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  1. I'm after a good book on the mig23 to use as a reference when building my 1/32 mig23. Anyone advise me on a good reference book perfect for modeling? Cheers
  2. Does anyone know of any good books on the Mig-23 flogger? If so, let me know Cheers
  3. Hi all I am wanting this book. It is part of the verlinden lock on series number 7 Thunderbolt II (warthog) If anyone has one to sell in good condition, please PM me. Cheers
  4. Hi all I'm interested in making a 1/32 wild weasel phantom and I have a 1/32 A10. I just wondered if anyone had used the GT resin wild weasel set for the phantom or the engine update set for the A10 from GT resin. If anyone has, could tell if the sets are good? And if its worthwhile getting the A10 engine update set? Cheers
  5. Hi all Could someone tell me the sprue numbers and individual part numbers of the AIM 2000 Iris T missiles in the 1/32 Trumpeter eurofighter Typhoon kit? Many thanks
  6. I'm wanting two 1/32 AIM 2000 Iris T air to air missiles. These missiles are included in the 1/32 Trumpeter EF 2000A typhoon kit. So if anyone has two they could sell, please PM me. Cheers
  7. I'm after a 1/32 academy or AFV F16D clear canopy. If anyone has one to sell, PM me. Many thanks
  8. I'm after a 1/32 academy F18D canopy. If anyone has one to sell, PM me. Many thanks
  9. Hi all. Im wanting a pair of F16 block 30/32 main wheel bay doors. If anyone has pair to sell or swap for a pair of block 50/52 wheel bay doors, PM me. As most would be aware, the inside of the block 30/32 wheel bay doors are quite different to those of the block 50/52. So I hope someone can help me out. Either academy or Tamiya doors are ok Cheers
  10. Hi all. Im wanting a pair of block 30 main wheel bay doors. If anyone has pair to sell or swap, PM me.
  11. The problem is that the 1/32 trumpeter EA18G does not include the 7 antennas and humps and bumps that the growler has. That is why I need pics so I can scratch build these antennas and humps and bumps to make s correct growler. The trumpeter kit is essential just a F18F with the underwing and wing top jamming pods. Why trumpeter didn't include these parts is astonishing. When a company makes a kit, they should at least get it correct. On this occasion, trumpeter has done poor job but at least they put the ACS rear cockpit in the kit.
  12. Thanks for that. In the pics of the centennial, you can see the two little humps just under the stabilators but none of any others. I think there is about seven different antennas and humps. There is is a very distinctive hump on the spine of the fuselage just in front of the twin tail fins and I dont know where the others are. So that's why I'm trying to find pictures of each and all the antennas and humps and bumps. Its hard to find pics.
  13. Hi all I'm and wanting pictures of each individual antennas and humps and bumps housing avionics on the EA18G Growler which are not on the F18F or F18E super hornets. Can anyone provide me with pictures of these preferable close up pictures but any pictures where they are visible and clear to see would also be fine. If anyone can help, it would be most appreciated. Cheers
  14. Guys I see SAC make a set of 1/32 landing gear for a hasegawa F-16A. This would obviously be lightweight landing gear but will it fit the academy and Tamiy kits? Anyone know?
  15. Just had another thought. What about the 1/32 SAC metal F16 landing Gear for thé Hasegawa kits? Hasegawa only produced the F16A so the SAC metal landing gear they make for the hasegawa kit should be the lightweight landing gear. Would I be correct in making that assumption?
  16. Hi all Im. Looking for a set of academy 1/32 lightweight landing gear and a set of 1/32 Tamiya lightweight landing gear. I'm happy to buy them or swap them Shoot us an email if you can help out Cheers
  17. Thanks guys for the info. There is just one last question, but I can't remember it, so I'll get back to you all
  18. Also guys I bought the 1/32 Aires F16 sufa wheel bays to use on my F16D as I couldn't find any 1/32 Aires F16C wheel bays for an academy F-16. I now see Aires do make a set of 1/32 wheel bays for academy F16Cs. Can anyone tell me if there is any real external differences in the sufa wheel bay to a F16C wheel bay. Will I get away with using the sufa wheel bays for my F16D?
  19. Yes Niels thanks for all the links. One last thing. I read that the F16N had reinforced wings with stiffeners. Are these visible on the aircraft or were reinforced from the inside?
  20. I solved one problem, I found a 1/32 academy F16 two seater canopy for my my F16D project. God they are like trying to find an extinct dodo bird. So happy I got lucky there
  21. Ok. Any other ideas for finding lightweight landing gear? Ive tried about everywhere to get some without luck
  22. Thanks Niels. Just one thing I haven't got a response too is can anyone tell me if the 1/32 SAC metal F16 landing gear #32020 which is designed for use on Academy F-16 kits is the lightweight landing gear? Secondly, does anyone know if it will fit the 1/32 Tamiya F16CJ kit using Aires wheel bays? Do you know Niels? Or does anyone else know? I've looked everywhere and it's the only set of landing gear I can find except for the 1/32 SAC F-16 landing gear for the Hasegawa kit (which is very different in dimensions to the Academy and Tamiya kits) So I'm assuming as Academy only make one F16
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