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  1. That is all.
  2. Bobba Fett actually survived the sarlacc, he flew out using his jet pack.
  3. Somewhere around here, there must be some ketchup!
  4. whew
  5. My -8,732,754 post count is gone! :-( Glad to be back! :)
  6. What should I have for lunch?
  7. Moai Vincent, we have sent Lwaxana Troi your way. That is all.
  8. Darth Tater has won the 1/32 HK Models B-17E/F from the Nationals in Columbia, South Carolina. You may now bow to Darth Tater!
  9. I'm guessing the navy should be retiring some P-3's soon... just saying!
  10. Please delete this post!!!
  11. Freecell!
  12. Same, a lot of red flags from Norton, ended up having to go through task manager and shutting down internet exploder.
  13. When there's a reel, there's a way!