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  1. I don't know if the Navy did it different on LAU-10's but in the AF our weapons guys cleaned the tubes of the rocket launchers with a big bore brush and a lot of rags so the soot really didn't accumulate much.
  2. Try Flickr or postimage both are free and look pretty easy to use.
  3. Has any one seen a kill marking? Are they just using a Syrian flag or a A/C silhouette?
  4. Do you think these will work on the new Meng kit? I know they should in theory,,, but you know there could be variances!!
  5. This kit seems to show one of the dangers of trying to be 1st out of the blocks with a kit of a new A/C that is just entering service. The C/F dispensers were on top of the sting when the kits designers committed to that deign, than testing soon showed it was better to have the C/F dispensers on the bottom. Same with alcohol bottle on the NLG door/ Wasn't there then they decided they needed it back. Modern Military A/C are almost like a living being, in the fact that they are always changing. You almost have to say I am modeling this A/C as I researched it to reflect Aug.16h 2015
  6. By any chance, does anyone have a spare little folding fin that goes on the AA-9 missile?? I lost one to the carpet monsters!! I'll gladly pay for it!
  7. OK here is a quotation from a paper entitled " A Comparative Analysis of Internal and External Solutions to Provide Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation (ACMI) Functionality" at the USAF Air University Available here http://www.dtic.mil/cgi-bin/GetTRDoc?Location=U2&doc=GetTRDoc.pdf&AD=ADA392048 The First ACMI Systems United States Marine Corps contracted with Cubic Defense Systems to design and build the first ACMI system for Yuma Marine Corps Air Station in 1973. The original system consisted of a series of seven ground-based tracking towers that communicated wi
  8. boom175

    A-10 Loads

    yep give that man a cigar!! Its "special radome paint" In other words normal A/C paint can block radio waves.
  9. That looks likes a real pain in the fool to change that light bulb!
  10. Next time you transit BWI, send me a msg. I work there, let me know and we can get a cup of coffee and talk models!
  11. Now the big question, when and how much???
  12. Just do a google search for "Quality Assessment Form" and you'l get tons of hits you should be able to find something you can use.
  13. Well it all depends, if the rack had a bad cart and just didn't fire the bomb is pretty safe its just like you've never dropped it. If for some reason the carts partially dislodged the shackles the bomb couls come off on landing but probably won't explode as the the fuse wouldn't arm. Still a very dangerous situation! and yes they would probably call in EOD. The most dangerous situation a pilot told me about, was he had just taken off at Ft.Drum (one of the few spots we could do lives on the east coast) he had a bird strike the bomb on station #2 and it managed to pull the arming wire from th
  14. Everything I've seen (which is just pictures!) suggests a overall 16473 scheme.
  15. Mr. Paint sprays wonderfully on bare plastic. At least for me I sprayed the cockpit of my AMK MiG-31 last night. VERY impressed by these paints, just gotta to spray them at a low pressure!!!
  16. My Deepest condolences to you and your wife and your family... I'm so sorry!!
  17. For the different engined versions that the aft fuselage has different profile and they looks like the want to be able to have the aft fuselage come off to display the engine. Also the seperate forward fuselage allow a two seat forward fuselage. But this is just my speculation.
  18. Seen them on eBay for 66.98 from Hong Kong 16.00 shipping
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