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  1. I was there last in Nov 2002 and the motors were not in it. However If my moldy brains can remember there was a motor next to it.
  2. Kursad, I doubt this was the reason because: 1) Iranians already had Fulcrums bought directly from russia in 1990 2) Iranians got more Fulcrums from Iraq during Desert Storm 3) As you can understand from 1), Russians did not and have not problem selling Iran military aircraft directly 4) The Fulcrums were rather disappointment for IRIAF, so Iranians were not interested in further purchase Jan, This reason was very well publicized and generated a lot of discussion in publications all over the world; it is not my own speculation. The Moldovan Mig-29's were said to be nuclear capable, and
  3. Joined the MD ANG in 1980 as a part time Crew Chief on A-10's. 1982 got a full time gig there as a TF-34 engine mechanic. April 1987 til present Full time Crew Chief on Hogs, 79-0086 1st, then 78-0649 (which was xfered to MAANG) then my present jet for the last 11+ years 79-0175. Love the job! Hate the crap we have to put up with!!
  4. Heck Murph! you stole my thunder!! I was just about to ask that question I think he has a reducing machine and zapped some Adel clamps down to 32nd scale!! :( :huh:
  5. It's going to be the Dutch MiG-29 Killer.
  6. Here are a couple of in progress shots of my RoG F-16AM. Man this is a neat kit!!!Kinda fun after doing 1/48th all the time. Some touch up's and some gloss coats and off to the decal barn.
  7. iI think we really need a good Tamiyagawa MiG-23 ML series kit, A very important A/C and overlooked. I think that would be a good seller. Of course thats just me!
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