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  1. Hi all.  This for the F14 fans out there


    Does anyone know if the F14D used the AQ/AAQ litening 28(v) targeting pod?  I know the used the lantirn, but just interested to know if they also used the litening pod?


    Anyone with any knowledge on the F14D I would appreciate you guys letting me know



  2. Hi all


    I'm wanting to know do aggressors ever carry bomb loads for practicing.  As we know there are a lot of different aggressors squadrons that carry out different aggressor roles.  I love aggressor camo schemes and would love to have an aggressors toooled up in a practice ground attack role.  Now there are many different aggressor squadrons performing many different roles and pilot training so there must be an aggressor squadron squadron that practices ground attack roles.  If anyone knows of any aggressor squadron that practices these roles, could you please let me know.



  3. Hi


    Many thanks for the info.  There is a new book being released shortly I'm told so I'll wait and see what that's like.  But yes a reference library is imperative to building any model.  I appreciate your offer to take pics of the airworthy mig in your area, that's really of you.  I'll get back to you on that as that would be great.  Thanks so much again

  4. Yes having a reference library is imperative to a modeller.  I love actually having a book, not cyber books.  You can't beat the smell of a book and just having it out in front of you when you want to read it or use it.  Its a problem today with kids too.  They just dont have books anymore and are always using the internet.  This is sad really.  I was always taught the value of books as a kid and I do the same with my kids.  I have entire bookcase devoted to my aviation books and always have at least one book to use when making a model.  Impossible to make a good model without them

  5. Hi All


    Im Looking for a good book on the mig-23 flogger G  I want a book that is perfect for modelling the mig-23 with all external detail covered, wheel bays and cockpit


    This book I'm particular wanting is


    Mig23/27 "Soviet swing wing fighter/strike aircraft"


    By Yefim Gordon & Keith Dexter


    Published by Aerofax


    If anyone has copy to sell, PM me






  6. Hi all 


    I'm interested in making a 1/32  wild weasel phantom and I have a 1/32 A10.  I just wondered if anyone had used the GT resin wild weasel set for the phantom or the engine update set for the A10 from GT resin.  If anyone has, could tell if the sets are good?  And if its worthwhile getting the A10 engine update set?



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