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  1. Help me Obi-Wan, that is some stone-cold modelling there! My hat is off to you.
  2. The cleanest most organized modeling space I've ever seen. Makes me hang my head in shame. Great work so far!
  3. Thanks, you are very kind. I thought about buying the Fisher nose before the Paradise fire, but figured the LU decals would do.
  4. I left the plastic as is, puttied the offending windscreen shape and then used an old Liveries Unlimited windshield from some 1/144 707/727/737 sheet. I liked the way in turned out. The only reason I used the LU windscreen decals instead of those provided by Caracal on the generic C-135 sheet is the LU windscreen had silver surrounding the “glass.” I needed that for my day-glo/international orange Stratolifter (one of the eighteen delivered.)
  5. Spent years trying to find the HC kit at a reasonable, to me, price. Roden’s kit is good news.
  6. Thanks so much. That helps.
  7. Building the 1/48 S2F-1 with Caracal decals. What color are the wheel wells? Some say interior green, others say gloss sea blue like the airframe. Or both? I don’t think they’d be white like the later versions. Thanks in advance.
  8. That Airfix Harrier is fantastic! Well done.
  9. Over at Modelingmadeness.com you can find a built JGSDF version using the sheet from our favorite decal manufacturer.
  10. The Revell cockpit always looked dreadful, your method of using the Caracal decals is the first 1/144 version that looks great. Well done, my man. Now if we could get some SIOP or NMF decals. Hint, hint. 😄
  11. I'll play. 1/72 Amodel Piaggio P.180 Avanti, Italian Coast Guard 1/144 Roden C-141B Starlifter 1/144 Minicraft C-135A Stratolifter (KC-135A conversion)
  12. What in the world were the Otaki tool makers looking at when they made that humpback behind the cockpit?
  13. Early F-111As and Bs. Yes!!!!!!!! 1/72 Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. +1 for a 1/72 Euro B-1B sheet.
  15. Well done, you build much faster than me. 🙂
  16. Excellent weathering. Random, organic, realistic. The exact opposite of the "highlight every panel line" school. Well done. Fujimi Corsairs are fantastic.
  17. Kitty Hawk 1:48 Jaguar family needs some love. Lots of users: RAF, France, Ecuador, Oman, India, and Nigeria. Lots of schemes: RAF pink, French desert, gray/green, all gray, Nigerian jungle. Most sheets now are for the RAF and France, single-seaters. Everybody used at least some of the Wagon Queen Family Truckster T.2/T.4/E versions. I've read the kit decals are sometimes off-center and hard to manage (i.e. once they hit the model they are very tough to move).
  18. Got mine last night. Looks great. Cannot wait to find a F-18B. These Early sheets are becoming a real favorite.
  19. 1/48 and 1/72 H-53 family. Everyone uses them: USAF, USN, USMC, JMSDF, IDF, Germany and more. So many schemes: SEA, engine gray, ADC gray, olive drab, USMC Land Scheme, IDF tan, USMC tactical gray . . . And tons of other schemes I forgot just now.
  20. +1 on the 1/72 and 1/48 Gripen.
  21. Fantastic. Which kit? Where did you source the wheels?
  22. Fantastic job. Superb, understated weathering. Be proud. As a side note, with a warload like that, the range must be 120 miles. 🙂
  23. Man, that is a monster! Superb model making. I love to see masters at work who show the skill of making a short run kit work. Hell, I can build Tamiya kit, but these Eastern European kits take real He-Man model making expertise. Well done.
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