See if this link works for the dimensions of a TF-34 fan blade. Fan Blade
  16. Most of the A-10's I have worked had the soft demarcation line but some that were painted at a different paint facility had a hard edge, but that was a small amount.
  17. IMHO The ZM kit has finer and better detail. The Meng kit has simplified details but better engineering for assembly. A lot of this boils down to personal preference, People complain about the ZM spine insert ( a valid point that could have been engineered better) and they complain about the exhaust shield on the Meng phantoms ) I cant stand it and that's what prevents me from buying the Meng kit. But I love how Meng does the outer wing panels. So you pick your poison.
  18. Does anyone know if the new Block 30 Texas ANG boxing has the MCID (Big Mouth) intake? in the kit?
  19. Thanks for the info Gabor, I am really looking forward to this kit. I think it will look nice set next to my 48th Phantoms.
  20. Any release date posted? Thanks for the pics!
  21. BTW the smaller vertical probe is also used on the A-10. It's a total air temp probe if I remember correctly.
  22. Well looking at the video of the sprue layouts and such I think I see where they messed up the fan inlet ( i.e. blades too far forward) It looks like the cowl ring is fine, but the fan just mounts to that cowl ring. Academy appears to have forgotten about the inlet extension ring that's part of the engine. See attached picture. Also the shape of the engine "Pod" is fantasy but unless your looking up the tail pipe it doesn't matter
  23. Are you talking about that blunt cone shaped object that's in the inside of the tailpipe? If so that's called the exhaust centerbody and its a pale burnt metal color. If you are talking about the actual "Tailpipe" thats called teh exhaust shroud and were usually Euro one dark grey from the factory, as the changed the camo scheme to the lighter greys a lot of time these were left untouched. It kind of depended on the unit. I hate to be cliche about it but check your resources on the particular jet you're doing.
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