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  1. Watched the DVD this a.m. before I came to work!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. What ratio (paint to thinner) did you use to get such a fine line with the Gunze? Amazing job. What PSI? What thinner brand did you use? (Or just water).
  3. I am building the A319 as well and I am lost about what you are talking about. "Small track fairings?" Can you show me a pix of what you are talking about? Many thanks in advance. I looked at A321 and A319 photos at Airliners.net and did not see the difference. I am not catching it.
  4. Are you talking about the water-based paints or enamel? Do place a primer under the water-based Polly Scale?
  5. I thought that too when I did a Landor 757. I felt X304 was too dark as well. I left it and now which I had not. Oh, well.
  6. I am talking about the one from the Original Series on NBC from 1966-69. I'd love it.
  7. Mike: Please tell me the technique you used on the top of the wings on that B-17 you built. I love the discolored and varied shades of OD chipping you acheived around the engines. Amazing, man! Please share. Bob
  8. Yeah, I am a minority, but I would like to do a ship other than the Enterprise (Gasp! The horror! The horror!) I've looked around and the usual suspects do decals for other ships in 1/500 scale (or so) but nothing in the 1/350 range. Anyone know of anything coming up?
  9. Thanks very much. I had thought of the cotton route for lift off but wondered if that would look too stupid. You description of adding the ribs to the fuel tank is EXCELLENT! Many thanks.
  10. Looks great. Can you tell me how you "added with strip or half-round styrene bits' the ribbing on the tank. I also have Airfix kit, but don't have a Minicraft base plate. I don't want to use the Airfix stand. Do you have any creative ideas short of paying $150 USD for the Revell launch tower? Help!
  11. Man oh man, I hope that is true!
  12. Fantastic. I always want to build one of those but I am worried about the fit of the vac canopy. Yours looks great. How was the fit?
  13. Ya gotta tell me what colors you used? And it looks like you used a lighter shade for the weathering. Outstanding! Share please.
  14. Outstanding. Any chance we can see more of that UAL 727-200?
  15. Well, I am certain UPN doesn't give a flying leap. But if they care to know, this will be the last night I ever watch their network. To see the end of ST: Enterprise which to me has been the best Star Trek since TNG. Oh well. Good bye UPN.
  16. Did you use blu-tak for the masking? I think I see some "oil" or shine left by the masking material.
  17. Glad I am sticking with the Revell 1:144 version.
  18. Rumors are Spike TV might pick up season five. Hope it is true. Now I know some folks don't like Enterprise (S. Marine) and that is fine. But I love it. To each his own.
  19. It is more than I would do. But that is just me. I like paint chipping and you've done a great job, you just applied more than I would of for my taste. But again, that is just me. Super looking model and don't let what I think deter you from what YOU want to accomplish. :)
  20. AD-4N

    1/48 F-22

    Looks great. One question about the Blu-Tak (or whatever brand of masking putty you use). Did you find that it left any residue or whatever that gave a different appearance to the paint? Many thanks in advance.
  21. Man, I don't know. Why do I come here and look at those photos. Depresses the hell out of me. You are incredible. I have the same kit sitting on the shelf, and it will probably stay there.
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