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  1. Hi Folks, just a note to mention. Dave Trimmer from Canada is a great trader. Offered to send me some hard to find decals all the way from Canada to Malaysia free of charge. Thanks Dave, will let you know when they arrive and hope that I can repay your kindness some day .... Some great people on ARC and happy modeling to all rgds brian a.k.a mr b malaysia
  2. Hi folks just a bump. Still hopeful best regards
  3. Hi folks i am in urgent need for 2 sets of the Malaysian Air Force Markings that came with the Hobbycraft Tutor (military) boxing in 1/48. I need them for a special project of mine. I am willing to pay or trade other decals n of course to cover the posting out to me in Malaysia. Would not mind buying the whole kit as well if its for sale. Cheers and Happy xmas pls respond here or pm me thanks brian
  4. Cheers Dutch we look forward to seeing it on the main page on 31st Aug 2019...... if if you need any advise or information on the PTM, pls drop me a line or contact Aidy as both of us a the Malaysian Skyhawks number one fan. I am building one soon.....and might open a build log on ARC best Regards and happy modelling brian
  5. Hi boss Just a note to thank you for taking the time and obliging us once again this year Steve. I hope that all is well and good with you and thanks again. Time really flies....and another year is coming to an end soon. Best wishes Brian/Thomas/Aidy
  6. Hi Folks I am looking for one. If anyone has one and willing to part, pls drop me a line. I am after the aircraft Miss Virgina (Rex Barber) Yamamoto.......... I am also open to buy just the decals for that option. Anyone please advise. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/166440-eduard-1174-early-lightnings I am located in Malaysia and can do paypal. Please let me know. Thanks Brian
  7. Mr B

    Thanks Steve

    Hi Steve thanks for putting our yearly affair up.....it's always a treat .....and thank you most kindly for obliging us. its come to be some sought of tradition with me and Thomas.....and time really flies with another year almost coming to an end once again, thanks for obliging us and best wishes.....to you and all at ArC rgds brian
  8. Hi Folks, I am looking for one............if anyone has one for sale please let me know............or alternatively anyone knows who still has it in stock......I do paypal and am located in Malaysia best regards Brian
  9. Lovely scooter alwayss a treat to see one
  10. Hi folks my decals are getting to a point of out of control so I am selling a few of them off......shipping is free all around the world.....recorded/registered....from Malaysia. PayPal only.....and some are partial or generic sheets. All prices are in USD 1/48 Eagle Strike A-26 Invaders 10.00 1/48 Scale Nutz RMAF Mig 29. Sold 1/48 Caracal Mirage in Aust Service. Decided to keep 1/48. Eagle Strike Mig -17 10.00 1/48. Aztec Latin Eagles 1. 10.00 1/48 Aztec f-5 sheet. 5.00 decals are defective.....cracking but some can be selvaged ...at own risk will list more later.......if any one interested pm please ......I can take photos n email on.....but it might not be right away as I sometimes can get pretty tied down rgds n thanks brian
  11. Hi Folks, I am currently looking for a copy of the Lady Jessie Skyhawk decal sheet in 1/48 for the Hasegawa kit. I believe that Hasegawa and more later Eduard had this as an option from the box. I can trade for some decals that I have ......or I can buy it out right for a reasonable fee and pay for postage. I do paypal and I am in Malaysia. Please let me know if anyone can help me out...............here..........I would also need a scan of the instructions and profile ..........page...................... Best Regards Brian
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