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  1. https://imgur.com/gallery/Kn4ALdY Roden kit. Mostly TwoBobs decals.
  2. I gotta tell you, I suspect the upcoming Kitty Hawk FJ-3 won't be as well done as your model. Fantastic job.
  3. Darn Kursad, I thought I was special. You ruined it for me. 😉 Yep, ordered it alone.
  4. Got my Fury sheet yesterday. Fantastic.
  5. Great job. Love the weathering. I think you have a mold seam on both sides of the main barrel. Perhaps a quick hit of 600 grit sandpaper would knock it back. Might have to do a quick repaint of the barrel. Hope you don't mind me pointing it out, you've done a masterful job.
  6. Early 1980s RAF HC.1 in dark sea gray/dark green/black undersides. I’d love it.
  7. Oh my goodness. That is superb. Paint job, scratch building, subject matter. This has it all. Tremendous.
  8. I should have been more precise. It is scary to me. I've flown in Army Hueys down the Nisqually River at Fort Lewis with the rear doors slid back and while engaged in a serve bank. Looking down at the Nisqually it occurred to me that only my seat belt was holding me from ending up in the river. It was scary to me. Similarly, in the Philippines when I was flying in their Hueys in the middle of Luzon with the rear doors slid back, in a hard bank I again thought only my seat belt was preventing me from heading into the boonies. But flying with the doors slid back ce
  9. Love to see this in 1/72: CD48136: 1/48 Luftwaffe F-4F Phantom :Norm 81"
  10. Weathering on the OD is beyond superb. Love to have seen how you did it. El Salvador Air Force Huey's flew without cockpit doors? Scary.
  11. How about some love for the 1/72 Sikorsky HH-3/S-61R? I bet some of us, like me, have the old Revell kit in the stash. Think of all the schemes: USAF ADC Gray USAF SEA scheme USAF Euro 1 USCG Italy Probably missing some schemes. Atlantis Models is re-releasing the Aurora 1/72 HH-3 in 2Q19, but I understand the Revell kit is superior.
  12. After all these years, I finally got one. Why are the tail planes molded in clear?
  13. I can vouch for these decals. http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Gal15/14901-15000/gal14943-C-141-Leonard/00.shtm
  14. I was told that “arrow” helped the pilots know which end of fuselage contained the cockpit after a hard night at the O-club.
  15. I want to build a white top delivery version as well. 😲 However, I can already foresee lots of "fun" matching the blue that surrounds the crown of the cockpit to the blue cheat-line Caracal decals will certainly provide. Looking at Airliners.net, you can find many photos of in-service KC-10s where the blue on top of the crown has lightened and faded. I will try for that worn effect. But it looks like the USAF kept the blue around the cockpit windows well-matched to the cheat-line. Special request for Caracal: please include cockpit windows in dark gray or black w
  16. Ah hell. How many Sword Furies am I gonna have to buy? 🙂
  17. My goodness, you have done fine work there. But couldn't we get a C-131 (1/144 or 1/72) from a real model company. I built the Mach 2 PBM so we could all get the MInicraft version. Thanks for blazing the way, oh pioneer.
  18. Minicraft announced a 1/144 B-50 that I’d love to see Caracal decals. But given Minicraft’s release rate it’ll be out in February 2027.
  19. 1/72 Italian Coast Guard P.180 by Amodel. Used Caracal decals.
  20. Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, that is some *&^%$#)(@ world class modeling.
  21. Kit decals, authentic Utah sun. Fixes: Reshaped top of T-Tail, made engine 2 intake a larger diameter, shortened landing gear, re-positioned wing fences to correct location and fabricated from sheet styrene.
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