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  1. Woooow, JEN722 Thank you very Much! Thanks Fiddler and achterkirch also!
  2. I hope someone will help me. Im planing to build Norwegian F-16BM with Italeri F-16B/D (I know, I know) kit. What are differences between standard B and Norwegian BM aircraft? TIA
  3. @viperjoe - amazing work as ever. I'm big fan! What's next?
  4. Fantastic viper as always my friend!
  5. Not a chance Brasil will be champions, qauterfinals is maximum (if referees and FIFA doesnt say different). Shame for my country, 2:1 was real result, shame for third goal. And for penalty, but Brasil was better. I hope we didn't disappointed people around world, but we coulnd't play attacking football against Brasil in opening game.
  6. One of the best models i have ever seen!
  7. I have BB cockpit for Italeris F/A-18E in 1/48. Since Italeris kit is no good, i bought Revells, but does anyone know does BB cockpit set fit in Revells Superhornet?
  8. It is amazing what are you doing with models in 1:72, i couldnt do that in 1:32 :-) And you nailed it again with this beautiful model.
  9. Thanks Brian and Gonzalo. I know about CAG jets in combat, but this jet never saw combat so i dont know what to put on stations. Maybe just fuel tanks and Sidewinders but it looks so empty without any bombs. But i dont know if that would be accurate
  10. I hope some one can help me. Would like to build this beautiful plane but did anyone ever seen this bird with any kind of ordnance? I know that anniversary CAG birds rarely flies with weapons but i hope that there was case that this jet was seen with some kind of ordnanece. Any idea what armament to put on this jet? TIA
  11. The man is back yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. So, what will be your first model
  12. Another amazing job on weathering! You're the man! :-D
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