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    predominately WWII but like jets and helo's too
  1. eaglebeagle

    1./NJGr 10 Bf 109 G6/AS red 2

    Cheers Netz!! Thanks for your efforts And the red landing gear struts were a selling point for me too plus the fact it was a night fighter too(something i dont have in my collection of 109's) so two birds with one stone.I think the red landing gear was a visual marker for mw50 or high octane fuel birds or something like that, if anyone wants to confirm that feel free! Again thanks for your help and advice Netz this is why i love this forum! :D/> Cheers Brad
  2. eaglebeagle

    1./NJGr 10 Bf 109 G6/AS red 2

    Hi Everyone Firstly i was wondering if anyone had pics of this particular aircraft it was one of Frederich Karl Mullers mounts during his time in 1./NjGr 10 during August 1944 previously it belonged to JG 300 it is featured on the link below and if you scroll down there is a nice colour profile, but i was wondering if there is any info or pics depicting the wing camoflage pattern and the right side of the aircraft? http://falkeeins.blogspot.com.au/2012/08/hans-dittes-ex-hispano-bf-109-g-10.html Secondly this aicraft being a G6/AS and a nightfighter would i be correct in assuming it would have basically a G6 cockpit with the addition of night fighting equipment? i know MDC have a 109 G6-14 night fighter detail set would this surfice with a standard G6 late style cockpit? Cheers and thankyou in advance Brad
  3. eaglebeagle

    Messerschmit BF 109 "Black Double Chevron"

    Wow that really is great! its not very often you see that type of fine mottle/stipple done convincinly! how did you achieve such a great finish? congratulations on a fantastic looking 109!!! cheers Brad
  4. eaglebeagle

    Bf 109 B/C cockpit reference pics

    the academy kits do look good i havent built one but the box shots ive seen look promising
  5. eaglebeagle

    Bf 109 B/C cockpit reference pics

    Thanks Ross and Donss3 your information has been invaluble! by the way its 1/48 scale and the cockpit reminds me of the level of detail you would find in 1/72 or even 1/144 ! the instructions actually say "-add extra detail as required to cockpit, e.g. side consoles" i had to have a bit of a chuckle when i read that! but i bought the kit for around $5 so i am not complaining im just going to turn it into a kit bashing scratch building excercise will post pics if anyone is interested? Cheers Brad
  6. eaglebeagle

    Bf 109 B/C cockpit reference pics

    Hi All Just wondering what the differences in cockpit details are between the Bf 109 E and the earlier marks i just recieved a Ventura Messerschmitt Bf 109B/C kit very cheaply off Ebay and suffice to say there is verly little in the way of cockpit details so the idea was to use a surplus Tamiya E cockpit as a source of details plus some scratch building. For this i need some pics of early 109 cockpits, does anybody know of any good reference websites or books? Cheers Brad P.s. i did do a google search but most if not all of the pics seemed to be E cockpits
  7. eaglebeagle

    RE: Fujimi 1/48 products

    I've built a couple of their 1/48 109's and although not bad they're often more expensive than there Hasegawa counterparts which are better IMHO. I would probably only get them if they were on sale.
  8. eaglebeagle

    I need some Tail!

    Hi Gary thanks for the suggestion and i thought about the Fujimi kit and i actually have one being built as a G14(so this is why) but in my opinion the Bf 109 G fujimi kits are better off being built as later marks off the Bf 109 as the shape and engineering of the nose and cowling peices suits G10s and K4s much better as i think they had parts interchangabilty in mind, even though the hasegawa kits have their own accuracy issues i way prefer the surface detail and the front end of the model looks much better than the Fujimi kit in my opinion. Cheers Brad
  9. eaglebeagle

    I need some Tail!

    Cheers, the G6 boxing i have only has the short tail guess i'll look for the G6/14 kit
  10. eaglebeagle

    I need some Tail!

    Hi Topic description pretty much says it all, A future build requires a tall style tail and rudder for a Finnish Bf 109 G6. I plan on using a 1/48 Hasegawa kit, are there any aftermarket tail conversions? or is a kit-bash in order? Cheers Brad
  11. eaglebeagle

    su-24 1/48 trumpter

    well here's my two cents lol! first of all great model! as pointed out its not acurate but visually its very appealing and i like that very much i've seen plenty grey on grey jet schemes and its hard to make them look interesting so i think you've achieved what you set out to do! and as for the debate this model has sparked i think thats great too thats what this forum is all about i dont think people should veiw criticism posted in this forum as anything but constructive. anyway well done! great model! cheers Brad p.s. i would love to know your painting method!
  12. eaglebeagle

    P-51 D Mustang

    Absolutely beautiful! my only criticisms are 1) not enough pictures! and 2)theres nothing to criticise! so you should have posted it in the display case forum! :D serioiusly though its dificult to find anything wrong with it well done! cheers Brad
  13. eaglebeagle

    1/48 Storch

    That paint scheme is absolutely stunning!! well done! this storch will look amazing when its finnished! could you posibly tell us your painting method? am i right in guessing you used lighter and darker shades of base colours? Cheers Brad
  14. eaglebeagle

    B5N2 'Kate' 1/48 Hasegawa New Pics Dec. 8th

    Wow that looks awesome!!!can't wait to see more! Cheers Brad
  15. eaglebeagle

    Next Tamiya 1/32 release.........

    You guys are all CRAZY!! They've done Japanese with the Zero They've done British with the Spitfire and They've done American with the Mustang obviously the next 1/32 release will be either German most likely BV 141 or Australian most likely a Boomerang !!! :wacko: yes i've had psych evals and passed most of them lol cheers Brad