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  1. Dear Dnl42, Thank you very much this useful info. Actually it is difficult to believe X-29 was using F-104 GQ-7(A) style seats, but it is true... Thank you very much again Best Omer ERKMEN
  2. Dear Modelers, I am looking for the type of ejection seat used on X-29, there are many photos available but unfortunately seat is not visible, can you provide information about it? Best Omer ERKMEN
  3. omar

    Shark Mouth P-47

    Dear modelers, I have recently found a photo of this impressive jug. This P-47D Sharkmouth-edof 525th FS / 86th FG based in Grossetto Italy, October 1944 - pilot: Lt. Riley “Mo” Stewart; I wonder if there is more photo of this particular airframe, I'd like to complete it in 1/72 with custom decals
  4. And National Guard service, I guess this example is one of kind...
  5. They even served with the marines
  6. rarely seen Shooting Star, beautiful nose art...
  7. Quite an interesting livery from Indonesia...
  8. same aircraft but years later with well worn paint...
  9. Hello Modelers, Our local model company will reissue Platz T-33 with the Tan Model boxing very soon. So I decided to create some art work, I didn't realize so many users were existed. Here some examples, hope you like them...
  10. How come nobody asks for a new tool Viggen family in1/72 ? Revell should do this, sutface detail of their 1/72 Tornado and Phantom is excellent, just be careful about shape issues on Viggen Best Omer Erkmen
  11. I am also very interested in the same project. I'll print 1/72. Decals for this particular airframe, share the artwork from here for your confirmation before printing. Few questions; It looks like there are no white walkway lines on wings like other CIA operated u2s.? Do you think "sugar scoop" plate attached in nozzle area? Any photos or illustrations available to replicate system 3&6 antenna.? Some early c models have a bump at under the aft fuselage, do you think this particular airframe has that ? Best Omer Erkmen
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