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  1. AKAN paints seemed a little fragile to me when I airbrushed them. However this was over bare plastic, I haven't tried them over primed plastic.
  2. They will have a "prototype" of their "Late F-4E" at the US IPMS Nats next week. My guess its a rapid prototype and not from the tooling, But that's just my guess.
  3. All I know is I am really looking forward to this kit! I hope the victory productions decals sheet gets re released as there are some vet tasty NASA schemes I would like to do.
  4. Different Instrument Panels and different Ejection seats. No evidence of glove vanes. Is just of the top of my head.
  5. I have never seen a photo of a PD with the ventral fuel tank fitted. I've read they were capable of using them buy I have never sen a picture of a interceptor Foxbat with that big ol tank. I would love to see one!
  6. Give 'em some time, a 104 lends it self to many versions from the same core airframe. Look how many versions of the F-16 and to lesser extent the F-18 Kinetic has produced. I think we'll see a -104 C sooner rather than later IMHO.
  7. The Aqua gloss is water soluble, but it dries very hard and self levels nicely. Just don't shake it, kind of counter intuitive for most modelers but that will introduce air bubbles in it. I have never tried Klear Kote so I cannot contrast and compare. Sorry
  8. For gloss I really like aqua gloss by Alclad. Future is for floors.
  9. You can still use the computer! Seems silly but I respect your choice.
  10. I think if you could do that it would be a gross violation of OPSEC. I can tell you in my AF career our squadron used the same call sign for training but when we went in theater, the callsigns were chosen by higher headquarters.
  11. Personally I am hoping for a straight Su-27P Lot of neat marking options on that. The announce KH kit will be a SM and while that has more interesting configuration options the markings are pretty limited.
  12. They have always showed some innovative molding. Some of the detail on their earlier MiG-21 kits was very nice especially around the exhaust nozzle.Looking forward t this kit even though I am a later MiG-21 fan.
  13. They have some great tutorials on You Tube and on their website has some tips on as well. Trick is to use their thinner and it's going to look a lot thicker than what you are used to. I usually go with 10 drops of paint, 2-4 drops of thinner and say 4 drops of poly. I spray at 10-15 psi usually around 12.
  14. Bad news it appears; https://defence-blog.com/news/japanese-f-35-fighter-reportedly-crashes-during-routine-training-flight.html
  15. I'm sure y'all already know this but the original F-15A had provisions for the outer wing pylons. They were to be used for ECM pods, that's why you see the very early F-15 kits with those pods and outer wing pylons. however it was determined that they could put the same ECM gear inside the aircraft and not have to use the pod. So it seems like the wing always had the structural provisions for the pods and now these later versions have the wiring to hang missiles on them.
  16. I have heard it reacts badly to cold storage. I have had some for over a year and it stays in my basement and i have not had a problem.
  17. Well we need to find a safe supply of Dilithium crystals! 😈
  18. Same way in the AF, Had to keep the numbers up, especially fun at the end of the fiscal year when you had no money to order parts (we did, but we couldn't spend it yet) and we had to take a tire off of a jet that was down for extended maintenance and put it on a flier. Of course the next day when it was a "new" year we had to change that tire on the broke jet! Some times we wanted to kill the pro sup!😀
  19. I think Pewter is a lot more stiff than the crap that SAC uses. I think that's just pot metal with a lot of lead in it.But I am no metallurgist!
  20. It happens more than you think, depot forgets to paint it on. Heck our unit had one with the National insignia painted on backwards!
  21. It looks similar to the metal that AMK used on their deluxe MiG-31 kit and standalone Landing gear kit. If so Great!! that was nice stuff, good details and strength.
  22. Why are you letting this bother you?? It is a marketeers job to hype it's companies product. it is your job as a consumer to see through the hype and make a well informed choice on how to spend your money.
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