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  1. This is my first build for a good couple of years now although I've kept an eye on these forum pages all the while. I have a number of kits in my stash but decided to concetrate on this one for my return. I know in many peoples eyes its not one of the greatest kits out there but hopefully I can create something good out of it. The cockpit tub is not quite finished yet but here it is with Eduard PE added and painted. Since this isnt the most outstanding kit I've decided to add a few extra details. I've opened up the access panel on the left side and scratchbuilt the main transmission unit
  2. I'm not aware of any 1/32 pilots but there are these very nice 1/35 Nemrod figures. http://www.historexagents.com/shop/hxprodu...uctCode=N35-201 I have a set myself and they are really nicely detailed.
  3. Hi folks, After a bit of advice please. A freind of mine has convinced me to make a predator suit for this years Halloween (he's making an alien suit) I've started gathering various things to put it all together but am trying to fathom the best way to make the dreadlocks. Can anyone give me any advice on the best thing to make these with so they'll be at least semi authentic looking and not look like a bit of old rope. I'm thinking along the lines of latex moulded items but have no idea how to go about making them. I'm in the UK as well so may not have access to certain things quite as easy
  4. Finished. I know the weapon loadout is probably not a likely one but I'm not bothered. As far as I'm concerned Hogs should be armed to the teeth! Hopefully I'll get round to making a proper display stand for it sometime but for now, I hope you like what you see. Thanks for all the positive comments along the way guys. :P
  5. Dont Italeri make a 1/32 scale F-117, I'm pretty sure I've seen a few about.
  6. Can't say I've had any problem with paint not sticking Klear coated canopies. I use Tamiya acrylics mostly, I wonder if the type/brand of paint could be the issue?
  7. The end is near. Flat coat applied, flaps and ailerons fitted, access ladder fitted, pitot tube (made from a pin dipped in CA) fitted and a few other minor details added. Just need to do the ejector seat and pilot and attach the canopy, weapons and some final touches and that'll be about it.
  8. If you can get hold of the two books 'Blackhawk Down' and 'In The Company Of Heroes' both have some very useful reference pictures.
  9. Sorry no yellow but this might be useful to you. I've ordered from this site myself without any problems. http://www.quilting-and-stitching.co.uk/ca...2e6mem86pbbr3o5
  10. Does anyone know if there is a Jaguar model out there in anything bigger than 1/48 scale? cheers. :)
  11. I've changed the two hydraulic lines (brake lines?) from the plastic originals to copper wire but everything else you see is from the kit. I have also fitted an extra wire since the pictures were taken. :D
  12. Been a while but here's an update folks. Lots of little fiddly things been done, and still to be done hence the slow progress. Got the flaps and ailerons/decelerons painted. They are not actually attached permanently yet but will be. Nav lights, laser pod and other various antennae attached and/or painted. Front part of canopy attached and painted. Main canopy still has a little detail work to do before its done. Landing gear painted and has been attached since these pics were taken. A few more little jobs to do here and there but the end of the road is in sight, at least for th
  13. 1) I'm pretty sure there were no seats apart from the two gunners seats (and pilots of course). 2) Pilots doors were removed for better visibilty. Also the doors were said to offer little by way of ballistic shielding so removing them would not significantly reduce crew protection. Get yourself copies of the books Blackhawk Down and In the Company of Heroes which both have useful info and pictures.
  14. Not sure yet. There's a good selection with the kit though, so seeing as this is kind of a 'what if' snow hog getting ready for action I'll probably give it a good mix. Suggestions welcome though. ^_^
  15. Nearly all the decals used so far have been the standard kit ones. The only exceptions to that are the modified 'AK' tail fin marking (which started out as 'NE' from the kit decal sheet) and the two stars and bars behind the cockpit which came from an old 1/72 F-22 Airfix set. I'm also in the process of making a decal for the H in front of the refuel door but haven't fitted this yet. :D
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