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  1. I just finished a S-3 with the Black Dog sets, a Paragon tail fold, Wolfpack wingfold, Phase Hanger update set and Sierra Hotel engine intakes. I am happy with how it turned out, the Black Dog bits were pretty nice and weren't too much trouble to put in. I think the bombay way a touch shorter than the kit, but it wasn't a game stopper. I am planning on using more Black Dog sets on future projects, they were pretty nice. mason
  2. I am pretty sure I use the .55. When I have done it, the spacing changes when I go back over the row, I usually make two or three passes, so the spacing is probably smaller than .55. I am not worried about getting it perfect, just capturing the feel of the rivets. Roll with the 50. lol mason
  3. I have a ton of pics, but the model actually has barely visible lines for where most of them go. It looks like they had planned to do recessed lines where rivets would be and then they filled them in. If you look really closely you can see the lines. mason
  4. I have built 5 of the Academy CH-53Es with another two in the planning stage. I riveted all of them with the Rivet-R riveting tool. it creates intents that you can feel on the surface of the model when done. It is tedious and I end up using a lot of Dymotape to keep things straight, but I like the look. I have thought about trying the decal route, it would be more forgiving, but could be expensive, some of those decal sheets are not cheap. mason
  5. All CH-53As ended up with EAPS, but they were not initially installed early in the production run. As far as I can tell, there were few external difference, the D got an improved transmission and an automatic rotor fold. mason
  6. Didn't some have the glove vanes? I thought he remanufactured ones might have still had them. IIRC, the were locked down and non functional, but still slightly visible. mason
  7. I want to see VF-124 decals. The first time I saw Ds, they were 124 jets. mason
  8. Looking good so far! I am a big fan of the 53, and 60, and have built a couple Acad 53Es and various 1/48 H-60s, it must be cool working on the real deal. The 53K looks like a real beast, I am hoping to see one before too long. mason
  9. Darn nice build!!! Thanks so much for your help, I am glad we could return the favor! mason
  10. Alan, I built the Italeri 1/48 AH-1T some time ago and used a copy of the Fujimi AH-1J nose to make a slick T. The Fujimi nose is a little too shark nosed to my eye, but I could be wrong. I just saw both kits at a swap meet a month or so ago, so they are around. mason
  11. Glad to hear that you got some pics, Tim! Was the art anything like what we attempted? mason
  12. There are always two sides to every story. From the outside, this casts Yanks as a bunch of jerks, but the reality of the situation is that PoF forces all of the business to close for the weekend due to the parking and busing situation. If Yanks wants to hold a party for their volunteers at the air show at one of their hangers, they were required to buy tickets for each of them. So in addition to loosing a full weekend of admission fees to their museum, they have to pay to go to the air show. I volunteered at Yanks for several years, and while I don't want to paint them as the poor
  13. To add to what is already here, I have some pics. I hope that helps, mason
  14. I haven't done this before, how do you do it? Thanks, mason
  15. My deepest and most sincere condolences go out to you and your family. The worst nights I have known came from waking from a dream when either of my two kids had a similar fate. My family's thoughts go out to you and your family at this dark time. mason
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