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  1. I solved one problem, I found a 1/32 academy F16 two seater canopy for my my F16D project. God they are like trying to find an extinct dodo bird. So happy I got lucky there
  2. Ok. Any other ideas for finding lightweight landing gear? Ive tried about everywhere to get some without luck
  3. Thanks Niels. Just one thing I haven't got a response too is can anyone tell me if the 1/32 SAC metal F16 landing gear #32020 which is designed for use on Academy F-16 kits is the lightweight landing gear? Secondly, does anyone know if it will fit the 1/32 Tamiya F16CJ kit using Aires wheel bays? Do you know Niels? Or does anyone else know? I've looked everywhere and it's the only set of landing gear I can find except for the 1/32 SAC F-16 landing gear for the Hasegawa kit (which is very different in dimensions to the Academy and Tamiya kits) So I'm assuming as Academy only make one F16 kit with heavy landing gear being the F-16I SUFA, then I'm also assuming this SAC landing gear for Academy F16s is the lightweight landing gear. Can anyone let me know? Cheers
  4. Hi all I know I'm posting a bit on F16s. However it's the fast jet I know least about due to the many versions and small details which differ on version to version. I'm planning to convert a 1/32 Tamiya F16CJ to a F16N. So my plan is as follows Purchase the 1/32 GT resin small mouth intake for it Purchase the 1/32 avionix F16 block 30/32 cockpit wet Ommit the two small parts on the tail which create a small air intake Eliminate the gun and gun port on the F16 Put the landing lights on the main gear struts Buy the 1/32 SAC metal landing gear and put the small tyres from my Thunderbirds kit on it (does anyone know if the 1/32 SAC metal landing gear made for the Academy kit will fit the Tamiya kit? And is this SAC set the lightweight landing gear?) On the main landing gear wheel bay doors, I will sand off the humps on both doors so they are the flat doors used with the light weight landing gear. Put the relevent antennas on in the correct places and place an ACMI pod on the right wing tip Now can anyone tell me anything I've missed or anything I need to do to make the conversion? As I understand it, the airframe of the F16C block 30 is the same as the F16N airframe IE - tail and tail base is the same on both versions Any help with answering my questions on the 1/32 SAC landing gear would be appreciated or anything I've missed in making the conversion Thanks all for reading and if anyone can help in anyway. Cheers
  5. Also some pics of different aggressors in it
  6. Sorry about that. The sold reply didn't appear when I opened the thread.
  7. Hi there Have you still got the NSI intake for sale? I live in France but can have you post it to a friend in Oregon who will forward it on to me. PM me if you still have it Cheers
  8. Scott I'm also desperately needing a 1/32 Academy F16 clear two seater canopy. I have a vacuform canopy in the isracast sufa conversion set but I personally do t like vacuform canopies. Do you prefer them? If you do, I'd also be interested in swapping the canopy for an academy one or buying one from you. I also have about 4 clear Tamiya F16 single seat canopies I'd swap
  9. Ok no worries. I would also be interested in buying your baby JDAMS. Do you want to sell any?
  10. Scott you mentioned using a sniper pod on one of your F16 builds. Do you have a sniper pod? If you dont, I have a brand new one from wolfpack with the clear parts and decals. If you dont have a sniper pod, would you be interested in swapping my sniper pod for two of your baby JDAMS?
  11. Yes that's the guy but I dont see any parts for the F15C Tamiya, I'll send him an email Thanks for the link
  12. QThen why is the Academy F16D nearly twice the price? Weird. I bought a 1/32 Tamiya F16C thunderbirds kit to make the Sufa. I got the isracast sufa conversion set, Aires F16 block 50 cockpit set, Aires wheel bays, isracast python 3s,, isracast spice bombs, isracast big fuel tanks, isracast Delilah 2 missiles, isracast sufa decals for all squadrons and the heavyweight landing gear from the Tamiya F16cJ block 50. I just think the Tamiya kit is superior to the academy one so that's why I want to make a sufa using the tamiya kit. Not sure what load out I'll put on the sufa as I also have a 1/32 F15E which I have again the F15I Ra'am isracast conversion set, avionics cockpit set, Isracast F15I decals and isracast python 4/5 missiles for it make the hammers squadron version I think the sufa using the Tamiya kit will come up beautifully as the sufa is the sexiest F16 version and the F15 using all the isracast and aftermarket will also be a cracker. Its in my opinion the sexiest F15 version as well. The Israeli camo schemes are the coolest. I love both these aircraft in Israeli service. I was also lucky enough to pick up the books isradecal F16I sufa in Israeli service and the isradecal F15I Ra'am in Israeli service. These are awesome books for reference material in modelling both planes. I lived in Aqaba on the border with Israel and often visited Eilat on the Israeli side and saw sufas and Ra'ams. Just awesome!!!!! But I was never really a fan of the F16 until I saw a sufa and was hooked. So now I'm planning the F16D as an arctic aggressor , F16N aggressor and a F15C aggressor using the afterburner decals with desert flanker, blue flanker and digital flanker aggressor schemes on it. Also a nice little project was doing one F15 I to the F15D in tbr blue flanker scheme. But I can't remember where I got the rear IP combing from. A guy was making them privately from resin. All you needed was the F15E nose section put onto the F15C and use the f15E cockpit and canopy. Does anyone know who his name as I wouldn't mind making another F15D aggressor. If anyone knows him, can you let me know? I use Harold at AMS to make my ACMI pods and use an elta pod on the F15 Aggressor. Aggressors rock with their cool camo schemes and are a nice change to make eben you convert kits yo make aggressors. Breaks away from the norm Lastly the isracast Sufa conversion set comes with a vacuform canopy but I personally do t like them. Does anyone want to swap the vacufi canopy for an academy sufa clear canopy as I know a lot of you modellers like to use vacuform canopies. If anyone wants to swap canopies, give me a yell. Cheers
  13. Yes and the sufa comes with a price tag half that of the academy F16D kit. I think the D kit is over 200 euros here. The sufa you can pick for about 100 euros. Cool thing about the sufa kit is it comes with baby JDAMS and all the weapons in the Sufa kit are nice too and can use on other projects. The academy Hornets also came with nice weapon sprues. Academy makes the best weapons I think outside resin ones. I think its the only 1/32 kit that comes with baby JDAMS.
  14. I'm looking for a 1/32 trumpeter F-14A tomcat. Reason I'm asking on a forum is I don't need the kit to have weapons, seats, cockpit or engine nozzles or decqals. So if anyone out there has a F14A as just the basic kit, I'd be interested in buying it. I'm based in France. If anyone has to one to sell, let me know. Cheers
  15. Can anyone recommend a good book that covers all versions of the F-16 and differences between all versions and blocks? I need a really good general book on the F-16.
  16. Hi all Well now I have the F-16 aggressor bug thanks to you guys!!!! I now am planning my next project - 1/32 F16N aggressor. So have some questions again for all you viper experts Firstly, does theF16N have a small mouth intake? Secondly, what external differences are there between the F16CJ and the F16N (as I want to use the 1/32 Tamiya F16CJ for thé project). It's a far better kit than the academy kit in my opinion. Thirdly, any other relevent info anyone can offer would be most appreciated. Once again, hope you can all help and thanks again for answering any questions I have as it's most appreciated Cheers
  17. Hi Gary The F18B parts arrived today. Thanks so much for that. Most appreciated. If you are ever looking for something, give me yell and I'll do my best to return the favour Cheers
  18. Hi all I'm wanting the Two Bobs 1/32 F16N old school adversaries decals. If anyone has a set to sell, please PM me. I also have a lot of different aggressor decals for F16, F18, F14, ect and a lot of aftermarket of which a lot is OOP. Someone might be looking for something so I'm also prepared to do a swap. Let me know if anyone is interested. Cheers
  19. Yes I have the Isradecal book F16I Sufa in IAF service and the isradecal book F-15I Ra'am in IAF service. I also have a 1/32 Tamiya F-15E with the isracast conversion set, decals and all the aftermarket ect ect as I also love the F-15I Ra'am. I have a pretty good library but just never really been a F-16 fan except for the Sufa. I'm more into Russian aircraft and mud movers such as Su25, A10, F18, G-14, tornado etc which I all have in the stash including Mig21, mig29, mig23 ect. So my library as I said is quite extensive but on everything really except the F16.
  20. I still think the sexiest F16 has got to be the Sufa. It just looks great, great camp scheme, extreme lethality in a strike fighter and just rocks. So I can't wait to build NY sufa either. So I just bought the sufa wheel bays, cockpit set, metal static dischargers, AN/ALQ 188 pod and now just ordered 4 resin ACMI pods from Harold as will do a couple of other aggressors -F15C, F18B (tip gun I. Splinter camo) F18B and I think a top gun F14A in splinter camo too. Aggressors are great as just love the variations of camo schemes
  21. Thanks again Niels. Photos will be invaluable. I'm just going g to have to be very careful cutting up the Aires cockpit set to joint it to the kit rear tub. Then my next challenge will be getting the kit rear tub to the standard of the front resin one as obviously the kit rear tub is pretty basic. I think I'll try and use the left and right consoles from the thunderbirds kit as they at least are fairly detailed. Then of course maybe an Eduard F16 placards set and add an oxygen hose ect. But I think with a bit of work and effort, the rear tub will come up just as well. I also have the 1/32 black box F16C thunderbirds block 32 cockpit set so will also be able to maybe cut the consoles off and other things to add to the rear tub. For the sufa ill make from the thunderbirds kit, the isracast conversion set comes with a resin rear tub so won't have the same problem there as I'll join that to an aires Block 50 front tub. Funny how we think of a project and it snowballs into full blown hard thinking project like this F16D. I could have just bought a 1/32 Academy F16D but that it over 200 euros. I think way to expensive for an academy kit
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