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  1. That TF-104G 1/48 German decal sheet will be mine. Yes . . . . it will. It will be mine.
  2. Is there a resin ejection seat that goes well with the ESCI kit? I understand Gina's used the MB Mk. 4. Cutting Edge makes one but it looks like it is missing the grab handles on top. Any help which way to go?
  3. Anyone know of a good color scheme for the interior of an early 70's BA machine (one of the decal options)? Or does it even matter? I was thinking some gray floors (carpet) and tan and beige seats? Off white cabins walls? Or am I being silly?
  4. Although I do admire the work you did on the Trump Su-27 conversion, I never was going to buy one. Just not my bag, baby. But with this A-7 conversion you have my full attention.
  5. I'll just wait for the 1:48 F-22 in 201X or when ever it comes out. I could use a TA-4J right now tho in 1:48.
  6. I just got a Mirage IIIC by Eduard and sadly, mine will never look this good. :(
  7. I got one from them as well. What an amazing kit.
  8. Contact www.welshmodels.co.uk. When I bought by Welsh 747SP in '96 (a great kit by the way) it came with great 747 resin engines molded under sub contract by Accurate Armor (from memory.) Perhaps they would sell you just the engines. It is worth and email for sure.
  9. Which of the 3 or 4 sets are to be avoided? Bob SLC
  10. What does "MQ" mean?
  11. Fantastic, where did you get the decals or did you make them yourself?
  12. One small suggestion. The USAF national insignia looks out of proportion to me on the Italeri sheet (blue borders too thin and red band too thin as well). If I was to build that bird, and it is a great scheme, I would take the time to find some suitable aftermarket USAF insignia from the Usual Suspects. Hope you have a great time with the kit.
  13. Darn it. In my haste to get the Family Truckster Starfighter, I got a version that will fit neither the CAF or BAF decals I currently have. Isn't that just great. I wouldn't mind doing the WGAF version that is the kit, (It is a nice scheme) but I am sometimes disappointed with how thick Hasegawa decals are. Thanks for your help with this. I might just do it OOB.
  14. Help me, please all you F-104 experts. I have the 1/48 Hase kit. It has the MB seats and the bulged main landing gear doors for the German and Italian AF Family Truckster versions. I have the DACO decals for the Belgium version, but when I look at TF-104G photos from this air force it looks like they are fitted with Lockheed seats. Am I screwed? Did the Belgium AF TF-104Gs also have the bulged MLG door. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. You got that right, buddy. The White Whale look is terrible.
  16. Over at Greatmodels.com Hope it is a good kit after fighting the Mach 2 PBM to a draw. If it is tooled by the folks that did the 1:144 DC-8, MD-80 and DC-4 we stand a chance at getting a great kit. $65.00 USD (MSRP). Now I do not vouch for the vailidity of any of this. You can check out exactly what I saw. But if it is true and it is a great kit, I will be overjoyed. :blink: :D :blink:
  17. Help me Obi-Wan, you are my only hope. I am thinking of getting this cockpit for my DS bird. I hear it fits the Trump kit very well. My question is this, from what I can see the tub is already formed with the side walls on. Now, I will grant you, that probably makes it easier to place in the fuselage, but you guys who have used this set have got to tell me your secret for painting the side consoles and what not. Pretty please. $32.00 is a lot of money to screw up a cockpit so I need your help. Many thanks.
  18. As you can see Thomas Models is doing either a 1/144 or 1/100 version. You can vote if you want. It'll be a vac/resin kit. I'm hoping it becomes a reality. http://www.hobbytalk.com/bbs1/showthread.php?t=131752&page=1
  19. AD-4N


    I am sure it is a good kit, but I'll wait for the $120 Trumpeter version. (If and when, I mean.)
  20. Watched the DVD this a.m. before I came to work!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. What ratio (paint to thinner) did you use to get such a fine line with the Gunze? Amazing job. What PSI? What thinner brand did you use? (Or just water).
  22. I am building the A319 as well and I am lost about what you are talking about. "Small track fairings?" Can you show me a pix of what you are talking about? Many thanks in advance. I looked at A321 and A319 photos at Airliners.net and did not see the difference. I am not catching it.
  23. Are you talking about the water-based paints or enamel? Do place a primer under the water-based Polly Scale?
  24. I thought that too when I did a Landor 757. I felt X304 was too dark as well. I left it and now which I had not. Oh, well.
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