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  1. I think I have two, maybe three in the stash. If I can put in a *small* plug ... I have the Nav Air/Pax River scheme from the Model Alliance sheet. Only recent Goshawk I've built (since a slammed-together one back the kit was originally released - rather than chuck it into a box for a rebuild I think I - stupidly - strapped a C-sized model rocket engine to it and sent it spinning off into oblivion). I'd really like the fuselage sash schemes. In order of preference (from your 48th sheets), and of course respecting your decision to go with whatever combination best suits your business mode
  2. I'm not sure these are the Polish eval birds from 1997. The F-16 clips are a mix of USAF (the 56FW sharkmouth is visible on one) or other "standard" scheme operators and Israeli Baraks (family model with big spine) and Sufas (family model with big spine and CFTs). The pictures of the MiGs in formation with the F-16s are Baraks. Or possibly Sufas without the CFTs (but I don't know why the Israelis would fly without them, possibly for ACM purposes?) That would make the formation video clips newer than 1997, wouldn't it?
  3. Arrived today, the decals are outstanding! From the looks of it they qualify as the most crisp and tightly printed (I think that's the right term) decals I've seen. Which is a requirement given the very thin white outlines around most of the green parts. The green is very well-rendered as well. All I need now is for the re-released kit to hit the shelves. Thanks!
  4. Ok, WHEN was the Lanc there?? I arrived late on Friday, left early on Sunday and only attended Saturday. If I missed the Lanc (which I don't think I'd read was scheduled to attend) I'm going to be VERY bummed ...
  5. Yup. The crew chief was told it meant "Serene Tranquility". In reality it means "Gullible, Overpaid Gaijin".
  6. Gotta love the CDC ... water, food, medical supplies and guns. Oh, wait, no guns.
  7. Like what the USNA Middies did to Steve Richie's F-4 at the USAF Academy back in 2005? http://img310.imageshack.us/i/f4bluelarge1ug.jpg/
  8. That's really cool! As a fan of Hank Caruso and his "Aerocatures", I figured I'd post a picture of his P-61 print: His full site is here: http://www.aerocatures.com/
  9. Ignorant and bigoted seems to fit the bill pretty well. While I think the model, and the concept behind it is great, I shudder to think of the probable fate of a WWII-era Black pilot who would put a picture of a scantily-clad White woman on the nose of his aircraft.
  10. Scale Reproductions on Breckenridge Lane (off 264 just South of the 64 interchange) is very good.
  11. Two exceptions: Spirit of Kitty Hawk AV-19 93-1086 (Ostensibly named to also honor North Carolina) Spirit of America AV-1 82-1066
  12. Really? I thought the sequel was the one about bartending and had a much prettier girl ...
  13. Then leave him standing cold in the hallway as she heads home to her "longtime partner" Carole (Meg Ryan).
  14. Ever see the SNL hosted by Val Kilmer? Had a skit called "Iceman: The Later Years" with Ice flying commercial airliners. :blink:
  15. The F-117 used a heck of a lot of off-the-shelf components, and the LO parameters of the faceted shape and stealth coatings are exceptionally well-documented and tested. There's also 50 or so available, so plenty of spares. It would probably be a lot cheaper to keep a couple/few F-117s flying to test bleeding edge stealth technology than to either dedicate examples of one of the newer designs (B-2, of which there are only 20 left, or F-22, which are extremely expensive and too-few in numbers as well) or a dedicated one-off test platform (like Tacit Blue). OR for use as a Red-Hat style aggre
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