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  1. Hiya Guy thanks for stopping in. I appreciate the comments. Here's some more flash for you so don your Ray-Ban's and have a look. :) Spent the last couple of days trimming out the interior walls with polished aluminum trim strips. I used the aluminum tape, embossed the rivets then cut them into 1/16" wide strips and applied directly to the wall panels. The real aircraft's aren't polished, but I wanted the contrast and I think the effect looks pretty good. I also test fit the seat rails and seats in place. I have to ain't the cushions and add the seat belts yet, then I'll install them. Next
  2. Moving right along with trimming the interior, it's time to add all the fiddly bits and trim it out. Again for reference here's a shot of the actual bird: And the following will show how close I come to replicating it. I carpeted the floor with some left over Royal Blue velour from a cabinet job I did earlier this spring. It was much easier to use the self adhesive sheets than to sprinkle flocking material. Next to make was the polished aluminum covers that go over the bulkheads in the cabin. There's two big honkers right in the middle, and two smaller ones in the next station forw
  3. Hiya Guy Thanks for stopping by. I'll try to keep the updates more frequent so your calander doesn't get stuck...lol. Hi Jim, thank you. Yes it's doubtful if I will have it done in time for Ohama, but Orlando is a definate as we have friends in Orlando we will be renting their house from for the week of the Nats, so you should see it there. Thanks for the comments on the mancave. It's my home within a home. Hi Matt. I will be using .010 clear styrene for the windows, dipped in Future. They will rest on the inside of the frames. There's a tiny lip all the way around the outside trim panel tha
  4. Egad I can't believe it's been almost 9 months since I did anything with this turkey. Now that I've gotten the need to finish a couple of models out of my system, I can resume work on this project that has languished a bit. I got the seats under control, now on to my next headache, the cabin side windows. It would be really easy to make one or two and have them turn out OK, but in this case I need to make 7 that are consistent in shape, size and alignment. I fiddled around with plastic strip and sheet stock, but it was impossible to keep the window framing consistent from one window to the nex
  5. Well it's been a while since I've done anything on this. Summer time is usually my woodworking and home improvement time, so most of the last 4 months has been spent converting this: Original Cave To this: New and Improved Certified Estrogen Free Zone Mancave. I built the custom cabinets for my display cases, along with built in units in the wall. I installed a suspended ceiling around the outter perimeter, with a raised ceiling in the center with halo lighting around the edge. I installed 3 inch LED Can Lights around the ceiling, plus all the display cases have built in lighting do
  6. Hi mark that was my fear also Mark, and is what prompted me to try this. The "inside" of the chair that would be against the passenger's body is fairly smooth, so that'll be fine, but the outside definitely needed some help. I've since added a few more bits to it and dabbed some Mr. Surfacer and they are looking pretty good. It's only taken me about 2 hours for this one, maybe I can knock it down to 1 hour per seat for the rest..lol. Hey Guy, glad you stopped by And that's kind of the way I am leaning toward. If I can give the illusion of the strands overlapping each other through effec
  7. Great progress Mark. It sure is a scheme you don't see a Mitchell in every day. Keep them coming. Cheers Mike
  8. Great progress Mark. It sure is a scheme you don't see a Mitchell in every day. Keep them coming. Cheers Mike
  9. Mark, Shawn, thanks for stopping by. Glad to have you following along. The last few days of modeling time have been spent on getting the wicker seats together for the Ford. In one of the previous posts I showed a picture of the PE set with the seats still on the carrier. In this update I'll show the steps I am using to make the raw seats before any paint work is done with them. The example you see here took me the better part of 3 hours to do, so they are pretty labor intensive, and I have four more to go... Yeehaw. Not. This first picture shows the PE blank before any folding was done. I
  10. Hey Awan. Yep I'll be bringing it along. Will you be back in town for ROCON in Septemeber? It'll be at the Radison in front of RIT again this year. The date is the 19th. Cheers Mike
  11. Hiya OM. These are 32nd scale OM so at least I'm not certifiable..lol. Actually the PE process made them a snap. My pleasure PropDuster. If it wasn't for some Old School modelers that took me under their wing when I was learning I wouldn't be able to glue two sticks of wood together. Everything you see me do is certainly within the realm of anyone on this board. Like I've said before, I often find scratchbuilding a subject easier than messing around with a poorly engineered or ill-fitting kit. Mark, Dave and Homes, thanks for following along. I do appreciate the support. Working on two
  12. Great tutorial yet again Chuk. If you would humor a dumb question - do you use specific colors depending on what the base color is? Or do you just let it rip and grab a handful of random colors? Only reason I ask is I am a poor judge of color, and have no concept of complimentary colors. Painting has always been my Waterloo. Cheers Mike
  13. Oh sure... you rag on me for working on other things besides the Trimotor and look what you do... you do the very same thing. I have a hard time believing you can build anything out of the box Guy. You must have added a widget or a gizmo someplace. Looking forward to seeing more work on this one. Cheers Mike
  14. Hi Mark, Al and Holmes, Thank you as always for your comments. I appreciate them. I'll be getting some modeling time in this weekend and should be able to post some pictures. My planned work this weekend is cuting out the passenger windows on the fuselage and starting the interior work so I can get this buttoned up. Stay tuned. Cheers Mike
  15. Interesting build Mark, one of the more attractive military Mitchell schemes I think I've seen. Looking at the one picture of the nose it looks like you got it spot on. I would suggest you have these pictures handy as a reference if you ever show the model before you present it. Having gone through the "experts gauntlet" once before for building an accurate replica of an inaccurate display airplane, it'll save you a lot of explaining. Looking forward to more progress. Cheers Mike
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