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  1. Hi all


    Im building a model of my Dad's  Piper Cherokee 140.  Im using thé minicraft 1/48 kit.  I only ever do 1/32 military fast jets so dont have a lot of knowledge about parts ect in small scales. Thé model kit has spats (wheels covers) over all three wheels and m'y Dad's aircraft didnt have spats5.  Thé wheels in thé kit are moulded with thé spats so thé wheels and spats are one pièce on all three wheels.  Does anyone have any ideas of what aftermarket wheels I could use in place of thé kit ones?  Even 1/72 fighter aircraft wheels might work as not very Big. I would need a nose wheel of about 8mm in diamater and Two main wheels of 9 or 10mm in diamater and all three wheels approximately 4mm in thickness.  Does anyone have any ideas of where I could get wheels of this size?  Thé inner tyre rim doesnt matter what it looks liké as that can bé sanded/filled or whatever to make them correct.  So Im Desperate for help or ideas as what wheels I could use and where to get them.


    Thanks all and hope you can help



  2. Hi Finn,


    You area legend my Man.  On thé list of walkarounds, thé 2nd one on thé list has thé perfect picture on page 4.  So shows no lip, its all smooth.  So will now fill thé gap, sand it and all will bé smooth and a quick spray coat.  As all would know as usual, good old Trumpeter make great detailed kits, but you use a tube of filler on every Trumpeter kit you build.


    So thanks again Finn.  Great forum this one for warsaw pact aircraft.  Always someone with knowledge or ideas on thé migs or sukhois.



  3. Hi all


    I am currently building a 1/32 Trumpeter SU25.  I desperately need a good picture of thé front inside of thé jet air intakes.  I want to know if its completely smooth or has the lip in thé front inside.  Once you build thé engine as per thé instructions, there is a a lip inside thé immédiate front of thé air intake.  Is that meant to bé there, or should it bé filled, then sanded completely smooth?  Can anyone help?  A good picture would bé perfect or if someone very knowledgable on thé SU25 could tell me.  Any help most appréciated



  4. I recently bought a 1/32 Mig29A cockpit set for thé Revell kit from Stenka at cold war studios.  Thé set is just awesome and one of thé best résin sets ive Seen.  Thé customer service in answering emails and providing help with pictures and questions was fantastic.  I highly recommend Stenka and cold war studio  products to everyone.  Great sets and great customer service.  Mets see what New products Come Out from Stenka.  I cant wait.  A Big 5 stars

  5. Hi all


    Making thé SU25 1/32 frogfoot.  I have Two reference Books - Squadron signal SU25 on action and Sukhoi SU25Frogfoot "Thé soviet unions tank buster"

    By Yefim GORDON.  Both good référence Books but niether show any close up pictures of thé front of thé inside of thé jet intakes.  Now my question is does thé front air intake have a recessessed lip around thé inside or is thé inside of thé intakes simply smooth and all flat. So Can anyone tell me if that is how it should bé, or should it be all smooth on thé inside.  If anyone Can tell me, it would bé most appréciated and even a picure i could use as a référence.


    Hope somone Can help.





  6. Hi all


    I am making a 1/48 scale piper Cherokee 140 light aircraft for m'y father.  M'y father owned one and was a full IFR instructor and taught me to also fly.  M'y dad is 79 years old and i decided i would give him a nice gift for his birthday of thé Cherokee hé owned and flew.  Flying was his passion.  Thé Call sign of his aircrdaft was VH-CHF.  So what i was needing is somone who could make thé decals for me.  This would bé in plain white to fit 1/48 scale.  I am able to suppy mixtures of thé aircraft so thé decals could bé made to scale.  I would greatly appreciated if anyone out there could help me out and make thé decals for me. if anyone Can, Can you contact me?  Obviously i am more than happyto pay for your Time and effort and for thé decals.  So if somone Can help me, it would greatly appreciated and bé a huge surprise for my  father and make him a very man







    ull instructor



  7. I am making a 1/32 Mig-23 MLD flogger K however aires doesnt make à cockpit Set tu for this version.  So thé research I have found is that all thé Mig-23 ML flogger G machines were all upgraded to Mig-23 MLD flogger Ks.  So would using thé aires 1/32 Mig-23 ML flogger G cockpit set bé the closest  cockpit set?  If anyone can offer any light on this, that would bé great.  Im not worried about any minute différences but as long as overall thé instrumentation and all are pretty much the same, thats fine.  So can anyone with a good knowledge of thé Mig-23 ML or MLD let me know if Im right and if there are any major cockpit  diffferences between thé ML and thé MLD would bé much appreciated 



  8. Thanks for thé reply.  I aassumed most sorties flown by thé mig23 would have been CAPS flying top cover for SU25s or mig27s.  So I was thinking or putting on dual aphids and a couple or R23s.  There were reports or mig23s downing Pakistani F16s with R23s but of course could never be confirmed. But dual aphids plus some rocket pods would also bé a cool loadout.  I got thé Linden Hill Afghansti decals to use so Ill ses what I décidé.  I welcome thé input.


  9. Hi all


    I'm wanting the following


    1/32 Eduard F-14D interior set # 32707


    If anyone has one to sell or swap, please let me know.


    Or I was wondering if the 1/32 F-14A Eduard Tamiya interior set would fit.   Could anyone tell me?


    I'm wanting to make a F-14B bombcat.


    I'm also after the racks that attach to bombs to the under fuselage racks.  These pieces come I'm the trumpeter F-14B and F-14D but are listed on the instructions as not used.  These parts are W6 and W7


    If anyone has these parts, I'm happy to buy them.or swap them for something someone wants.


    So I hope someone can help me.




  10. Hi all


    Im wanting a F14A or F14B FLIR chin pod.  I have a Trumpeter F14D and want to make it into a Ghost riders F14B. But i dont have thé F14B FLIR chin pod.  Im wanting to make a Ghost riders F14B.  Im willing to Swap thé F14D chin pod for thé F14A or F14B chin pod.  Even thé Tamiya F14A chin pod would be fine.  So if anyone can help me out, it would much appreciated it.  If you Can help me out, reply to this Thread or  send me a PM.





  11. Thanks for the reply.  Now thinking it may be easier to make a machine with just an air to air loadout with aphids and some R23s and/or BM-1 rocket pods.  As they were involved with contacts with Pakistani F16s and had a couple of air to air to air kills.  So maybe would be a better option  as after all the mig23 was designed and used as strike package escorts. So maybe a better option. Any comments?  I have the linden hill "aghansti" decals so might be more appropriate vetsion. But let me know what you think.


    Thanks again for your Iformation and give me your opinion on you think


    I have the full mig23 zacto set for the mig23 so just loomi g for options

  12. Hi all


    I'm making a 1/32 revell  Mig29C fat back using the zacto conversion set and wanted to know if I could use a mig29A cockpit set in the mig29C.  Is there any differences between the mig29A and mig29C cockpits?  I was going to use the cold war studios mig29A cockpit set in my mig29C. Can anyone let me know if this would be OK or could someone tell me if there were any major differences between the mig29A and mig29C cockpits?


    Anyone with Amy knowledge on this, can you PM me or add to this thread?



  13. Im going to make a 1/32 mig23 MLD flogger K as a soviet afghan machine.  Could anyone tell me if this mig was used in thé ground attack role?  If so, what weapons did it carry?  Any info on thé mig23 MLD flogger K in afghanistan would be appreciated.



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