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  1. Galileo, You're on the right path. I highly recommend this forum for WWI a/c questions, great folks, friendly, very knowledgeable: https://forum.ww1aircraftmodels.com/ FWIW, YMMV, Warren
  2. Hi Curt, if memory serves, I don't think the flaps were dropped on these while on the ground as a matter of habit. I've seen a few with rudders turned, etc. Also, be aware, that aotake coloring of the wheel wells only occurred on Nakajima-built a/c. If you're doing a Nakajima Model 21, you're golden. I only mention it because I've seen quite a few builds where folks paint the wheel wells aotake on Mitusbishi-built A6M2's. (I'm in the middle of two Tamiya 1/72nd Zekes right now. I'll try to peruse my references for confirmation on the controls surfaces if you want.) Warr
  3. @ElectroSoldier, exactly. However, I did belong to some great, specific groups that did a good job of archiving some pertinent info. The B-17 modelers group comes to mind. Warren
  4. OK, I was once a member of ARC, then real life intervened, and now I'm back. I had a FB account for about ten years, then got shed of it. I do miss some very specific modeling groups (my son stays there for the simple fact there are some modeling/wargaming groups on there for which there is no forum.) Like many, I prefer forums for a lot of the reasons listed. I may sign back up to FB for some of the specific modeling groups. I haven't posted anything here or visited in a few years because I had nothing to say or post, and what interests I was pursuing were better met by some ot
  5. And in 1/72nd as well! Warren
  6. Brad, Funny, the things about it you find most inconvenient, I find the most attractive. I find having to go to a forum webpage, sign in, sift through various threads, etc. to be time consuming in the extreme, and a real pain. One reason I seldom come here. Different strokes I suppose. Great D,V, I look forward to seeing more. Warren
  7. "I have often entertained the notion of jumping onto the WW1 modelers list web page but the format of the forum really puts me off unfortunately" Brad, A really nice build, great work. I've been on the WWI Modeler's List for sometime now. What about it puts you off? Just wondering. Warren
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