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  1. Thanks for that. I see on the Italian tornado that the tail fin lacks the two small horizontal fins that appear on the RAF tornado. So the reason I ask is should I buy the Revell ECR version or the Revell GR1 version. Because externally the Italian Tornado looks like the ECR version
  2. Hi guys Just had a question. Do the Italians use the ECR model Tornado or the GR1 version the same as the RAF And do the Saudis use the GR1 or the ECR Tornado? Any help appreciated Cheers
  3. Hi all I'm selling these 1/32 decal sheets. Anyone interested, PM for further information. All decals as new. If anyone interested in buying the lot, we can arrange a special price All decals will be sent free of charge. Hawkeye models Australian Army 161/162 recon Sqn East Timor for Australian Army UN. Markings for Kiowa 5th Aviation Regiment Cambodia 1993 markings for all white Blackhawk. Price 20 euros Southern Sky Models RAAF 75 Sqn Milne Bay Kittyhawk (4 versions). Price 20 euros Two Bobs F14A splintered tomcat (2 versions) Authentic decals Mig23 Flogger "Hell Fighter". Price 20 euros CAM Tomcat Alley F14B Tomcat with bomb art. Price 20 euros Two Bobs F16C/D Blue Fox Bandits Price. 20 euros Two Bobs F16C Blizzard Bad guy Price 20 euros CAM F18C 'Sidewinders". Price 20 euros Two Bobs F18A/B fighting Omar's Price 20 euros Elite DecalsF16 373 TFW with nose art (3 versions). Price 25 euros Fightertown Decals F18C VFC 12 ambush. Price 20 euros Fightertown Big Bandit charlie hornets CAM Vought corsair II A-7E desert storm. Price 15 euros Two Bobs F18B Casper and his bandit ghosts. Price 20 euros Two Bobs F18A/B shades of grey Omar's. Price 20 euros Two Bobs F18A/B VFC 12 fighting Omar's. Price 20 euros Two Bobs F18A top gun hornets. Price 25 euros Airdoc A7D corsair II US air national guard. Price 20 euros Two Bobs Saudi F15S Khamis Mushait eagles. Price 25 euros Tiger wings Romanian Air Force Mig21. Price 25 euros Superscale A7E corsair II blue hawks CO desert storm. Price 20 euros Roodecal Aistralian and New Zealand roundels and stencil data Price 20 euros Australian RAAF and Lebanon mirage III decals. Price 15 euros Southern sky models limited edition history of Australian ARDU Mirage III with 12 different sets of markings. Price 30 euros Roodecals Mirage III RAAF Australian markings for 75 Sqn, 3 Sqn, 77 Sqn, ARDU and includes stencil data. Price 25 euros
  4. Ok thanks guys for the info. Just out of interest, what is the kitty hawk 1/32 mirage 2000C like? Is it a good detailed kit? And apart from fisher models (who aren't making anything at the moment) does anyone do a nice martin baker seat for the mirage III? A d lastly, could you use the tornado ejection seats in the mirage 2000?
  5. Hi all I was wondering if anyone knows if anyone will be putting out a 1/32 cockpit set for the mirage 2000C in the future and whether anyone will put out a cockpit set for the 1/32 mirage III. Or will anyone release a Martin baker seat for the mirage III. Anyone knows anything about possible releases, please let us know. I'd love to see these kits with resin accessories
  6. Hi all I'm after the following aires set 1/32 aires F-14A cockpit set If anyone has one to sell or do a swap for any items to the equivalent value, PM me. Cheers
  7. Hi all Im after a 1/32 academy F18D/B canopy. If anyone has one to sell or swap, PM me. Cheers
  8. I'm after decals for two F15 drop tanks. If anyone has any to sell or swap, PM me. Cheers
  9. Hi all I'm after some 1/32 Eduard sets. Thought I'd try here first to see if anyone had any they wanted to sell or swap for other items I'm after the following sets 1/32 F-15C placards x 2 #32942 1/32 F-16 placards x 2 #32517 1/32 F-14 placards x 2 #32941 1/32 F-16I sufa seat belts x 4 #32685 1/32 F-15E ejection seat x4 #32601 1/32 F-14A seats detail x 2 #32502 1/32 F-14D seatbelts x 2 # 32706 1/32 F-16I sufa interior set 1/32 F-16I Sufa exterior set If anyone can help, PM me. I'm prepared to swap for decals or cockpit sets etc. Many thanks
  10. Hi all I'm after the following Eduard sets 1/32 Eduard F-16I Sufa interior set #32692 1/32 Eduard F-16I exterior set #32271 Or the 1/32 Eduard sufa Big Ed set #3306 I'm prepared to buy them or prepared to do a swap if anyone is interested Anyone interested, send me a PM Cheers
  11. Hi guys I'm after the following Eduard sets 1/32 F-14D interior set 1/32 F1D exterior set If anyone has them to sell or trade, PM me Cheers
  12. Hi all I'm after the 1/32 Eduard F-14D interior set. I'm willing to buy it or swap it for another item. If anyone has one they are willing to sell or swap, please PM me. I'm desperately chasing this F14D interior set. I have many Eduard sets in 1/32 scale for Russian and NATO aircraft and many spares that ate OOP So if interested, please PM me. Many thanks Thanks for reading Cheers
  13. Hi all I'm selling a set of 1/32 aires F14 exhaust nozzles for the Tamiya kit to convert it into a F14B or D. Price 20 euros and as new. If anyone is interested, PM me for postal cost depending on where you live. I'm based in Europe. Thanks
  14. Hi all I thought I'd start a new thread. I need good pictures of the inside of both the rear and front cockpits of a F16D block 30. Ive searched the net for walkarounds etc and can't find anything Even if someone has done a 1/32 F16D build (a good one with all correct colours) that would also be great. Ok I hope someone can help. I only have books on the block 52 and the F16I sufa which is also a block 52 I'm currently starting a F16D block 30 aggressor Cheers
  15. Wow, that post went viral! Anyone got a price and postage cost to Europe? Looks pretty cool Cheers guys
  16. Hi all I'm wanting to swap a brand new unopened 1/32 Tamiya F15C for a 1/32 trumpeter F14A. Anyone Intetested, PM me. F15C comes with aires cockpit set and Eduard interior set. Cheers
  17. Hi all I'm wanting the full set of decals from the 1/32 Academy F16I Sufa kit. If anyone has set to sell, PM me. Cheers
  18. Does anyone have any good cockpit pictures of the F16D block 30? I'm converting a 1/32 academy F16I Sufa into the F16D block 30. Also if anyone can tell me what parts to ommit from the sufa instructions and if I need to add any intakes or external parts to make it into a standard F16D block 30? Any help appreciated Cheers
  19. Cool. So I'll get the big mouth from the zactoman
  20. Hi guys I'm building the 18th aggressors 87-375 block 30. So that I'd a big mouth intake with GE engine correct?
  21. Anyone think its possible to Make a 1/32 grumpy F14D into a F14A? If you put a F14A cockpit st in it, F14A engines, removed all the humps and bumps antennas and put on the F14A chin pod, is there any reason it couldnt be done? As long as the aires aftermarket F14A engines fitted, I can't see any reason why it couldnt be done. Does anyone agree?
  22. I have a 1/32 tamiya F15C id like to swap for a trumpeter F14A. If someone has a F14A to swap and has an aires cockpit set for it, I'll include an aires F15C cockpit set as well for the swap. The F15C is completely new and all sprues and all are still in there factory sealed bags so its completely as new as you would buy it in a shop. Same goes for the F15C ockpit set, its as new and untouched If anyone is interested, PM me.
  23. Ok thanks for the reply. I want to make a 1/32 trumpeter F14D bombcat and I'm looking for a 1/32 lantirn pod. The kit has one but I'd rather a more detailed resin one. You dont have one to sell by any chance or know of anyone with o e to sell? Ive also posted a thread in buy,sell or swap to see if I can get one.
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