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  1. Guess I'll go then. :) Do I buy tickets on the door?
  2. Hi all, especially to those in the UK. I am a student currently studying in Cambridge...at the moment I'm sorely tempted to take a day-trip up to Telford to Scale Modelworld 2013. However the cost of transport+admission fee would add up to about 50 quid return, and that amount of travel means that I'll have to take a day off studying. Is the event worth the money and time? This is (I hope) not an awfully stupid question. Money and time is tight for me as a student. Some opinions please? Cheers, Lim
  3. Hi all, from my references, I know that early block F-16's had landing lights on the main landing gears, and no landing lights on the nose gear bay door. I also read that post-upgraded MLU aircraft had lights retrofitted to the nose gear bay door. However my sources don't state whether the original landing lights (on the MLG) were removed. Were they removed since they were redundant, or left in place? Thanks a lot! Regards, Jia Wei
  4. I thought it'd be better to revive this thread with a question rather than starting a new one. Does the real life F-117 have any panel lines at all? If yes, which ones? Regards, JW
  5. Hi all, Should the step (circled in red) be there or should it be sanded flush with the underside? Thanks! Cheers, JW
  6. Seriously considering it, though travelling and accommodation seems to be quite a headache. I'm studying in Cambridge so it's quite a distance away.
  7. Hi all, I'm currently in the UK, and I'm planning to attend at least one airshow before I head back home for summer. I basically have 2 choices, the Yeovilton Air Day and the Cosford airshow. I see no point attending both since the highlights of the two shows are largely similar. Does anyone have any opinions on which is worth going, etc? Thanks in advance for your kind replies. Cheers, Lim
  8. jiawei_91

    P-51D Mustang

    Hello guys, I am currently in the UK, with easy access to alclad and other sorts of metallizer paints. I have 2 1/32 Mustangs (1 dragon, 1 tamiya) back at home in Malaysia, and I'd like to buy some alclad to use on both. I'll have them both in bare metal, so what shades of alclad do you guys recommend, on which surfaces? What do you use? Thanks! Cheers, Lim
  9. Hey guys, I've been quite removed from news in the modeling world recently, so can someone kindly tell me what aftermarket sets (resin, PE etc etc) are currently in the market for the Trumpeter 1/32 Harrier GR.7? Also, what are the flaws or inaccuracies in the kit if built OOB? Thanks, Lim
  10. At last, the privilege to post on this topic. Just arrived in Singapore and found a hobby shop with pretty good discounts. Catch of the day: Wheeeeeee.......!
  11. Competitiveness removes the fun factor from nearly everything. No offense, but why not just build a model to please yourself? I live in a part of the world where no one I know builds models. Because the only people who view my models are my family, perfection is the smile on their face, not perfect alignments or camouflage demarkation lines. Somehow that makes everything more fun and rewarding, and I improved over the years, slowly. Sure it takes longer this way, but at least I last longer in this hobby, and haven't had any real rages before. Just my 2 sen. Lim
  12. Thanks for the jokes. I can laugh about it now it's over.
  13. I'll pass the weathering this time, thanks. Seems to be fine after the shower. Thanks for the replies. Lim
  14. Was working on my model when I accidentally spilled future on my table, some parts...and onto my pants and shirt. Wasn't wearing any undergarments, so the future went through my thin-material pants onto the privates. Went into emergency mode, went for a shower, washed the affected body parts with soap and water. Is there anything else I should do? Is future poisonous or what? This has gotta be the worst spill. Ever. Lim
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