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  1. 1/72 Italian Coast Guard P.180 by Amodel. Used Caracal decals.
  2. Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, that is some *&^%$#)(@ world class modeling.
  3. Kit decals, authentic Utah sun. Fixes: Reshaped top of T-Tail, made engine 2 intake a larger diameter, shortened landing gear, re-positioned wing fences to correct location and fabricated from sheet styrene.
  4. AD-4N

    Kitty Hawk teaser?

    My Kitty Hawk Rule Number 1: Never Pre-Order. Ever.
  5. My goodness, what a great looking job. I am doing the same kit/decals right now and I’d be pleased if mine turns out 10% as nice. Looks like you need to remove the masks from the fuselage windows. But other than that, I bow to you, Sir, bow.
  6. Yeah, you are right. I'll just buy $100 of something else. But my time of pre-ordering something based on CADs or test shots is long gone.
  7. Well, that’s $100 I won’t spend.
  8. Excellent weathering. Made shades of blue and gray going on. Perfect.
  9. AD-4N

    New Airfix B-26

    Why in the world are the Hasegawa Marauders so rare? Yeah, I know, should have bought them ten years ago. It puzzles me why Hasegawa won't reissue these kits? Maybe they sat unsold in the warehouse for years. But now days they are rare, rare and command a goodly sum on eBay. Same with the 1/48 A-4B. Why haven''t they reissued that kit? Must be some good business rationale. After all, they are in the business to make money.
  10. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. 1/72!
  11. Love the worn zinc chromate primer around the cockpit and refueling receptical.
  12. AD-4N


    Did you pop in to see the folks at Cartograph World Headquarters?
  13. I would absolutely love to be proven wrong. I would buy an A-7 Correct Set in a heartbeat, but his silence is deafening. The vacuform canopy cannot be sourced properly according to Zactoman; hence, we will never see this set again. If you want one, be prepared to be gouged on eBay.
  14. Did anyone build one yet? Pictures?
  15. AD-4N

    May releases

    No, no, no! He's got MY money.
  16. Best 1/72: A-3 Family Hasegawa A-4 Family Fujimi RA-5C Trumpeter but has shape issues A-6 Family Fujimi A-7 Family Fujimi AV-8A ESCI /Italeri or Airfix (we're spoiled for great first generation Harriers in 1/72) A-10A Hasegawa (some like Italeri)
  17. I don't know about you, but I have tons of Kursad decals already. I love 'em and will buy more, but I am in no hurry for new releases. If he never produced another decal I still have enough subjects of his to last my lifetime!!!!!!!!!!!! 😲
  18. Masterfully executed model. Superior construction, paint and weathering. Appears you shot the photos outside, which always looks right. Natural light is the best, Btavo.
  19. The MOST demanding camouflage scheme in the post war era masterfully executed. Bravo 👏.
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