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  1. You are very kind. The wings of the Minicraft 727 are way, way, way too thick. But I did not bother with that. You're going to tackle the KMC 727? You are a stone cold modelling hero. I've thought of giving the Welsh 1/72 727 a go, but as soon as I buy it Big Planes Kits will issue one. It is the irrevocable law of the Modeling Universe.
  2. I respectfully disagree. Here is my result with the Minicraft 727. It will win no awards, but it met my standards. The article describes the changes I made to make it look more accurate. The changes took less time than it would for me to bash two Revell 727-100s together to make a -200. Good luck, Steel. http://www.scaleworkshop.com/workshop/boeing727222_1.htm
  3. You’ve made my day. Reason #321 why Caracal is my favorite decal brand.
  4. Now that we have Early Years Eagles and Early Years Falcons and Hornets on the way, how about Early Years Tomcats? I’d love some 1/72 white/gray/orange prototype F-14A birds.
  5. Even when I do not care for the subject matter of what Paul is building, I watch his vids. I NEVER fail to learn something that helps my modelling.
  6. Yes, it is. Some people bash it, but with the changes described above, I like it more than the Airfix version.
  7. Rats! Could have used this sheet last year!
  8. The C-133 is on sale at Sprue Brothers.
  9. Great work space. That hat scared me for a minute. But all is okay now.
  10. Yeah, life is too short for this mess. I have room for only one 1/72 B-52, so might as well do a Monogram "D".
  11. In the early 1990s while stationed in Tokyo, I flew on a USN C-9B from Atsugi to Chitose. It was winter and we disembarked thru the rear airstairs. Fresh snow hid a layer of ice covering the tarmac and a VERY senior officer had his legs fly up and he landed flat on his back . . . . HARD. I mean HARD. It knocked the wind out of him completely and all of us staff officers ran over to assist him. He recovered and made a joke about the ice and we carried on. I cannot see a picture of a USN C-9B and not think of that scene.
  12. Got my KC-10 sheet. Amazing. Who else but Caracal would bother to do state of the art decals for a kit released in during Reagan's first term! I am very grateful. Glad to see there is a market for something besides the 6,457th 1/48 Bf 109 sheet.
  13. Three-footer?????????? Man, you are hard on yourself. You did a great job. Would love to see that in my display case. Well done.
  14. Initial brown and green scheme, please!
  15. Is there a black nose glare shield provided on another sheet for the delivery scheme?
  16. I don't know if it can be done, but 1/48 US National Insignia with white outlines outlines (full color). Like for USN white/orange training birds. What I do not know is if the white can be printed opaque enough to prevent the orange from bleeding through? Nevertheless, I'd buy multiple sheets and double them up to prevent bleed through.
  17. Hey, hey, hey, my checkbook cannot take that much fun. :)
  18. I am disappointed they are releasing the Aurora HH-3. I understood they bought all of Revell's tooling as well. I would like to grab another Revell 1/72 HH-3 Jolly Green Giant as I understand it is superior to the Aurora version.
  19. My goodness. I look at these pictures of computer drawings and 3D printing whatnots and my mouth is just agape. I feel like my 8 year old granddaughter looking into a 1/48 Tamiya F-14A box and going "Huh?" This is a level of modeling I cannot grasp. Amazing.
  20. Phenomenal job. Please don’t take this the wrong way. I am just trying to make an observation, because in a 100 years I could not do anything close to the job you’ve done. But the uniforms seem limey green. My experience was when the OD faded they turned the OD more gray. Your figures are done, so you can tell me to STFU. Fantastic job man, I salute you.
  21. I feel you. It’s been the early ‘80s since I built a Revell 1/32 F-14 or Hasegawa 1/32 F-16. And in my attic I have the Trumpeter A-10, F-105 and Academy F-18 (like many of us) and have neither the time nor the space to work on them. I am in awe of the skilled displayed on Large Scale Planes. It inspires me every once in awhile to go fondle the 1/32 plastic but then wake up. Keep churning out 1/144 and 1/72 sheets please.
  22. This man is CORRECT. Very early F-15A in Air Superiority Blue with Orange.
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