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  1. My books are now available at the Aviation Megastore, https://www.aviationmegastore.com/en/cat/books-on-aviation-1.html I hope that this makes it easier for you to get my books. Mason
  2. It was great talking to you as well. Thank you for your support. mason
  3. I am about to send a bunch to the Aviation Bookshop in the UK and I sent a handful to the Discount Hobby Zone in Athens, Greece. Hope that helps. mason
  4. Books are available now at https://cavupublications.com/ or at Nats in August. mason
  5. Hello, My second book is at the printers now and I am hoping to have it for Nats in the beginning of August. It is 128 pages plus cover and will be $50. It will be available on my site, https://cavupublications.com I hope to work out the issues and make it easier for international customers to get the book. mason
  6. I will see what I can do about that tomorrow. Sorry about that. mason
  7. My CH-53E book will be available in the next day or two at https://www.aviation-bookshop.com/ I hope it makes things easier for international customers. mason
  8. Great bunch of pics! Thank you for sharing. PM sent. mason
  9. At this time no. I have been thinking about the issue. I want to produce books and having a decal sheet is a nice tag along, but I don't want to do two or three sheets for each book. I will explore maybe doing larger sheets with more scale options.
  10. Thank you for the review and update. Part of my brilliant business plan was picking a subject that hardly anyone builds and the kits for which are out of production and hard to find. lol mason
  11. Hi, I hadn't officially opened sales to the UK, but I did some test orders and it appears that sales to the UK are working. I need to work on adding other international customers, but it is not a fun process. mason
  12. I have built six 1/48 Academy CH-53Es with a couple more in progress or planned. The last one I finished was built using leftovers from a friends project and Black Dogs sets for the 53E. mason
  13. Hello, It has been a while since I checked in, but I am happy to announce that I have started a publishing company and it will concentrate on rotary winged subjects and the first book is on the CH-53E. It is 100pages long with over 500 pics and can be found at https://cavupublications.com along with a decal sheet that I did that covers the early overall green days of the 53E's service to the latest overall FS 35237 gray scheme. I also have a Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/cavupublications, where I have a poll for future subjects. mason
  14. Not trying to hijack Gunny Dan's thread, but he was an amazing source of info for me on a recent project. He was always available to answer questions and he helped sort some things out for me. I have started a publishing company that will be concentrating on rotary winged subjects and my first book is on the CH-53E. It is 100 pages long with over 500 pics. You can find it at https://cavupublications.com I also did a decal sheet with six subjects that cover the early days of the 53E's service to the latest overall FS 35237 gray scheme. Thank you Dan for all of your pati
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