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  1. I use Turpenoid which is a much milder version of turpentine. I've also found taht once the AK wash dries you can get a lot of the excess off with a dry cotton bud or tissue. I would check on a "mule" or a hard to see area of your model.
  2. Well I am a mature modeler :-) (59) and I use FB and I understand some of your concerns but you can really lock down FB if you think your privacy is a concern. It is a lot easier for a company, say AMK for example or any of the newer small (1-3) employees to create a group on FB and post updates on there rather than post on numerous websites of your company updates. I would create a FB account and don't accept any friend requests and just join the several hobby groups that are on there. FB as far as I am concerned is just another internet resource. You can always delete you account i
  3. Very Impressive! It's amazing what they can do with slide molding nowadays!
  4. Gabor, Thanks for providing your input on this kit. I was wondering if this kit has intake tunnels? I see the intake trunks but what about the interior of the intakes where it goes from a rectangular cross section to a circular cross section where it meets the 1st stage fan blades? Similar to what Kinietic did with the Su-33 Illustrated here in steps 7,8&9 http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10358401/70/4 http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10358401/70/5
  5. I couldn't tell from the photos provided, Are intake tunnels provided??
  6. That's true except for the new crew block emblem. Which is usually removed when we deploy any who..
  7. Well, ya missing a particular squadron that's a little special to me But that's a beautiful sheet!
  8. Thank you all very much!
  9. Hey folks, my Google-Fu has failed me I am trying to confirm the radome color of a Vietnam era AIM-7E2 Sparrow III missile along with the color of the exhaust port. I have seen some decent B/W pic but all teh color I can find are very distant.
  10. Their home page is www.mrpaint.sk they are out of Slovakia.
  11. I am a super big fan of Mr. Paint I get them from Hobbyworld-usa.. Here's a link to his selection. http://www.hobbyworld-usa.com/Store/index.php?id_category=1248&controller=category
  12. Chris I don't know if the Su-25UTG uses the same colors as teh Su-33 but they seem similar. I would try Mr. Paint out of Slovakia. AKA MRP . They are may favorite paints right now! they are lacquer and already thinned for the airbrush. As a a matter of fact you really need to apply with low pressure 12-15 psi and use several light coats. they seem very translucent at first but they build up great so they are perfect for any pre shading black basing etc. Super fine pigments. Check them out http://mrpaint.sk/farby/lietadla/USSR?page=3 As far as a Russian FS 595, they're might be one but it
  13. I think the A-37 had them, For the little time I worked on them i remember finding butts and ashes in the cockpit. Then in the next few years the whole culture changed,,
  14. Actually since thats my old unit I and they got home yesterday I will have to see what happened. What surprised me was the tail # that jet had been loaned out to the ANG/AFRC test center for years. I wonder if its back permanently. As far as the kill marking it all depended if they had access to a Gerber machine. But now that there home...
  15. As others have said, super glad to see you go into 1/48th scale. If I can be of any help on the A-10 stuff please let me know. I was a crew chief on them for 25+ years. Although I am retired from the military now I still maintain a close friendship with my fellow maintainers and can always stop by and get some pics if I can..
  16. Yes they were We had 77-0196 & 77-0221 assigned to us and they had the wingtip C/F launchers. We got them around 1982 or so
  17. Surprised this hasn't showed up yet! Photo Credit to the 127th Wing Facebook page
  18. Its one of the prototype Hustlers.
  19. Really looking forward to these accessories! I am building a ZM F-4J right now and I really like it so when the F-4D comes out I will get the intkes will save a lot of work! Do you have a mailing list so I will know when your accessories are ready? Thanks
  20. I prefer Lacquer paints over Acrylic paints usually but there are time where the acrylics are the best choices. As others have said but a few colors from each and go from there. The one thing you definitely need is Mr. Color Leveling thinner. I use it for pretty much all my lacquers and even enamels. The paint i really have been enjoying using lately is Mr. Paint, not Mr. Color but, Mr. Paint from Slovakia. they have some of teh best stuff I have ever used, you have to spray it thin (which it is straight from the bottle) and use multiple layers. Which is true for all paints, don't try to do
  21. Boy, you ain't lying there! I think thats one of the reason I have yet to model "my" A-10!! I am so familiar with the jet, every kits flaws stand out to me... Plus I've been goingthrough a russian phase lately...
  22. Hey guys/gals a co worker served on the USS Harry S Truman and is looking to make a model of with his son. Is there such a kit available? I know Italeri has one listed but I can't seem to find one for sale. Is there another way to get there? i.e. with another Nimitz class boat and aftermarket decals? Thanks in adavnce
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