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  1. Yeah, the green apple smelling stuff it is. I have some 50 ml poured by a fellow modeler.
  2. Actually the product formerly known as "Klear" is now called "KLEAR PLEDGE MULTI SURFACE WAX". According to S.C. Johnson UK Does anybody had a hand on it and how does it compare to the old "Klear"?
  3. Alas, we are not blessed by SC Johnson with "the real stuff". We have an alternate product distributed here - Pronto Cera Veloce, which is some milky whiteish sh#t that doesn't even come close to the Future Wax qualities.
  4. Thanks a lot! Any chance for a store that ships the original 27 oz bottles with the atomic logo?
  5. Does anybody knows a reliable source (web store) of Future floor wax (or Pledge with Future Shine as is the new name of the product) which ships to Europe?
  6. Would be nice to see new tool 1/48 S-3 with folded wing option and parts for the latest updates. Also of cource A-6E Intruder TRAM, Vietnam era A-6A and A-6B "Iron Hand" with proper armament in 1/48th scale. Perhaps RB-66 or EB-66 in 1/72 is not a bad idea.
  7. I have the folding wing set for Academy F/A-18C 1/72 and though I haven't used it yet I test fitted it and everything looked OK. There might be some 1 mm. less in the ailerons length compared to the Academy but this shouldn't be real problem since this is the folding wing set and the ailerons stand vertical and don't have to be aligned with the flaps.
  8. Thanks, Rex! If the Hase and Revell wings match then it might be safe to think that WP wings would fit Revell kit.
  9. Hi, there The title pretty much says it all:) Can I use Wolfpack wing sets (72008 - flap down or 72001 - folding wing) on Revell F/A-18E 1/72? The sets are made for Hasegawa kits. Does anybody know if there is some size difference which would make the "transplantation" impossible. The area of concern is the wing-to-body joint since Wolfpack provides all wing details, not just the moving surfaces, and the wing surfaces of the Revell kit have to be cut off the fuselage parts.
  10. Old fashioned razor blade (the rectangular stuff) jagged with some hard tool, modeling knife for example. I've managed to cut off thick steel hypodermic needle with such home-made razor saw.
  11. There is Valejo thinner for their acrylic paints. Kinda milkish stuff. They suggest adding a drop or two in the mix to prevent clogging and delay drying. Valejo Model Air are thin enough in my opinion so no large amount of thinner is needed, just a drop or two.
  12. The Czech model paints manifacturer Agama has Engine Grey in their catalog both in enamel and acryl under No. A46. They also quote the color as ANA 513 and explain that it has been used for engine crankcases by amerikans. I have used their acrylic paints and I'm pretty pleased with their performance. Agama home page: http://agama-model.cz/ Hope this helps.
  13. My first post here, so be gentle:) Italeri 1/72 Ju-87G-2 (wannabe IMHO:)) Biult OOTB, except some scratch-biult bits (antenna wire, non slip area, cannon mounts details).
  14. I have the CMK Interior set for OV-10D and if you don't plan to convert OV-10A to D I think there is no reason to use the conversion set. The interior set includes vacform canopy, photoethed fret, cockpit tube, compatrment interior and rear door, some electronic equipment to place in the rear door, nose gear well, ejection seats. The only fault I've encountered so far lays in the ejection seats. The parachute packs are centered but schould be side shifted to aid the seats separation during ejection.
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