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  1. Hopefully Eduard will create a errata and post it on their web page.
  2. IMHO they are a lot better then the previous iterations. The paint doesn't flake off when you bend them. They are a lot thinner than the brass or what ever the earlier ones were made out of. I was wondering the same thing my self and I was at the IPMS USA Nats in SC a year or so ago and I just asked the Eduard rep, "whats so special about STEEL seat belts?" He then took a fret of the steel seatbelts from his jeans pocket and crumbled it up and than gave it to me and as I un crumbled it and I didn't see any flecked off paint. Mow in my humble opinion I would not use them on anything bigger than
  3. Marek, I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the build as you work on it. Looking forward to this model myself.
  4. Well I looked at the forums the Gabor mentioned and I have to rely on Google Translate to read the messages. While it may work word for word it doesn't carry the nuances of the authors original posting. But looking at the pictures I think the kit looks pretty good. The cockpit looks very good in the example shown, I don't know if the modeler used the supplied decals or he painted the detail on as its quite nice. While I may know the difference between a MiG-21 MF and a MiG-21 bis I am nowhere a expert on this aircraft. That being said this looks like a winner.
  5. I Think Aztec mistook MiG-21bis' for MF's on that sheet from what I have read and seen MF's had 5XX side #'s where bis' have 6XX side #'s. (of course I could be wrong!) thanks for replying,
  6. I know Cuban MiG-21bis' were but I am trying to find out if any of the MF type were. I read where up to two squadrons (or detachments) of MF's were sent to Angoloa and flew in Angoloan markings. Did any of those come back to Cuba and receive the distinctive Olive/Blue over bluish grey camo or did they retain the African camo scheme? More inportantly are there any pics? I have found plenty of bis' but except for one in a museum no camoed MF's Thanks!
  7. There is also one about the restoration of the Mk 1 Spitfire.
  8. I saw that jet parked on the GA ramp at BWI a few weeks ago. The CAG jet and a line jet, they were there to do the flyover the next night at the out Caps hockey game at the Naval Academy stadium.
  9. Just having a little fun. Of course this is a great place to do operational testing in a real world environment.
  10. I was heavy into patch collecting back then and I focused heavily on Tomcats and Phantoms. I used to go down to NAS Oceana about twice a year with a buddy of mine and hit all the squadron coffee messes! There was one local (Va. Beach) patch maker who did use printing on a smoothish fabric with the embroidered type of merrowing. I will have to look in my box o patches and see if they still have the label on them. I didn't care for them even though they were cheaper.
  11. I'm not 100% sure but I think there are three version of the -184 short,medium and long. We (MD ANG) always flew with a medium pod. I saw F-16's with a shorter pod and the A-10's in Korea flew with the long pod which was quite long. I think the pods are modular in there construction and depending on the threat, the units will fly the appropriate pod. I also remember us flying with both the -131 on one deployment and the -184 on another.
  12. We Create a ANG only paint regulation. That allows us to do special schemes for special occasions, competitions. The only stipulation is that they have to be removed before a "activation" and deployment.
  13. Please accept my condolences. Losing a beloved pet is a crappy situation..
  14. I've just built Zvezda's 72nd Su-27SM and Kinetics Su-33 so I am a bit "Flankered" out but boy looking at that kit engineering!!! I might have to jump back in that pool!! Looks really good.
  15. The newest F-35's off the line appear to be painted overall the 36170 color save certain areas like the nose and around the intake. The earlier F-35's appear to have several panels and leading edges in a lighter color. As with every model check references of the jet you want to build. Also please note we are early in the lifespan of the F-35 and the color scheme is evolving. Don't get too wrapped around the axle worrying about what exact color goes where. Do your research and press on and enjoy your hobby!
  16. 36170 is the color you want. https://www.missionmodelsus.com/collections/us-aircraft/products/have-glass-grey-fs36170 http://mrpaint.sk/farby/lietadla/USA?product_id=375
  17. Doubt it very seriously, they just announce the Bf-109 G6 not that long ago. Still has to be released. I am sure all there marketing will be directed to that release.
  18. Depending on how tough the undercoat is you might try a toothpick chisel to push the paint up and off.
  19. I use Turpenoid which is a much milder version of turpentine. I've also found taht once the AK wash dries you can get a lot of the excess off with a dry cotton bud or tissue. I would check on a "mule" or a hard to see area of your model.
  20. Well I am a mature modeler :-) (59) and I use FB and I understand some of your concerns but you can really lock down FB if you think your privacy is a concern. It is a lot easier for a company, say AMK for example or any of the newer small (1-3) employees to create a group on FB and post updates on there rather than post on numerous websites of your company updates. I would create a FB account and don't accept any friend requests and just join the several hobby groups that are on there. FB as far as I am concerned is just another internet resource. You can always delete you account i
  21. Very Impressive! It's amazing what they can do with slide molding nowadays!
  22. Gabor, Thanks for providing your input on this kit. I was wondering if this kit has intake tunnels? I see the intake trunks but what about the interior of the intakes where it goes from a rectangular cross section to a circular cross section where it meets the 1st stage fan blades? Similar to what Kinietic did with the Su-33 Illustrated here in steps 7,8&9 http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10358401/70/4 http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10358401/70/5
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