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  1. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234953206-148-bae-hawk-tmk100102-mk200208209-by-hobby-boss-hawk-tmk1a-release-september-2014/
  2. Just checked with a mate who was on Hawks,some did have the early headbox during the timeframe for the TWU jet but they were being changed over.Also the kit has the wrong style bombs,missiles (AIM9-P)
  3. Looks like they've screwed the pooch on this one as well with their research...early style seat headboxes for one....Bombs are totally wrong,and AIM-9P's which we've never used.. http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10288254z/70/1
  4. You'll need to beef up or replace the nose gear as the leg around the wheel area is woefully weak & will bend & snap over time.
  5. Here in the UK,our schedules are a little behind the US shows,so here it's; NCIS LA (Season 6 just started Sunday) Hawaii Five-0 (Season 5 just started Sunday) Boardwalk Empire Defiance Masterchef Australia season6 Haven Sleepy Hollow (Season 2) Law & Order UK
  6. But the Heller kit is basically a re-box of the Airfix kit,so in reallity it IS a reboxed Airfix kit,involvement or not,since Heller 'owned' all of Arfix's moulds & when they themselves collapsed in July/Sept 2006,which caused Aifix to go under until Hornby bought them in late 2006.
  7. The one I made was a good few years before the release date in that article,different box top too.
  8. They did indeedy...Cuz I built one from the kit,granted iirc it was released as a French AF aircraft & the were no RAF specific decals in the kit,the parts were all in there & the was decals for Indian AF jets.The kit was basically an Airfix re-box but with a extra sprue inside to build the French one.
  9. We don't have USPS over here in NI,we have Yodel!..Who I believe are owned by USPS. Out of 5 deliveries I waited in for,I got 2!..The other 3,which were 2 replacement broadband routers & a steering wheel lock for my new car,never arrived....I wasn't too worried ablout the routers as I had a spare,older one & I never paid for them,but the lock I paid £25 for. Hell,when I complained to them they sent the driver back & he told me he delivered my packet as he remembered it,was about the size of a A4 letter & he left it under my doormat....Shouldv'e seen his face when I told him it would have been a box about 3 foot long by a foot square! Still never received it...
  10. Happened at 15.30hrs local time,pilot banged out OK. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lincolnshire-29544064
  11. English,as the were ex-RAF & RSAF jets in use as most of the original batch of Hunters were destroyed in the first few hours of the Six Day War,Not to mention a lot of the aircrew & groundcrew were trained in the UK by the RAF.I remember the Jordanian groundcrew being trained on aircraft weapons at RAF Cosford in the early 80's when I was there.
  12. Zengdufu do a range of F-111 kits in 1.48 scale,but having built the Academy F-111 some years ago,I can say that the former is a bad rip-off of the latter. Poor decals Bad mouldings Bad fit issues Very soft plastic.. http://www.f-111.net/models/zhengdefu.htm
  13. No point,here in the UK we have a squadron that looks after training new crews that come online,not to mention that the RAF haven'nt been recruiting for navigators for some time now.
  14. My first one went in the bin!...The was huge gaps around where the front section meets the rear section,and the intake fit was so bad that the right side fitted together well BUT the left side wouldn't line up,consequently the whole intake & wing glove vane section wouldn't line up. One of the blokes over on BM is building it & he's also found the Nav's CRT screens & MMD assembly is too small.
  15. JD Parkins (Flightpath) is working on a aftermarket set for the kit along the lines of the one he did for the Italeri kit.And the BOZ pod is too rounded & the rear face is wrong in the kit.
  16. No Typhoons,It'll be Tornado in the ground attack role,as the Typhoon isn't cleard for hafl the stores the Tornado's cleared for.Plus we already have assets in place in Cyprus. Merv (RAF Tornado Armourer-retired)
  17. Built this years ago......with a ASAT missile iirc,Bit of advice,replace the undercarraige as the nose gear is too weak to support the weight.
  18. My first one went in the bin!..I agree it's over-engineered & some parts are a waste of time,for example I didn't paint the intake trunking,no point cuz you can see bugger all down them!
  19. I don't think Revell ever did a 1/48 Jag,the only one's I can think of are Airfix & Heller (aside from the new KH one) Italeri did do a GR1/3 & T version in 1/72 tho.
  20. Resurected this part finished kit of the Battlestar Galactica Viper & decided to do it in a sort of stealthy black,so I brush painted on matt black then took a rubbing cloth to it to give it a worn look, Next I'll attatch the guns,landing gear & touch up ect...
  21. spike7451


    Scott's correct,to add the drop tanks on the RAF D/Storm photo are desert pink HOWEVER if you use the Big Jug drop's,then they are gray as they were nicked of the F-3 pukes.. Merv (RAF Tornado Armourer retired)
  22. The is also RAF Holbeach & RAF Wainfleet on the Lincolnshire coast,both situated on an area of coastal marshland known as The Wash.I remember watching A10's & RAF jets doing strafing runs on the vertical target markers as a child growing up... http://www.raf.mod.uk/rafmarham/aboutus/holbeach.cfm The's also Tain Range in Scotland; http://www.secretscotland.org.uk/index.php/Secrets/RAFTain And Pembry range in Wales; http://www.aeroresource.co.uk/articles/2010/pembrey/ The's a few more but off the top of my head I can't remember them,the one's I've listed I remember from growing up as well as my time in the RAF as a Armourer
  23. Only on the RAF GR1/GR4 after Op Granby in 1990. GR1A/GR4A cant carry the centerline one because it interfears with the recon pod buldge underneath Yeah,it looks like a publicity/role shot to me.
  24. I know on the RAF Harrier the nose wheel doors can be manually opened to allow access to the various systems in the nosewheel bay but are normally closed,so I'm assuming that's the case with the bottom pic,but talking to some ex-heap armourer's just now,they're normally closed..
  25. Not much of a Leaping Heap expert (what us Tornado guys call the Harrier) but aren't the gear doors closed when on the ground also?
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