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  1. Hi Thanks for the pics. I actually did a good Google search to find some walkarounds. I was particular after pictures of the interior of the rear exhausts. The reason being is that I see that inside the frogfoots exhausts, it has two metal strips that run down along the bottom centre of the exhaust and along the top centre of the exhaust. These metal strips come in the Eduard exterior PE set - part numbers 3 & 4. They are are actually great because it saves you gluing the the two halves of the rear inner exhaust parts together (kit parts J2 & J17 and parts J20 & J38
  2. Does anyone have a good pic taken looking down the inside of the frogfoot exhausts showing the fans? If anyone does, could you give me a link? It's disappointing as I have Yesim GORDON'S SU-25 frogfoot Soviet tank buster book and there is not one pic of the inside of the exhausts or a pic of the inside of the intakes showing the inside of the fans. Strange as it covers everything else.
  3. LikeLoI'llOne of the main problems I think in the gulf war was that NATO and particularly the UK up until the gulf war was still training and flying according to their "cold war" doctrine most the most likely enemy still being the Soviet Union and eastern europe. Plus the UK just accident was seeing the introduction of new weapons like the paveway LGBs, targeting pods and the new ALARM missiles for use in the SEAD role entering service as was planned years before. The ALARM mssiles which wete to replace the old Martel Anti-Radiation Missile was planned to enter service just after the gulf war
  4. Check out this article on the link. Its an article from the LA Times in January 1991 about the RAF low level flying in desert storm. Has quotes and things from the RAF pilots and the US https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1991-01-23-mn-762-story.html
  5. The difference between the durandal and the JP 233 is the delivery method. The JP 233 has to be delivered very precisely. If the plane is even a few feet too high, the bomblets can easily drift of target downwind. Plus the plane must be completely straight and level and being flown precisely. Because of this, the aircrew have to commence their attack run well before the runway. This why it's very dangerous because as anyone would know, an aircrew are at their most vulnerable when flying in a perfect straight line and holding a very flat altitude. So they have to commence their bombing ru
  6. The Tornado was designed as a fast low level attack bomber. That is why the JP233 is designed to be used on the tornados. The JP233 is designed to be dispensed at a 100 odd foot off the ground directly into the middle of runways. The weapon was designed and made to be carried by the tornado. The RAF pilots trained using the JP233 at these low fast altitudes at night time as a routine mission. No other pilots in the world were trained for such missions with such weapons. The Saudis had the JP233 capability as did the Italians but didn't train enough to fly at these fast low altitudes at n
  7. Yes another example is the special forces. They deployed without any winter clothing, had to beg,borrow and steal to get ammunition, their pistols went missing, half their kit hadn't arrived in theatre and they couldn't choose any of the specialist weapons they wanted as there were none. Bravo two zero highlighted this and they were told the temperature was like a mild European winter in northern Iraq. It was snowing and I think two of that patrol died of hypothermia. So it appeared every NATO countries air force and army were lacking basic equipment. I don't know of any issues with the n
  8. You can't beat the old MK1 eyebal!!!!! I think though that it was incredible that the A-10s never had a night time capability!!!! The first gulf war showed up a lot of NATOs short comings like this. Also the UK having to share targeting pods to be able to use LGBs as they didn't have enough. There was a lot of problems encountered with kit and lack of in all the US services and the UK. I think it showed NATO was not as equipment capable as we were always led to believe.
  9. Does anyone know if any company makes a 1/32 Damocles pod? Or if it is in any 1/32 kit?
  10. I was watching a documentary on the A-10s in the 1991 Gulf War. They actually had no night capabilities at all so could only fly day light sorties until one pilot worked out if he had a maverick with its optical guidance turned on while it was still on the pylon under the wing, he could actually use the images the maverick was displaying in the cockpit to fly at night. The images from the maverick camera just looked the same as using an all weather targeting pod. I thought that was pretty smart to think of that.
  11. Do you have a link to the store? Or are they just on Facebook? I need the LAU 105s. I'm scratch building the A-10 dual rail launcher and it has two LUA 105 rails on either side of the hard middle section. Only CE made them and Sierra Hotel models in 1/32 scale and both are long out of production. There is a CE one currently on eBay for 100 Greenbacks!!!!! That's just stupid money. You would have rocks in your head to pay that for a small resin part.
  12. I'm looking for 2 1/32 scale LAU 105 launch rails if anyone has two to sell Cheers
  13. Ok. Yes I see that now. What aircraft used LAU105 launchers? Im searching through my spares. Did the British ALARMS USE LAU 105s? What about the hornets when they carried dual rails with sidewinders on them? Or the tomcat sidewinder launch rails? If I know what aircraft carried them, I might find them in my spares? So can anyone tell me?
  14. Does anyone know if anyone makes 1/32 scale LAU 7 launch rails or if they are in any 1/32 kit? I have a feeling the LAU7 maybe in the 1/32 Tamiya F4C/D kit as I know they used LAU 7 rails to fire sidewinder Bs. If anyone has a set, could you pM me or know where I could get some? I need two rails as I'm going have to scratch build a sidewinder LAU 105 dual rail launcher for my A-10 as I'm also pretty sure that the sidewinder dual rail launcher doesn't come in the 1/32 A-10 kit. I Saw a 1/32 cutting edge A-10 DRL on eBay and the seller wants 100 greenbacks for it!!!! That's just
  15. Hi all I'm wanting to buy a 1/32 A-10 sidewinder dual rail adapter. If anyone has one to buy or swap, PM me. Many thanks
  16. Thanks Dave. Aires tell me they are working on cockpit set for the new Italeri tornado and engine cans to I think. So might wait until they release those. Could then probably use the IP and cockpit display screens from the Aires GR1 Revell cockpit set in their GR4 set to make the GR1 cockpit. I see acres have just released 3 new decal sheets in 1/32 scale of RAF tornados in op GRANBY with nose art. But a bit disappointing as they are the same ones flightpath did and tiger wings a few years back. Would have been nice to see some different nose art decals as some of them were fantastic.
  17. Can anyone tell me what is required to convert the new Italeri 1/32 Tornado GR4 into a RAF GR1?
  18. Hi all. I'm having a clean out and selling the following items. Everything is posted from France so ask me about the cost of postage to where you live. I will use Mondial relay to post items within Europe and the UK do it's cheaper. Everything is as new and all in 1/32 scale Black box F18B cockpit set and all parts to convert an academy F18A or C into a B or a D 50 euros F-4D Able Models F18C/D hornet chaff/flare dispensers set 10 euros Model choice SPPU 22 Soviet gun pods 15 euros Tamiya F16 canopies (tinted and clear) 10 euros F-16 block 30/32 main gear d
  19. I got a set of the 1/32 Eduard Brasson TER 9 racks. I had aread of my book the modern not guide an they only carried the TER with Mk 82 LDGP bombs, Mk 84s or mk 20 rockeyes. And also mavericks on single LAU 117 rails or two on the LAU 88 maverick TER
  20. I'm modelling my SU-25 and I can't decide to make it with the flaps and slats deployed or retracted. Can anyone tell me if they were ever parked up with the flaps and slats deployed or retracted except for maintenance?
  21. Hi all I was wanting two 1/32 kAB 500L bombs. As far as I know they are only in the 1/32 tumpeter SU-25 kit. If anyone has two they want to sell, can you PM me? Many thanks
  22. I'm curre you building my Su-25. The 1/32 trump models gives you the option of having the flaps and slats extended or retracted. Now post I see of the Su-25 parked up on the apron have the flaps and slats retracted. The flaps and slats extended obviously show off the model detail a lot more but realistically would they have al! The flaps and slats extended while parked up. Western jet generally do but I don't see any pics of the Su-25 like that. Could anyone suggest the most likely way it would parked up? Slats and flaps extended or retracted?
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