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  1. Hi folks my decals are getting to a point of out of control so I am selling a few of them off......shipping is free all around the world.....recorded/registered....from Malaysia. PayPal only.....and some are partial or generic sheets. All prices are in USD 1/48 Eagle Strike A-26 Invaders 10.00 1/48 Scale Nutz RMAF Mig 29. Sold 1/48 Caracal Mirage in Aust Service. Decided to keep 1/48. Eagle Strike Mig -17 10.00 1/48. Aztec Latin Eagles 1. 10.00 1/48 Aztec f-5 sheet. 5.00 decals are defective.....cracking but some can be selvaged own risk will list more later.......if any one interested pm please ......I can take photos n email on.....but it might not be right away as I sometimes can get pretty tied down rgds n thanks brian
  2. Yes would work let me know thanks
  3. Hi Folks, I am currently looking for a copy of the Lady Jessie Skyhawk decal sheet in 1/48 for the Hasegawa kit. I believe that Hasegawa and more later Eduard had this as an option from the box. I can trade for some decals that I have ......or I can buy it out right for a reasonable fee and pay for postage. I do paypal and I am in Malaysia. Please let me know if anyone can help me would also need a scan of the instructions and profile Best Regards Brian
  4. Outstanding the best sea harrier I have seen built from the kinetic kit rgds
  5. Nice
  6. Waaaa i love Skyhawks and your collection is all of them.....espically the older variants .....n impressive load out on them too rgds
  7. Cheers ski yes it does.....I did check with him few months back.......I'll put an order now rgds
  8. Hi folks i am looking for one urgently. Including the stub wings .....anyone got one to part pls advise.....I am located in Malaysia and I do PayPal.....I also got a few things to trade in the form of rare resin after market stuff in various scales. this set is for use with the Revell 1/32 aH-g Cobra..... thanks
  9. Sorry to hear this .....God Rest his soul RIP
  10. This deal is still open. As the responded never replied..... if anyone is interested.....if not eBay will be tried best regards brian
  11. You can try Roden direct. They just sent me replacement clear parts for my Mohawk few months back ....with no charge. mine was cracked in the box. Great customer service and the email was responded to by their sales and marketing manager direct hth rgds
  12. Really nice subject and awesome the exhaust n entire manifold rgds
  13. Pm replied duke thanks let me know
  14. Hi Folks, Long shot....but I am interested to trade this for a 1/32 Tamiya Zero (prop action and sound kit). The Hughes is is great condition...........all bells and whistles there....including the factory equipped motor ..............could be considered as mint.......... I am also willing to sell it out cover the cost to buy a new Tamiya Zero............prop action............and sound kit.......... Lets see how we can make this happen........... I am located in Malaysia. Best Regards Brian