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  1. I'd also think that the war on terror would be the perfect opportunity for all the countries involved in fighting these cowardly terror groups to test your latest technology against them and also as a testing bed for using your latest precision munitions that produce the least collateral damage.
  2. Why not just drop a precision munition on it and that's the end of that. Using unguided rockets a bit like playing pin the tail on the donkey. But if you use a guided munition, you are guaranteed the target is destroyed. It's also like the Mig-29 SMT. All the photos of them in Syria show them carrying FAB 500s. So here is one of Russia's most advanced fighter aircraft using dumb bombs. I haven't seen any pictures of any russian aircraft carrying any precision guided munitions. I also find this strange considering the war in Syria has had so many civilian casualties from air strikes. Per
  3. I came across a russian TV documentary the other night and it had an English speaking narrator so everything the russian journalist asked and the answers given by the pilots were given in English by the narrator. The journalist was not only covering the frogfoot and it's pi!it's but all the aircraft the Russians were using on that air base. The pilots even showed the journalist what they carried in their "bra" as they called it like the sidearm ect and I think one pilot said they carried 8 extra magazines for their sidearm!!!! I guess from lessons learnt in afghanistan where there were stor
  4. Has anyone seen the F-104 dual bomb racks? They look exactly the same as the ones the Saudis used on their tornados to carry the M-117 bombs. Does anyone know if they are in fact the F-104 dual racks the Saudis used?
  5. Yes but rockets don't just fall away from the aircraft. If the they were carrying 4 MERs and released all the bombs at once (all 16), then I guess there would be a chance if hitting the centreline tank. Another reason may have been that with a full bomb load, it may not have been possible to carry the extra weight of a centreline tank. Aldo look at how close the pylons on the fuselage are to the centreline tank. The MERs would have been almost touching the centreline tank on each side. But the loadout if of 4 MERs with 4 OFAB 100s or 4 ZAB 100s was not a common one and also o
  6. Apparently it was too dangerous when releasing the bombs The risk of the bombs on release hitting the drop tanks was too high apparently and especially when they were carrying MBD2-67U MERs with 4 bombs on each rack and sometimes the Mig-23 carried 4 MERs. So that's the reason they didn't carry any drop tanks I read.
  7. Yes thanks for that. I've seen it. I was wanting to know if the M-117 bombs were just the normal dumb dumb withe normal tail and are these the same bombs that come in the 1/32 Revell RAF tornado kit? I see the Saudis carried a dual rack that held 2 bombs on each rack and they carried a total of eight bombs (4 racks with 2 bombs on each dual rack) Maurizio at videoaviation has the M/117 resin bombs in 1/32 scale so I'll get some from him to put on my Saudi tornado
  8. Can anyone tell me what dumb bombs were used on the Saudi tornados in the first gulf war in 1991? We're they M-117 bombs the British used? Are they the same dum bombs in the 1/32 Revell RAF tornado kit?
  9. Thanks for that. All the pics I can find, the mig-23s are either completed bombed up or they are in a complete air to air configuration. I can't find anything to the contrary.
  10. Can anyone tell me if the new italeri tornado has nicely detailed burner cans? I ask as the ones on the Revell kit are pretty average. If I use the Eduard interior set and some resin seats, does the cockpit come up nice? And lastly, is the canopy and canopy interior well detailed? Any comments welcome
  11. Would the Mig-23 ever carry a bomb load and 2AA missiles for protection from air threats in sorties during the Russian/Afghan war? Or would they either carry still bomb load or a full Air to air load?
  12. Can anyone tell me if the Israeli F-16 Baraks ever carried six Mk 82 slicks on multiple ejection racks? Thanks
  13. Hi all I'm currently building the 1/32 Trumpeter SU-25 Frogfoot. I initially wanted to do a frogfoot from the afghan war in the 80s, but now I'm leaning towards doing a current frogfoot deployed to operations in Syria. My question is are there any major external differences in the upgraded modern frogfoot to that of the afghan war version and are there any obvious cockpit differences in the modern frogfoot as I assume they have have undergone extensive upgrades over that time. Any information most appreciated Also out of interest, how do the frogfoot pilots deliver
  14. Cool. Thanks for explaining that for me. I appreciate it.
  15. Thanks Steve. Now I understand. So this is the connection the WSO uses to transfer the target data to the bomb?
  16. Right ok. I'm not very good at IT but I understand what you are saying. So is it the case of the pod not being able to communicate to more than 3 pet side at the same time? Why would the Saudis be able to carry 6 per side and the USAF only 3 per side? Are the Saudis using the same pods and software?
  17. Ok. Wouldn't the SNIPER pod have sorted that out? They must have the technology because the tomcat which was made in the early 70s could track and engage multiple targets with over the horizon capability.
  18. That seems odd. They carried 12 Mk 82s on the CFTs (6 each side) in the gulf war. The GBU 54 is just a guided Mk 82 JDAM. So it's the same weight. Why only the 3 GBU 54s per side?
  19. Thanks Niels. I bought the two bobs "maximum effort eagles" decal set. It lists the loadout as 6 GBU 54s on the CFTs, 1 GBU 31 on the centerline and 2 wing tanks with A2A as 2 AIM 120Cs and 2 AIM 9Xs. That's where I got that loadout from.
  20. By the way Maurizio at videoaviation in Italy makes some great GBU 54s, mk 83, mk 82s mk 20s ect. He has some great 1/32 scale resin bombs in both USAF and USN. If you haven't seen his stuff, check out videoaviation. All his bombs come with decals and great prices. Most sets are only 10 euros a pack of either 8 or 4 bomb units depending on their size. Also quick postage
  21. Yes I saw that. So I was thinking 6 GBU 54s, 2 GBU 12s or 2 GBU 31s and a centreline drop tank
  22. Hi all Does the F-15E strike eagle still carry the LITENING navigation pod together with the SNIPER Pod?
  23. Does anyone know what loadouts the F-15E strike eagles have been using over syria? I'd like to really load this model up. If anyone knows, can you let me know Cheers
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