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  1. 1/32 Tamiya F-15C Eagle. In as new condition with all parts and decals still all their factory sealed bags. ALSO included is a spare front canopy and a front two seat canopy with resin rear cockpit IP shroud which can be used if converting kit into a F15B/D. ALSO included is an aires resin cockpit set (late version)

    PLUS 1/32 afterburner decals to make a F15C or F15D aggressor of the 65th aggressor squadron in either of three schemes

    Blue flanker scheme
    Desert flanker scheme
    Digital flanker scheme

    This a great package.  PRICE 130 euros plus postage


    Postage within Europe contact me for cost to your country.

  2. Thanks Dave.  I have the isracast python 3s and the isracast python 3s with the rail adapters.  I also have the isracast python 4/5s I'll be using on my Sufa.


    Also can I put the python 3s on the Ra'am?  I ask because I wondered if they still use the python 3s currently or have they all been replaced with the python 4/5 on all IDF jets?

  3. Hi all


    I was wanting to know if the F-15I Ra'am uses the same python AA missile mount adapters when carrying Pythons which are used on the F-15C Baz or does the Ra'am just use the normal launch rails the same as the F-15E strike eagle uses to mount the sidewinders?


    Any help appreciated.




  4. Thanks for the info.  I think I can alter the pylons easy enough if I have too.  Also thanks for the link showing the differences in the variants.

    Another problem is does anyone do 1/32 Mk 83 slicks?  I see wolfpack did a set but are US navy ones so will have the anti-cook off coating on them.  I need US air force ones.  Any clues?

  5. Thanks guys for the input.  I'm doing 1.32 scale so will use the Revell kit.  As I said I want to do a gulf war Italian tornado.  So which kit has the correct pylons?  If any?  From what I read, the Italian tornado crews were very gutsy yet little is said about them

  6. Did the Italians use British mk 83 or the US Mk 83?  I'm building a gulf war 1/32 scale Italian tornado.  I have 3sets of CAM ALARM missiles _ 9 in total.  If you want them, you can make me an offer.






  7. Thanks Stephen.  Most appreciated.  While on the subject, have you used or has anyone used the flightpath slats and flaps set?  Its made of brass and its recommended to solder it together but my soldering skills are non existant.  Has anyone used them and super glued them together?  To my knowledge these flaps and slats are the only ones on the market as paragon did make them but are now long OOP

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