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  1. Super. Thanks for all that. KSAL makes an awesome tail fin and also the PW burner can they make is just excellent. Its a bit pricey but worth every cent. Thanks for putting me onto that resin company.
  2. Thanks for that. I was interested in the Indonesian block 15 so anything special to the Indonesian version to change on the block 20 tail?
  3. Cool. Who is KASL? Yes the Thunderbirds kits are hard to get now and bring a huge dollar!!!! I don't know why Tamiya discontinued it considering how popular the F16 is and how many versions there are and exports. Tamiya should re-release it but bin the Thunderbirds decals and release it with some different decals of operational versions.
  4. Thanks Dave. I appreciate your info as always.
  5. Thanks so much for the info. Are the block 15 stabilators the same size as the block 30/32? It was my understanding that the block 15 was the first to have the bigger stabs which were about 30% bigger than the previous blocks to give it more lift so it could carry heavier ground attack weapons?
  6. Hi all Can anyone tell me if anyone makes a resin 1/32 scale F-16A block 15 tail fin? If not, is there any 1/32 scale F-16A kits that are block 15s? Or finally, how could I convert the Tamiya Thunderbirds or Tamiya block 50 tail fin into a block 15 tail fin? Any help more appreciated
  7. Thanks for the info. I asked because in my squadron signal book "SU-25 Frogfoot in action"publication 129, it shows a picture on the top left of page 11 showing the rear of the right hand engine with the additional chaff/flare dispensers on the top of the engine nacelle with the "stove pipe" looking cooling tube fitted and the photo caption reads - "Because of the threat from stinger missiles in Afghanistan, the Frogfoot A was modified to both reduce the IR signature and to provide some self defence from these missiles. A large cooling air intake was installed on the upper rear e
  8. Hi all I'm wanting to buy a 1/32 Black Box or CAM A-10 resin cockpit set for the 1/32 Trumpeter A-10A Thunderbolt II kit and the 1/32 experts choice A-10 decal sheet #3205. Quite happy to buy them or in doing a swap for other 1/32 aftermarket items or 1/32 aftermarket decals. I have quite a range of aftermarket stuff in resin and decals and quite a few out of production resin sets and decal sheets. If anyone can help me out to sell me the items or looking for an item or items to swap, please send me a PM. Thanks
  9. Selling 1/32 Trumpeter A-10 warthog with Two bobs 32-003 A-10 "experimental camo warthogs peanut & flipper" decals. Kit posted from Australia. Price 190 AUS dollars plus postage Anyone interested PM me
  10. Hi all Does anyone know if SU-25A frogfoots were equipped with exhaust cooling tubes inside the engine nacelles with the large cooling air intakes as a field modification during the Afghan war to reduce their heat signatures to counter the stinger threat? Or was it done as a field modification only to T8s that were sent to Afghanistan? Any info appreciated
  11. Thanks for the photo and the info. Yes I was asking if the photo or the videos were staged for the media and as you say we're just photographed on that day carrying whatever weapon they happen to have that day. I was not questioning whether they were deployed to Syria or not. As you say they were definitely deployed to the Syrian theatre. I agree with you, they were probably testing a range of weapons and guidance systems.
  12. Any idea if A-squared will put out a 1/32 set? Does anyone know if it's possible to do a 3D copy of a 1/48 set into a 1/32 set?
  13. Thanks for pointing that out. I didn't see them in the photos. They are not in the 1/32 trumpy kit. Does anyone know if you can get aftermarket ones in 1/32 scale? Do the chaff/flare dispensers have a designated name or number?
  14. I think I have just seen the same photos as you have seen released by the russsian MOD by the sounds of it. The only problem with photos released by the russian MOD is are they authentic? Or just staged photos for the media?
  15. Yes I've seen other photos of them in syria and they were carrying what looked like a pair of FAB 500s
  16. Does anyone have a 1/32 AN/AAQ 13 navigation pod I could buy? If anyone does, PM me. Many thanks
  17. But they must be operating mig29Ms and Ks? Plus the mig-35? But they now seem to rely on the sukhoi variants
  18. Have you all seen the SMT in the desert digital camo scheme they painted it in to try and attract buyers in the middle east? Looks pretty cool. Had no luck selling though.
  19. Originally it was made for export to Algeria and they complained about the workmanship i think and sent them back. So maybe not to standard or capability of the mig29M or K?
  20. Yes I am talking about the Russian SMT. Ok thanks for the information. Most appreciated. So do you know what aircraft Russia has currently deployed in syria. Do the still have SU25s deployed?
  21. I'm after decals for 1/32 rockeyes. I need decals for 4 bombs. If anyone has any, PM me. Thanks
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