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  1. Can you imagine when we see the 1st F-35 with some real color on it, say a Wing King Jet or a CAG bird? Then you'll see some decals made!! (P.S. I know and understand the reason for LO markings, but I think some color would look cool! :-))
  2. The Biggest issue with the forward fuselage of the Trumpy 32nd scale A-10 is that the windshield is a scale 6" too wide. Measuring the kit windshield center pane it came out to be 18 scale inches wide, where as the real one would have been 12" wide, give or take. so it looks lie the designers kept that too wide windshield dimensions and carried it through the nose are around the URASSI and gun fairing. If I remember correctly. its been awhile since I looked at the kit. P.S. I don't have a HB kit so I can't comment as to whether those errors actually did get carried forward.
  3. Here is a link to there explanation of RLM-66. Even if they get all there research correct, it's still up to whoever makes the paint to mix it to that research. http://www.ak-masters.com/app/pdf/RC_RLM_02_66.pdf
  4. Ok for the best out line and shape Monogram, Its a early A model with a pre INS cockpit. Also It may have both RHAW antennas molded on (ALR-47 & ALR-69). Easiest assembly is the hobby boss. We truly need a state of the art 1/48th A-10 kit. You can't even model a Desert Storm hog accurately OOB right now. Let alone all the junk they've added to it til now.
  5. I'm very curious to see how the AK real colors matches up in this comparison.
  6. Just remember that the Neo is not made by Iwata, it's made For Iwata. So its not as high quality as there other brushes.
  7. From what i have read on other boards they have said they will correct the aft fuselage when the do long nose Phantoms.
  8. I remember seeing it on Wide World Of Sports. Also as a side note ESPN filmed "Gunsmoke 91" I think it wa son at like 2 AM or something. There are still some spinets of the broadcast on You tube.
  9. Please accept my condolences. Way too young.
  10. Hey all, going on vacation at Cocoa Beach next week. In between lounging on the beach and visiting all the touristy hot spots, any decent hobby shops in the area? Thanks!
  11. I have read that those things under the canopy are missile warning sensors. I may be wrong but that's what I read.
  12. Last time i saw the Blues and Tbirds at the same show was Transpo 72 at Dulles near DC.
  13. Did the PD version carry the external fuel tank? I have never seen any pics of a fighter version with that large thing under the belly.
  14. A direct copy of the Wikipedia article; A dozen USAF F-4Ds of the 433d Tactical Fighter Squadron, all from Block 31, were wired for Pave Knife, a dozen of which pods were built and six deployed to Southeast Asia. Three were held in reserve and three were diverted to the U.S. Navy for use on A-6As of VA-145
  15. 1985 was the beginning, We took the only 5 jets with INS to gunsmoke with us. Probably took 2 years for al the jets to go through Depot.
  16. Around 1985, when they went to depot to get the INS mod, is when they got the AIM-9 mod.
  17. Here is a picture of a U.S. Army F-100. They were actually QF-100's and they were used as chase planes out at Holloman/White Sands area. Two of them ended up at the MD aviation Museum at Martin State Airport. They had teh camo and drone orange paint under the blue pint. US Army QF-100F
  18. proof to your flight chief that you really did the post wash lube of the flight controls. !!! :-)
  19. I remember a Turkish AF delegation came and did a tour of my A/C . They had several USAF officers with them from FMS, They all seemed like car salesman.
  20. Yeah my old age is showing! :-) I guess it was the early eighties. There were 4 of them parked on the ramp opposite the park.
  21. I saw them on some Langley jets that were standing alert. This was about 20 some years ago and the 48th FIS was in the transition to F-15A's from -106s at the time.
  22. Well whoever is the driving force and sponsors that show should be commended! As a "hack" builder I always see some mind blowing model's out of that show!! Inspires me to try and do better. May be one day if I win the lottery I can make the trip over ther and witness it for my self.
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