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  1. From what my Navy guys tell me they reduce air pressure in their tires when they are doing land based ops.
  2. Because the govt/military constantly changes its requirements.
  3. Woo Hoo!! look forward to getting some of your F-4 stuff!!
  4. That's pretty cool! That would bring any Hog up to late "A" standards when they went to a new LASTE software version that eliminated the gun gas purge vent covers. Obviously this would be needed to be accomplished for a C model conversion as well.
  5. Nope just dirt and dead bugs!!! Nellis is a very dusty place and a lot of that dusty air gets sucked down intakes.
  6. Here is a link to some IPMS USA contest info. http://www.ipmsusa.org/competition_handbook/CompHandbook2002.html
  7. Raymond, I don't know it you want to do this as its's your companies effort. But have you thought of making the instructions available as a .pdf download on your website? That way if you find a error, omission or you just find a better way you could easily revise it and have the latest version available to your customers. Just a thought.
  8. your best bet is to google image search the type of A/C your modeling and study the photos that come up. Also they're are several folks here on ARC that were in the militart and worked on or flew A/C, I worked on A-10 for 30 years and have experience on that jet. But to answer your question it varies from jet to jet. Its more A/C dependent rather than munition dependent. HTH
  9. Does anyone know if the Fine Molds kit will ever be released as a conventional kit?
  10. Here's a picture of that MiG-15 from the NMUSAF website! Hope that helps!
  11. boom175

    A-10 Loads

    That's pretty cool! We had some interesting "frags" as well when we were deployed. All mission dependent, Some time you need the big Snausages!
  12. Sorry to seem like a petulant child! but has there been any updates on the 1/48th ICM MiG-25RBT? I have seen it listed as a July release (and we all know how accurate those schedules are!!!) But it just seems awfully quiet. Has anything been shown at the European hobby shows? I didn't see anything at Shizouka (Sp)show. Just curious, no rush I hope the designers take their time and get it right. Thanks Guys/Gals!
  13. Please No... The KUB is the only ugly member of the flanker family! It's even worse than the Su-34(Ducks and runs for cover!!!) :monkeydance:
  14. boom175


    Saw this picture while researching VMFA-115. The website it is a "new" F-18C+ ? Is that a new program for the USMC? I am no Hornet expert but the fins do look like a "C" model to me. Any other visible changes? P.S. Flying Leatherneck definitely needs to do those decals!!!
  15. Probably both, the fin manufacture could have produced a lot with the fin stencils and another batch without. As long as you have photos to back you up, they're both right!!
  16. Ok Very cool, but I think it came across kind of a broad stroke to people that either a. have a intimate knowledge about the real thing i.e. Crew Chief, Pilot, Engineer etc. or b. are super enthused researchers who have become subject matter experts and provide documentation of a aspect of the kit. As someone neither on this particular subject, I want all the information I can get to make my own decisions. I agree they're are those that tend to add they're own opinions about a kit manufacture that are probably suited for a different discussion.
  17. What the F#%k are you talking about? A discussion of a model in a model discussion group.. Wow that's radical!
  18. nI thank Pancho for his post and while you may not care about the panel lines several people do. I also "LOVE" the AMK MiG-31 and I think its and incredible model and Pancho was just trying to push AMK to that final goal of 100%. That final goal may never be reached, they're may not achieve 100% because of some other mitigating issues, cost, tine etc. I just don't see why criticizing Pancho's post accomplishes anything. In all honesty he just said the Emperor's clothes ain't perfect! He wasn't disrespectful and was trying to add to the conversation.
  19. FRom what I've read it's not I Tunes per se its Apple music. I have I tunes mainly just to rip CD's and I do not have music match turned on so it doesn't take any of my music. But always buy your your media physically and upload it yourself, that way if whoever your music hosting company is, any they go belly up for whatever reason, or if they change their policies, you will always have your media.
  20. Good morning all! Looking for some references on the R-40 air to air missile. Now that the AMK MiG-31 B/BS is almost here, I am looking for some good color reference shots. Especially the rear of the missile. I've found some pretty good shots of the forward portion but not many of the rear. Found one and it looked like the control surfaces on the wings were of a "Bakelite" looking substance, is that correct??
  21. Just saw on Twitter and Facebook Big T
  22. I bought the new Su-27SM at my LHS and Stevens international has a huge listing of Zvezda kits available. I guess eh slow boat from Russia hasn't made it to the US yet.
  23. The good thing with the IKEA type display cases they have so many options that you can add later
  24. Dave, Thanks for finding the little error and showing it to the proper people. Raymond thanks for taking the information and correcting the part in question.
  25. CAP-9's and BDU-33's are boring!!! :monkeydance:
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